The ball was in full swing, everyone was chatting and seemed to be having a good time, the incessant talking was only stopped when Elijah asked for everyone's attention so he could thank the town and announce that the traditional waltz would begin soon. This is when I decided to make my entrance; I wanted it to be dramatic. I wanted to see the looks on my siblings faces when I entered.

I through open the doors with unintentional strength (I guessed it's because I was edgy). Everyone turned as my stiletto heels interrupted Elijah's speech, I heard a few tuts and sighs as he stopped talking- it was like Elijah had put the entire town's people in a trance. I could see the stairs now. I could see my five siblings dressed in their finery and mother looking at them pretending she was proud and I would have believed her if I didn't know what she was planning to do….

I finally came to the end of the sea of people and my sister and brothers could see who had rudely interrupted their seemingly perfect evening. Finn was the first to spot me, I could tell from the sharp intake of breath that I wouldn't have heard if I didn't have vampire hearing, the rest were soon to follow. Their faces portrayed many emotions: shock, confusion and the one which I was most surprised by terror, I didn't know that they even knew about be- now I was pissed! They knew I was around and still didn't bother to invite me; they wanted to play happy families without me like they wanted to pretend I didn't even exist.

By now people had noticed the effect I had had on the supposedly invincible family and I could tell many people were wondering who I was. I scanned the crowd for any family faces, I instantly spotted the doppelganger and her two bodyguards who were to wondering who I was- I decided it was time to introduce myself.

"Hello everyone" I barely got the words out of my mouth before Klaus and Kol had come to tell me to stop talking but they had no brotherly power over me in fact I didn't even trust them, always and forever had been our motto once but they abandoned me when I needed them most and I would never forgive them for it. I carried on talking "I am Beth Mikaelson the youngest sister but I take from your expressions that they didn't bother to mention me" I shot a look at my siblings that were now gathering around me- none of them could believe that I had actually told everyone in Mystic Falls who I was.

"Sorry everyone, we must excuse ourselves, please keep dancing and enjoying yourselves" mother said, she started walking up the stairs and it didn't take a mind reader to know that she wanted all six of us to follow her. I started to make my way up the stairs closely watched by my siblings making sure I didn't kill anyone on my way up the stairs which was a bit critical coming from them. Mother led us to a room where she was burning sage which kept everyone with superhuman hearing out of our conversation. Once we were all gathered in the room my mother started talking.

"Beth, how nice to see you its been such a long time" she said with fake sincerity and came to hug me I immediately run to the other side of the room with vampire speed.

"Stay away from me" I almost shouted "Don't you dare hug me like nothing ever happened" I was becoming irritated very quickly and I was very unpredictable when I was angry and it's not like I wanted to give anyone any reason to hurt me- not yet anyway.

" Okay sorry, that wasn't right of me to greet you in that way" mother calmly stated "We" she gestured to my siblings who were all still dumbfounded " Are all very shocked to see you again"

"Sorry I had to intrude on you playing happy families but I thought we needed to talk about you trying to kill everyone in this room" I said with a smirk on my face knowing she wasn't expecting me to know her plan

Suddenly Klaus decided to speak "Mother what is she talking about?"

"Oh sorry did I ruin the surprise" I said sarcastically "See when you're a witch and your blood bound to another witch you can read their mind without them even realising" I stated with a smirk on their face "However if witches were all like me they would know they can protect their mind from this but poor mummy dear didn't know that and I know every part of her plan" I took a break and saw every one's reactions.

Finally Rebekah spoke "Are you saying you're a vampire and a witch"

"That is just part of it" I said not minding going off subject- nobody could leave the room- I had put a spell on it. "See when we were growing up I hid my being a witch from you and when we were turned into vampires somehow my powers stayed"

"That's not possible" Mother replied nobody can be a vampire and a witch "I made sure when I turned you that that would never happen"

"Sorry, I guessed you are not as powerful as I thought you were" I said we faked sympathy"

"Prove it" Elijah proposed

"How did I know you would say that?" I annoyingly added. But focused on all the candles in the room and lit them "Enough confirmation?"

"Yes" Elijah said through gritted teeth

"That's not even the best part" I said turning to Klaus, I said to him "See me and you we aren't that different, we actually are more alike than you realise. I know you like to think that mother was only unfaithful once but that is not case is it" I said turning to mother whose head was now hung in shame. "I'm a wolf to and I have activated it"

"So I'm a vampire, a wolf and a witch" I said

They were right to fear me.