The Nemisis, Jack's POV

How could this have happend?

No, how could I have let this happen.

Miko and Raf had been sleeping over at my house, my mom had been working a late shift, and all the 'bots had been called to base.

I'd promised I could wach out for Miko and Raf, but I'd never expected what happend.


"Turn it up! I LOVE this part!" Miko exclaimed. I glanced down at Raf, who'd pressed himself up against my side for comfort. Okay, maybe watching a scary movie wasn't the best choice, but Miko had insisted on it.

"Maybe we should change this to something else." I said, Miko looked up to argue, but saw Raf shaking as he clutched onto my shirt. She sighed and nodded. I smiled before taking the remote and switching the TV off while miko went and switched on the lights.

Then there was a crash from upstairs.

We all jumped. Miko clambered over the back of the couch to curl up on my other side.

"W-what was that?"

"I don't know..." I muttered. Miko suddenly jumped up and went up the stairs.

"Miko!" I yelled, but then there was a scream.

Miko's scream.

There was a thundering noise, and I realized what it was.


I grabbed Raf and ran down the entry way hall, pulling him through a door and down into the basement.

I quickly went to the very back corner, hoping the shadows would hide us. I pushed Raf into the coner, standing in front of him. Looking around, I grabbed a metal bat that was sticking out of a box.

There was thudding.

"Take the loud femme back to the Nemisis, we will find the others.

I gulped, it was Starscream.

I readied myself, lifting the metal bat.

The door was suddenly bashed off it's hinges and a couple seekers broke through the wall and entered.

Then Starscream appeared, and saw us.

He smirked.

End of Flashback

I had tried so hard to protect Raf and Miko, but I'd failed. Now here we were, our arms chained to the walls.

"Jack?" I lifted my head and looked at Miko.

"This is all my fault..." I murmured, letting my head fall again.

"Don't say that! Who could've known that the 'cons knew where you live? I bet the 'bots are already on their way to rearrange the 'cons!"

I smiled weakly, but it vanished as the door hissed open, and in stepped KnockOut. He was followed by Megatron and Starscream.

"So, Lord Megatron, with the machine ready and the humans, we can proceed at anytime."

I heard Raf whimper.

Megatron grinned deviously at us all, but after he looked Raf and Miko over, he turned his attention to me.

"Ah, I see you are well, boy. Though I am quite sure the circumstances of our last meeting were more to your liking."

I just glared at the ground, but the he placed the tip of a claw under my chin and made me look up.

"Hm, yes. Knockout! Start with the other two first! When it is this humans turn, send Breakdown to bring me. I wish to see the transformation with this one."

He then left, and I felt my eyes widen, transformation?

Knockout suddenly grabbed Miko, unchaining her arms.

Miko strugled, but couldn't escape his grasp as he went out of the room.

I yelled out in frustration, strugling against the chains.

What was Megatron planing?