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12 Days of Kigo

"11 Gossipers Gossiping - Part 1"

The cold evening air swirled around Shego as she and Drakken hopped off the grounded hovercraft, their feet crunching the snow that covered the expansive lawn of the mansion they were currently in front of.

The luminescent moonlight reflected off the snow and the pearl white exterior of the mansion, bathing the area in a surreal atmosphere.

The glow of artificial light from Go City failed to travel pass the winding roads and towering trees. Planted on the outskirts of the metropolitan city where very few traveled, the lone mansion and its surrounding acres of untouched forest was a stark contrast to the cramped quarters of the city.

"Ah, Shego? What are we doing here?" Drakken asked with genuine confusion, the two villains walking up the plowed brick walkway. Antique lamps lighted their way, each passing flash of light highlighting the visitors' features.

Shego wore a genuine leather trench coat, stolen from an oil tycoon in Texas, which was worth more than most houses. Her employer, on the other hand, was still dressed in his Santa outfit from the previous night due to certain circumstances. It was because of those 'circumstances' that she wanted to find the nearest skyscraper and jump off it.

Ignoring the question directed at her, Shego stomped her way ahead. Her teeth sawed together with enough force to cut through iron. She felt like she was a breath away from snapping and committing first degree murder, having endured the insane man's mind numbing pestering for the past twenty-four hours. Her pace increased, intentionally making it harder for the blabbering man to keep up.

Drakken frowned at his silent sidekick and in a brief moment of bravery, reached out and grabbed her shoulder.

"Shego! I demand that you speak to me this very instant!" he commanded, feeling his courage rise when Shego didn't immediately smite him on the spot. "We're an evil family and you're silent treatment is hurting my feelings! I demand an apology! If you can say 'thank you' to Kim Possible, you can say sorry to me!"

Drakken's fledgling courage petered out when Shego stopped walking, grabbed the hand on her shoulder, and gripped it like a steel vice.

"Um, Shego? You're...you're hurting me," Drakken informed, his voice cracking when his conditioned survival instincts took in all the warning signs his volatile sidekick was inadvertently giving. The subtle trembling of her shoulders, the tightening grip she had on his hand, and the fact that Shego had stopped breathing.

He knew he was in imminent danger and had to escape, but he was immobilized with fear when the plasma wielding woman looked over her shoulder and met his widening eyes with narrowed slits filled with green fire...

Aviarius stood on top the Central Bank of Go City, a towering building the looked over most of Go City. An angry sneer stood out on his face as he ignored the bright city lights and looked towards the the horizon. Off in the distance along the mountain range, he could see the structure shaped into the word 'GO'. It silently mocked him and he swore the tonight would be the night he taught the protectors of Go City a lesson.

Having witnessed Team Go leaving the city several hours ago, he knew it was the perfect time to strike.

"I'll teach those fools what happens they cross Aviarius!" He spun around and raised a shaking fist to the platoon of over sized vultures perched around the rooftop. They were his pride and joy, trained from birth to be the perfect killing machines. "Fly, my minions! Fly and reap death upon Go City!"

The birds crowed and waddled to the building ledge, jumping off and preparing to unfurl their wings to use the rushing wind to take flight.

As if a bomb had gone off, bright green light flooded the night sky. The light reflected of the mirrored exterior of the Central Bank and temporarily blinded the plummeting birds.

Aviarius gawked in horror as one by one his blinded minions smashed into the ground with a sickening splat. Stumbling away from the ledge and falling onto his butt, the villain felt the full weight of what just happened hit him.

Those strolling about Go City all paused and shuddered when the scream of what could only be a tortured soul from hell echoed throughout the night.

Shego blinked rapidly when her hazy vision came back into focus. She looked down at the smoldering crater before her where Drakken lied in a twitching mess of bruises and burnt clothes.

"...Huh,"she murmured thoughtfully, glancing at her hands and then at her moaning employer curiously, not remembering what transpired over the past few seconds. Not that it was the first time or anything, but it was always a surreal experience when Drakken managed to push the right combination of buttons to make her temporarily insane.

Shrugging it off, Shego grabbed the smoking man by his ankle and dragged him like a sack of rocks the rest of the way to the large double doors of the mansion.

"To answer your question for the millionth time, we're here because you threatened to sue Jack Hench last night if he didn't give you your money back, and low and behold," Shego scowled, glaring up back disdainfully at the semi-conscious man. "In less than a day he now owns all of your assets and is entitled to half of all your future profits for the next fifty years."

Drakken let out a low moan that would have made zombies everywhere proud, but only made Shego roll her eyes.

"Yeah, well, since you are now technically homeless and I refuse to let you anywhere near any of my safe houses, we're going to be a 'family' and stay with my folks for a while," she informed with mock cheer.

The thought of returning home for the first time since she became a villain didn't sit well with her, but she had no other options. She was responsible for the safety of Drakken and knew that if she even thought about touching any of her bank accounts to aid Drakken, Jack Hench's lawyers would be all over them like starved buzzards.

Drakken was now a pariah in the villain community. Nobody wanted to come within shooting distance of the man who was stuck in legal hell with Jack Hench and his army of lawyers. Not only was Hench a master at working the legal system, he was also prolific at working the seedy underworld and it's web of secretive bylaws. Jack had a hand in everything from establishing booming black markets to sponsoring promising new villains, and had enough leverage to ruin any villain that dared cross him.

Thus, Drakken was now a toxic asset.

So she did what anybody would do when one needed a free place to stay for a while: return home to the parents. More specifically, her parents, because it took only one meeting with Mama Lipsky to realize one meeting was already too much.

Standing before the large wooden doors of the mansion, Shego took a deep breath and slowly released it, reminding herself this was only a temporary inconvenience.

Home for the freaking holidays. This makes it two days in a row of nothing but bad luck, she grumbled mentally, considering not for the first time that maybe Drakken's bad luck was starting to infect her.

Dropping the ankle she held to the wooden deck with a thud, she dusted off her hands and took one more calming breath, sensing it would be her last.

Her wits gathered up, Shego raised a first to knock on the door, which to her might as well have been the portal to hell.

The mahogany floor and cream colored walls decorated with old family photos and warmth inspiring paintings reminded Kim of her own home. Just on a much larger scale. And with professional superheroes.

"You have no idea how thankful we are, Hego. You really came through for us," Kim gushed happily, staring around the large living room excitedly.

Her dad and Mr. Go were sitting on large beige leather couch with Mego, watching a Christmas special on the impossibly large flat screen television that took could easily double for a movie screen at the theater.

She could smell the delicious scent of peanut-butter cookies baking in the kitchen where her mom and Mrs. Go were preparing dinner for the two families.

She could here the patter of feet from upstairs where the Wegos played tag with Jim and Tim, the two pairs of twins having formed a quick friendship over their identical love for mischief and a love/hate relationship with their respective sisters.

Kim's smile got even bigger when her attention was drawn to the pile of presents sitting under the oversized Christmas tree, which glowed the every light on the spectrum and would soon be decorated with various tinsels as Christmas day approached.

The cheer in the house felt like it was almost tangible, and the petite hero wished it would never end.

Hego puffed his chest out proudly at Kim's praise, happy his good dead had been appreciated so much.

"No problem! But the thanks should go to mother. She was pretty adamant that you and your family stay here after we heard that your house was destroyed," Hego said while scratching an itch on his head. "She still thinks we're indebted to you after you saved Team Go from Electronique and her Attitudinator."

Kim winced at the reminder of her destroyed home. Jim and Tim, ever the ambitious inventors, attempted to transform their furnace into a cold fusion generator as a gift for their parents. However, one of them had made a miscalculation (they both blame the other) and instead of a cold fusion generator, they invented a miniature black hole.

It was by pure luck that the destructive entiy was unstable and quickly collapsed in on itself, but it existed long enough to suck in half their house along with most of the already bough Christmas presents. To say that their spirits were crushed at that point would have been understatement.

Luckily, Mrs. Go had been watching the news when the incident was first reported and after making a quick phone call to her eldest son, had the Possible family temporarily relocated to her home.

"Well, not that your family owed anything to begin with, but consider any debt between us repaid in full," Kim said gratefully, smiling up at the towering hero.

Pumped up with pride and satisfaction for doing a good deed, Hego returned the smile before joining the other men on the couch, fully expecting to receive similar praise from Mr. Possible.

Kim frowned when she felt something similar to an aftershock rumble through the house. She also swore she saw green light leaking pass the thick curtains at the front to the mansion.

"Hego dear, stop tapping your foot so hard!" Kim relaxed at the sound of Mrs. Go's voice and even giggled when Hego complained that it wasn't him. She forgot she was in a house full of people with super powers.

Just as Kim decided to join her mom in the kitchen before the tweebs decided she looked like a good target now that she was alone, she heard a loud series of knocks on the door.

"I got it!" Kim yelled out as she trotted into the foyer, eager to have something to do.

That must be Ron. For once I'm glad his family doesn't celebrate Christmas, Kim happily thought, looking forward to spending the holiday with her best friend. However, she thought it was odd he was at the door now considering she had just gotten off the phone with him a few minutes ago.

Kim swung the door open with a smile on her face and a greeting in her throat. Both proceeded to shrivel up and die when she came face to face with the grumpy looking visage of Shego standing impatiently before her...

Anne's eyes rolled into the back of her head as pure ectasy cascaded over her, forcing her to sit down on a nearby stool before she crumbled.

Mrs. Go snickered behind a covered hand at the redhead's behavior.

"Good lord, Anne. Should I give you and the cookies a moment alone together?" she chuckled, here eyes narrowed in laughter

"Sorry, it's just that I haven't had home made peanut-butter cookies like these since my grandmother passed away," Anne said when she was able to. "You have to share the recipe with me Liz. I insist."

Anne smiled as Liz just rolled her eyes and shook her head before sliding the last of the cookies onto the large plate.

When they had first arrived at Go Manor, she had been a bit unnerved at how much the pale woman looked like Shego. However, it was quickly learned that their personalities were as different as night and day. Elizabeth Go reminded Anne of a milder version of Jame's mother, Nana Possible, both in personality and fashion sense.

She dressed conservatively, wearing a thin purple cotton sweater and a black and white polka dotted dress that reached her ankles. Her hair still looked youthful, lacking any visible gray hairs from where it flowed down her back and settled just above her waistline.

"No can do, I'm afraid. That recipe is a family secret," Liz said as she put the empty baking pan in the sink. "My mom would roll in her grave if I told anyone besides my kids. So unless our kids get hitched, my lips are sealed."

Anne pouted at the refusal, and stared wistfully at the cookies. She idly thought it was a shame none of Liz's sons were closer to Kim's age.

"What the fuck!"


Liz winced and Anne nearly fell off her stool as the warm family atmosphere in the mansion swiftly sizzled away as the simultaneous exclamations rang throughout the home.

"What are-, no, don't tell me! I don't care! You are so dead, Possible!"

"Ack! Wai- Ouch! Arg! Whatever! Bring it, Shego!"

The two mothers glanced at each other before dashing towards the commotion.

"I guess it would have been wise of me to inform your family that my daughter called earlier today and is coming home for a few weeks. Oh dear, I hope they don't hurt each other," Mrs. Go rambled nervously, leading the way through the dining room towards the crowded foyer.

Anne felt a small smile playing on her lips as she followed the worried woman, once again being reminded of Nana Possible and her constant fretting over Kim.

By the time the two of them arrived, the men were standing by nervously, non of them brave enough to approach the cat-fight that was happening at too fast a pace for them to follow.

The fight finally slowed down enough to track when the two girls fell to the ground in a heap of tangled limps and curses.

"Stay still so I can hurt you properly, you cockroach!" Shego growled in annoyance, managing to pin the petite teen beneath her, but having a hard time holding the teenager's hands against the floor and maintaining her balance on her bucking hips.

"Cockroach! That's it! I've had enough!" Kim yelled angrily as she managed to free her hands and sat up quickly, using the top of her head to smash the surprised woman's nose..

With a muffled curse, Shego clasped her hands over her nose and fell to her back. Kim immediately mounted the older woman and raised a clenched fist, but could only yelp when the larger woman bucked her hips and sent Kim toppling forward, causing her to inadvertently smash her forehead against Shego's.

"Gah! Owww!""

"Crap! Ah, shit!"

The bystanders could only watch in stunned silence as both Kim and Shego rolled away from each other, clutching at their throbbing foreheads and hissing in pain.

Kim recovered first, and during the brief moment of clarity away from the blinding haze of Shego's sudden appearance, she finally became aware of her surroundings. Or more specifically, of the Go family standing around them. As in Shego's family.

Suddenly, all the anger and adrenaline in her veins evaporated leaving her feeling extremely embarrassed when she glanced around her and met the duel disapproving gazes of Mrs. Go and her mom. She felt her skin burn with shame.

"Ohmygod!" Kim squeaked, jumping to her feet in a flash and spinning around to face a the frowning women. "I-I am soooo sorry, but Shego, I mean, I just-"

Liz waved her hand dismissively while pinching the bridge of her nose, knowing instinctively that Kim had just been reacting to Shego's assault.

She was glad nobody had been seriously hurt, but it still gave her a headache that after being home for less then a minute her daughter was already stirring up trouble. It wasn't an entirely bad headeache for her, however, because it was a nostalgic feeling that reminded her of simpler times when her rogue daughter still lived at home and was rebelling at any and all authority. She missed those days.

"No need to apologize, dear," Liz assuaged, giving Kim a reassuring smile. She knew if she had informed both parties that the other would be present at the Go Manor, none of this would have happened.

Kim sighed in relief, her shoulders drooping as she finally relaxed. That came to a swift end, however, when she met her mom's hard stare which said she wasn't off the hook just yet. Kim blushed furiously, and looked away, feeling small and ashamed at having her mom witnessing her acting like a brute against the daughter of the family who had literally saved Christmas for the Possible household.

"Can someone please explain what the hell she is doing here!" Shego snarled as she rose to her feet, pointing an accusing finger at Kim while glaring at her approaching mother..

"Well, it's nice to see you too," Liz snapped in a non-too happy motherly tone, causing Shego to flinch. She took an involuntary step back when Mrs. Go strode up to her, and continued to do so as the older woman advanced on her. "And tell me, is it really that hard to give your mother a call every now and then! I haven't heard a peep from you in the last two years and when I do you can't be bothered to talk for longer than ten seconds! I don't care how evil you think you are, I raised you better than that, young lady!"

Kim couldn't believe what she was witnessing. Shego continued her retreat from Mrs. Go's advance till her back was plastered against the closed half of the wooden front door, her face the very picture of a petulant teenager being forced to endure a lengthy lecture from the parents. Kim had never seen her be so completely overpowered before without a single blow being thrown. Her respect for Elizabeth Go skyrocketed to unprecedented levels.

"-have the nerve to try and steal your brothers' powers like that! How many times have I told you to stop picking on your brothers! I swear I-"

"I think that's good enough, dear," Mr. Go cut in smoothly, placing a calming hand on his wife's shoulder, the massive appendage almost engulfing a quarter of her torso. He was a massive man with the physique of a comic book hero, complete with a strong square chin and baby blue eyes behind conspicuously plain black rimed glasses. "I believe she has realized the error of her ways and is fully prepared to make amends. Isn't that right, Agatha?"

Shego's eye twitched when she heard Kim smother a snicker somewhere off to the side. She hated her name with the passion of a thousand suns. It was only due to some twisted feeling of duty and honor that she never changed it since it had been the name the late matriarch of the family, Grandma Go.

She wanted to scowl at the snickering redhead, but couldn't force herself to look away from her father's pointed stare and her mother's burning glare.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm. . . sorry. I . . .promise I''ll call home more often," Shego reluctantly promised, face scrunching up as if she were drinking something bitter. Even though the sincerity was lacking in her words, saying them caused her shoulders to droop.

Even now when she was an infamous villain and considered the most dangerous woman in the world, she still didn't have the ovaries to stand toe to toe with her mom in a full out verbal spat. Her ears were still ringing from the last one they had when she first left Team Go. There was just something about about arguing with the woman that made her feel small and intimidated.

Smiling in smug satisfaction at having quickly reigned in her hot headed child in a truly Shego-esque manner, Liz stepped back and allowed the younger Go to relax and lower her defenses. Her smile faltered, however, when she noticed what was on her front doorstep. At first she thought it was a large rotten log that had rolled out of the forest till she realized what it really was.

"Ah, I see you've brought a ... guest," Liz murmured, her nose scrunching up as she acknowledged the putrid scent of burnt hair and skin.

"I see you and Drakken are just as chummy as ever. What, did he breathe in your general direction or something?" Kim quipped sarcastically, smirking when Shego growled but held her tongue when Kim slid closer to Liz. She found some enjoyment in flipping the teen the bird when nobody was looking, though, which Kim rolled her eyes at.

"Heya Shego, later Shego!" the Wegos quickly panted as they rumbled down the stars and sprinted out the open door, both unknowingly stepping on Drakken's twitching hand and sending him into a renewed world of pain.


Everyone cringed as the charred man snapped out of his stupor and clutched at his hand, screaming as if it was on fire.

"They ran out the door!" Jim announced while jumping down the last few steps to land in the foyer, Tim right on his heels. Before Anne could even furrow her brows at their bad manners, the boys sprinted after the Wegos, neither noticing the tortured villain rolling around nor his howls of torment.

"Do you have a first aid kit?" Anne asked as she switched into doctor mode, kneeling next to the whimpering man and gently grabbing his hand to examine it.

"Ah, yes, we have our own medical bay in the basement. I'll take him there for now," Mr. Go offered before picking up Drakken, his face souring at the smell of the burnt man. Anne followed him as he carried the man to the basement entrance.

"Be careful, Frank. Make sure he doesn't touch any of the walls," Liz fretted , following her husband to personally make sure the villain's charred skin didn't dirty her clean house.

Shego huffed loudly and crossed her arms in annoyance.

"Will somebody please explain what the hell is going on here?"

Mego faked a cough and pretended to be busy a few ashes left behind by Drakken. Feeling everyone else's eyes land on him, Hego stepped forward, cautious of his fiery sister.

"The Possible family had a little incident with their house, so they'll be staying with us for a few weeks as a returned favor for helping Team Go on a number of occasions." Hesitating for a second, he voiced his own question. "Uh, by the way, what are you doing here?"

He took several steps back when she gave him the evil eye. He was positive she would never kill him, but as far as maiming him..

"N-not that I'm not glad you're here and all, it's just that the last time you were here you swore to never to come back."

"I believe you said something along the lines of 'I hate all your guts, go to hell, I'm outta here'. Or, ya know, something like that," Mego snarked, feeling brave now that Hego was between them..

Not bothering to respond to either of them, Shego turned to Kim, who was biting her lower lip to keep from laughing. The pale green woman rolled her eyes.

"Grow up, Kimmy," she muttered, purposefully bumping her shoulder into Kim as she passed.

Frowning darkly at the gesture, Kim was about to retaliate but stopped when James cleared his throat behind her.

"That's enough, Kimmy-cub. Remember, we're imposing on their family and its expected that not everyone will be happy about it," he reminded before giving her a reassuring smile. "Why don't you help set up for dinner?"

The teen hero sighed and nodded. However, even though she knew nothing too bad could happen with Team Go and the elder Go's keeping Shego under control, she decided she better call Wade and have him fly in some extra mission gear.

to be continued . . .