Jessica Stanley, Lauren Mallory and Elisa Boyd were all taking pictures off of Lauren's iPhone, pouting and smiling stylishly as they tried to copy the poses of girls in Cosmopolitan. They were beautiful in the way young girls are, their dresses jewel like in their colours of vibrant red, yellow and purple.

Jessica had slipped the note into her purse, now never without it. She carried evidence of his unfaithfulness, of how incredibly human he was about with him wherever she went. She had told no one, no one. No one could know that he'd made a fool of her, that bitch Swan had usurped her.

So while Lauren and Elisa gossiped about who was going with who, she had given out the idea that she and Edward were taking a break and they were going separately. And all the while, Jessica stewed, waiting for that perfect moment to ruin everything.

Lauren tossed her hair over her shoulder, adjusted her cleavage and cocked an eyebrow at Jessica, "where's the hipflask?"

Jessica nodded over to the bed, to the hot pink hipflask that proclaimed 'Everybody loves a drunk girl' in flowering white script. Lauren took a swig and after passing to Elisa said, "Royce has moved in on that girl in 5th form."

Elisa laughed, "He is such a pervert. Don't know why the younger years appeal." She screwed up her face, "5th formers are so…gross."

Jessica had taken a swig and the pleasant sting in her throat made her voice hoarsey, "Have you seen Rosalie Hale? She's a total sprouter. Fuck that, she's sprouted. Totally fit."

Lauren rolled her eyes, "and a total prude. Thinks she's the shit since Royce asked her out, but she doesn't know she's one of many." She giggled, loving the whole soap opera, "silly cow."