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I woke up, tear stained and groggy. After last nights events, I rolled over to find Ezra, instead of finding him, I found the floor. My heart was beating a thousand times faster. My brain,told my heart this is it, I told you he'd leave. I couldn't believe what I was telling myself, I needed to get a grip. I quickly searched the apartment.

No sign, wow had he really left. Again, tears threatened to spill over my eyes, and I had no idea if he'd left. Now crying uncontrollably I wondered was that the worst part.

After slowly regaining control, I moved to the window, holing his jumper I'd found lying against my chest. It could be right now, potentially the last thing I have of him. As I looked across the park in view of Ezra's apartment.

He sat there on the bench, head in his hands. I slowly watched his every movement. I carefully thought about going down. Until I remembered he'd left me, well left me here. Maybe he simply needs him time. That's fine. Yeah I'm okay with that.

With my decision clearly made to stay, I made my way over to the shower.

Once I've returned to the living room, after the needed shower. He was back standing in the kitchen. Pouring himself a glass of scotch. Wow. It was only 12pm noon. Were things really this bad for him ?

"Well, well, well Mr. Fitz, I'm all for your party side. But it's a bit early to hit the scotch"

My tone was light hearted but filled with concern.

Eighty-Six Charlie came over
He asked me for a favor
Asked me a question
Asked me to make an exception

That's the last thing I could say. He moved over toward me. Hurt in his eyes, seriousness on his brain.

"Aria, I need you to not be mad. I need you to not be upset. Please say you can do that ?"

The tone, it scared me.

"Ermm... Yeah of course, I mean I can try. But your scaring me right now. What's going on ?"

The light hearted Aria gone, only to be replaced by a trembling, stuttering, empty shell of myself.

"I need you to *sigh let me go. I need you to understand, I've made up my mind. This is an amazing job, and I love you and never want to leave you but... sometimes we have to leave the ones we love."

as soon as he'd noticed me fall to the floor, for the second time today. He knelt down, cupped my face wiping away the tears.

"listen to me I love you. This doesn't mean we are over. I'll always love you. I've thought about this many of times, trust me it hasn't been easy. Its for the best, and when I say that I mean for both of us."

I looked deeply into his eyes, though my half blurred vision. He was serious, he was truthful. The bags were gone, because he'd packed them into the car. The bench wasn't space, it was a plan. A plan of a plan, of how to tell me and probably whether to tell me or to just leave. The only man in my life I thought would never hurt me, is tearing me apart.

I'll never forget you
I'll never forget you
You make things so easy
I'll never forget you

It was the love, I honestly felt for him, that made me decide.

"you can go, you can leave. I understand. I love you."

my speech was broken, and shaky but we didn't care. I didn't care. I had a right to be upset, the man I love was leaving, and I'd just gave him permission.

"Aria, Thank you."

The last kiss the kiss to my forehead. Tingling, sensational and filled with nothing but pure love.

His mouth inches away from my head. He spoke so quietly, so softly.

"I'll never forget you, you make things so easy."

I was breaking down in his arms. It was all I wanted to hear. I never wanted him to forget me, because I'd never forget him. I slowly, wrenched the words from my chest.

"I'll never forget you. I love you Ezra Fitz"

He left me, that night. I watched him drive away. My chest hurt like hell,from my hyperventilating and breaking heart. My stomach winded and nauseous. I drove to Spencer's, her parents away and no one to question me just yet. Spencer would understand, she always did.

*2months later.

"mom, dinner is ready"

It was a plain Friday night. Family dinner before a catch up with the girls. I was starting to feel like me, after Ezra left I rapidly declined. He never text or rang, the odd email here and there but nothing special. We were barely together any more, and I'd grown to accept that. I rarely left the house, everything became one big blur for the first month. Until I realised I had to pick myself up. Then once I started, going out with the girls, things changed me and Han would hit the town, and at least for that night fuelled with alcohol for about an hour I'd forget him. It became my new love, I became a party animal. This quickly ended, I realised how self destructive I was indeed being. Quitting the drinking, was hard for me, it became an addiction, a scape goat from my feelings. The girls helped me through and continued to help me. Until finally I became, what I like to think of being my old self. I enjoyed being with friends, chatting having a good laugh and even being round my family. I didn't drink any more, and things were finally falling into place. I still thought about him everyday. I still felt his kiss, linger on my forehead, sometimes I'd place my finger there and just remember everything. The feeling, the tears running down my face, his voice. Just then the door, broke me from my thoughts. Walking over, to the clearly impatient guest, who I thought was Hanna.

Eighty-Six Charlie, he came back
Said he'd been thinking it over
Said he's had a change of heart
He thinks he's made a grave mistake.

"EZRA ?"


he swung me round, in his arms. Everything melted away. Like the past months didn't exist. Like he never left me. But wait he did leave me. I needed to remember that. Pulling myself from his arms.

"Aria, I've come back. I'm sorry, I've made the biggest mistake, in leaving you. I have thought this through and I love you, I want to be with you."

he was calm and hurt. He really did sound sincere but I couldn't let him, treat me like this. I couldn't let him mess me about, but I loved him too much, not to let him explain. I was calm, hurt and angry.

"I think you'd ermm... better come in."

we sat motionless at the table.

Eighty-Six Charlie, he came back, he came back
Sat down at the table, and for the last time
Said he's finally made up his mind
He wonders if it's not too late

"Aria, I know your hurt, because I know how I've been feeling. Trust me, this time I'm completely certain. I've made up my mind one hundred percent, I want you back, I love you. Please don't tell me It's too late. Please give us, me another chance."

I sat, in dead silence. I didn't want to answer. I didn't know what to say. On one side I wanted him to leave, I couldn't be messed around not again. The other half, wanted to jump across the table, and declare my love by kissing his face off.

It's not too late because
I'll never forget you

I'll never forget you
You made me so angry
I'll never forget you

"Ezra, *sigh... you made me, hate you and right now I am conflicted. I want to take you back but I don't know If I can.

You need to understand you made me so angry."

"please Aria, don't let us go."

"I'll never forget you Ezra and I never could."

"Aria, listen It's not to late. We can still make this work I can't lose you again. I've been stupid, I understa-"

I cut him off, crushing his lips. Desperate, longing and passionate we sat there, hands moving every second we couldn't get enough of one place. Feeling everything we'd missed. I broke off first. Whispering into his lips eyes locked.

"It's not too late, I love you and could never let you go, because like I said I'd never forget you."