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Piper smiled as Jason walked up to her, "Jason. Do you know where Annabeth is?" she asked him.
Jason smiled uncertainly at her before saying, "Well, yeah, but she wanted to be alone."
Piper sighed. "Jason! She should be up here, not moping around in her room! She'll finally be able to see Percy. So... where is she?"
"In Percy's room," Jason automatically replied. Then he shook his head. "Really, Piper? You have to stop charmspeaking me! Especially since I'm you boyfriend." He glared at her for good measure.
She smiled slyly. "Well then, you better get used to it."
She walked through the door into the interior of the Argo ll. She had to admit, Leo did a pretty good job. As she strolled across the hallway (with deluxe carpet and solid oak walls) she came to Percy's room. Or at least the room that was going to be his.
The door was a dark brown wood and had a trident carved into it, magically enhanced so that it shimmered with a blue/green colour.
She opened the door and poked her head in. "Knock-knock," she said, stepping fully into it. "Hey, Annabeth."
Annabeth looked up from the circular window she was looking out of. "Hi, Piper," she said, giving a sad sort of smile. She walked to the bed and sat down, patting the spot beside her as an invitation to Piper, who joined her.
"Is this a water bed?" Piper asked, frowning. "Honestly, don't you think that that was a bit unnecessary on Leo's part?
Annabeth smiled again. "He's just doing his job. Although if I know Percy as well as I think I do, he'll probably accidently break it."
"Speaking of Percy, shouldn't you be up there on deck and be the first person to see him?" Piper asked. Annabeth opened her mouth to reply but, of course, Leo chose that moment to run into the room.
"We're landing in 2 minutes!" He yelled.
"Two things, Leo," Piper said. "First, we're right here and you don't need to yell. Second, if we're landing shouldn't you be at the steering wheel?"
Leo ran out the door (still yelling), "Yep! I'm going! There's nothing to be worried about!"
Piper looked at Annabeth and stood up. "Well, it's now or never."
Annabeth followed Piper out of Percy's room before suddenly asking her, "Piper, are you worried that Jason has an old girlfriend at Camp Jupiter?"
Piper hesitated before answering. Even though they had grown close over the last eight months it was a touchy subject. "Well…yes. He has been distracted lately…" Piper chewed on her lip.
Annabeth looked at her seriously. "So then you know exactly how I feel. Percy didn't even know who I was and if some girl went and…" she trailed off, but Piper knew what she had meant.
They reached the deck, and by now they were close enough to finally get a glimpse of Camp Jupiter. Although it looked a lot more like a city than a summer camp….
Annabeth gasped. "Look at the buildings! Oh my gods, I have to get a better look at them, and take pictures to look at back at Camp Half-Blood. I've never seen anything like it…"
Piper rolled her eyes at Jason who had walked up to them while Annabeth was still droning on about the "Fabulous design and architecture."
Suddenly Leo shouted, "Hold on! We're landing now!" Then, "Be careful Romans! I don't wanna crush anyone!" Piper quickly grabbed onto the railing, but that didn't stop her from smacking the floor once Leo landed the ship. She picked herself up and watched Thalia, Jason, Annabeth, Rachel and all the other head counselors do the same. Everyone was cursing Leo for being such a horrible driver, except Grover. He didn't fall since he had his hooves.
"We're here, everyone!"Leo said (which seemed a little unnecessary to Piper).
Jason, who was standing beside Piper, grabbed her hand (which Piper took as a good sign. He probably wouldn't grab her hand if he had a different girlfriend here) as the boat finally stopped shaking. "Don't worry," whispered Jason. "We have a plan."
The plan was that Jason and Piper would go out first. Jason would try to convince the Romans that the Greeks were harmless allies, but if that didn't work then Piper would be there to charmspeak everyone else into not killing them, for the moment at least.
Jason let go of Piper's hand and walked towards the gangplank. He looked back at Piper to make sure she was still there and then walked down. There were gasps as everyone saw Jason. Then the air was filled with yelling Romans, all trying to get his attention. A voice yelled something in what Piper assumed was Latin and the crowd parted for a girl. Her glossy black hair was in a braid, and she wore a purple… bedsheet? No, it was a toga.
"Jason Grace, you have come back. With Greeks too, I notice." Piper shuddered. Her voice had a dangerous edge to it, an undertone that said, I don't know what you're planning but if you do anything, I will destroy you.
Jason nodded. "Yes. Don't fight. Tell all your guards to put down their weapons." The girl hesitated, then did as Jason said. Right after she did, though, there was a yelling that came from Leo. And then a talking statue.
"PRAETOR!" The statue yelled. "Jason Grace, I demand that you remove these Greeks from Roman territory!"
Jason looked a bit stunned. "Um, hi, Terminus. Good to see you again."
"Grace, I thought you had better sense then to consort with the enemies of Rome!" Jason glanced at Piper, and his face read this guy is crazy. Just let me deal with him and we'll be fine.
"Terminus, they're not enemies, they've come to help the Romans. If you'll just listen to them-"
Piper winced as Jason referred to the Greeks as other people, but he didn't call himself a roman either.
"That's right, we don't want to fight you," said Piper, trying her charmspeak.
"Ha! Young lady, don't even try that charmspeak on me. If you do, I will slap your face silly until you'll be begging me to show you mercy!"
"Sorry!" Piper said. "Just a question. Um, am I allowed to ask a question?"
Terminus squinted his eyes at her before nodding. "Yes. But make it quick!"
"How would you slap me if you don't have any arms?"
"Terminus! You are not needed anymore, you can return to your post. I promise you that if they do anything against us we will destroy them. You are dismissed." The girl with the purple toga said very quickly after Piper had asked her question.
Terminus turned a dark gray colour that matched Annabeth's eyes when she was angry, before disappearing in a poof of smoke.
Jason gave a sigh of relief. "I had forgotten about that guy," he murmured.
Just then, Piper noticed a guy walking forwards with two other demigods-a girl, and another boy. The boy in the middle had black messy hair, and looked athletic.
As he got closer, he started looking more familiar, as if she'd seen his picture somewhere, which was odd because she was sure that she had never seen this boy before. She could tell that he had an aura of power, so she thought that he might be a minor Roman god, making sure that they were safe. Or to defend the Romans. Maybe. But that would explain why he looked familiar. Doing research on gods, she had probably seen his picture in a book or something. The girl next to him had skin that resembled cocoa powder, with eyes that shone like gold. Her black hair was a mass of curls. She wore no make-up, but she was still pretty, which made Piper think that she might be a daughter of Aphrodite–or Venus. Hopefully not another Drew...Piper could do without that. She focused on the other boy. He looked like a wrestler with a…baby face? She looked again, but he was then blocked from her view by the crowd. The boy with green eyes said something, in Latin, and the crowd quieted down slowly. He looked at everyone on the ship before breaking out in a smile. Now Piper was more sure than ever that he was a god. Until he spoke.
"Hi guys! If you don't know me yet, I'm Percy Jackson."

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