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Eragon and Arya

Eragon and Arya thundered down the road leaving the soldiers behind in the night.

"I think we lost them." said Arya as they neared the destroyed village Yazuac which Brom and Eragon had traveled through on their journey to the Varden.

"No, Galbatorix would not let us escape after we stole the egg" said Eragon as they slowed to a jog. As they entered the charred walls of the village Arya quickly built a small, smokeless fire. Eragon took off his pack and opened it.

"Eragon what are you doing!" hissed Arya.

"I was just checking on the egg." He replied. The egg was deep purple with silver streaks around its base that reflected the light from the fire.

"It's beautiful!..." said Arya as she scooted over to sit next to him.

"Yes it is…" he said as he glanced at her in the moon light. "Arya I was wondering why did you smash my fairth while during my training?" Arya looked down and sighed.

"It was because we could not have risked you being distracted for my well being." She replied.

"Arya the war is almost over; let us be together for one night."

"I don't know Eragon, I'm not sure we can be together, There hasn't been a Rider and an elf together since the ancient scriptures. . ." she said as curled up and put her chin on her knees.

"I know Arya… I've loved you since I set my eyes on you at Gil'ead." Arya opened her eyes and turned to look at him.

"Eragon, for one night may we be together." Eragon could not believe what she said.

"Arya.. thank you..." he said as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. She felt something spark inside her she has not felt for a long time, passion, love? Whatever it was she felt a yearning for him. "Eragon." she said. "Yes?" he replied "I love you Eragon." as she leaned on his shoulder and drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

"She look beautiful at night." thought Eragon as he watched her sleep on his shoulder. Her dark black hair reflected the light from the fire. "I really do love her." He thought as he fell to sleep as the fire crackling gently in front of him.

The next morning as they started to pack up their supplies Eragon turned to Arya. "Um Arya."

"Yes?" she replied as slowly stood up.

"Thank you for last night."

"No Eragon it was my pleasure, maybe once the war is over we can be together." She replied with a smirk.

"I would like that Arya, I would like that." He said as they departed. After a week of silent travel they reach the Varden. Nasuada greeted them as they entered the camp.

"Eragon Shade Slayer, Arya I presume your mission was a success." She said

"Yes Lady Nasuada, we were able to liberate the last egg from the King's treasure room." Eragon replied.

"Good we will have a full debriefing after supper, until then you may rest." Nasuada told them with a small nod. Eragon watched as Nasuada and Arya walk away.

"Saphira are you there?" He said in his mental shout. "I'm here little one." she replied. "Where are you then?" he said, as he turned around confused. "Look up." She replied. As Eragon looked up he saw a shadow growing larger by the second. It was Saphira. She flared her wings at the last second and shook the earth to its core. "Here I am little one." she said with a snort. Eragon walked up to her and laid his hand upon her head. "I missed you Saphira." he said. "I've missed you Eragon, I hope you didn't try to woo Arya again." She said with laugh. Eragon blushed "I'm afraid I have." He replied with a smile. He quickly told her what had happen to them on that night. "Eragon you have to choose wisely, remember whatever you feel will affect me." she said. "I know Saphira, but I really love her." he said, as he thought of that night. "Come on Saphira I have an idea but I might need some parchment and ink." he said as he walked to his tent.

As Arya walked into her tent after the debriefing she noticed a small piece of parchment on her bed next to a small package. She sat next to them and gently picked up the first page and read it. "My dear Arya, the love of my heart, I would follow you to the ends of the earth just to be with you…" the poem read. As she continued to read it, tears started to form at the edge of her eyes. "He really does love me." she thought as she finished the poem. She slowly folded the parchment and cried. She didn't know why she had allowed Eragon that night, she had been in love with Faolin . Being was one of the elves that escorted her as she ferried Saphira's egg. But deep within she felt that Faolin would want her to be happy. She then turned to the package. "What is this?" she thought as she wiped the last of the tears away. The box was elegantly carved with inlaid silver that curled to look like vines. The top had three diamonds each as green as a emerald with her name written in the ancient language "Arya". As she opened the box she saw an small emerald ring with a note wrapped around the hilt. She picked up the note and read it. "Arya I know you might not love me but I do, I will stop if the courting if you wish. But if you do love me and wish to be with wed, wear the ring tomorrow and let me know your thoughts. Good night Arya." it read. As she put down the notes she had mixed thoughts going through her head. "Should I tell him that I love him? No, I should think about what I am going to do." she thought. As she paced her room for the next hour she remembered the ring, she then slowly walked to her bed and opened the box. The ring was reflecting the light from her candle with an elegant glow as she picked it up. On the band something was written on it, as she brought it closer to the light she began to decipher the script. Suddenly her tent's flap opened

"Arya, it's me Nasuada I have to know…" she stopped when she saw the ring. Slowly she crossed the room with exaggerated care sat next to Arya and asked "Who gave that to you?"

"Eragon… he gave me the ring and asked for my hand in marriage." she replied. Nasuada nodded understanding then asked "Have you told him yet?" Arya shook her head

"No, I have not made my decision yet." she replied as she showed Nasuada the poem.

"Arya when are you going to make your decision? It's to be the most important one of your life." asked Nasuada, as she walked out of the tent to check on the rest of the Varden. Arya then sat on her bed to meditate, she soon made a decision.

Eragon was in the sparing fields practicing his archery when suddenly Saphira landed in front of him. He nearly let loosed an arrow in to her breast.

"Saphira! Don't land in front of me when I'm practicing! I could of hit you!" he shouted.

"Eragon what you did yesterday was very rash, you took a risk that could of ended your relationship with Arya." She said with a growl.

"Saphira I know it was risky but…" he stopped when he saw Arya at the entrance. She was wearing a light green silk dress that covered her arms, sparkling as she walked. She had allowed her hair to run down her shoulders instead of tying it back with her usual care. Once sighting him she weaved her way through the sparing field.

"Eragon, I hope you know that you are doing." said Saphira with a snort as she took off. Arya had just reached him and is now standing a few feet away from him with a serious look.

"Eragon you have always been kind to me but…" Eragon felt his heart stop. "I love you Eragon." Slowly saying the final words as she said as she showed him the ring . Eragon felt relief flush through his veins as he embraced her. Arya surprised by his actions she nearly pushed him away. "No Arya remember you love him, this is just what humans do to show they love each other." She thought as she closed her eyes as she put her arms around him. She felt him sliding his hands down to her hip, as she opened her eyes she saw him raise one of his hands to her face.

"Arya." He said as he slowly stroked her face. "Yes Eragon?" she asked. "I love you." He replied as he slowly gave her a kiss of passion.

The wedding the three races of alagaesia had planned was to be magnificent. Arya's wedding gown was a light emerald green and had been passed down by her mother's family. Eragon did not know what he should have worn to the wedding as the elves provided him with a rider's ceremonial robe. The robes originally been a golden yellow yet his dragon was blue they had dyed it with magic to make a sparkling light blue that matched Saphira's scales. As the elves, humans, and dwarfs took their seats there was a trumpeting fanfare as the ceremony began. As Eragon stood in front of the pedestal at the front of the church he saw the doors open and Arya walk out. The two elfen children he had seen in trees in Ellesméra walked behind her. The children were dropping the petals from the baskets they held as they walked. As Arya reached the pedestal she looked up to her husband to be. "He looks more like an elf every day." She thought as the priest started reading. "Do you Eragon Shadeslayer take Arya Dröttningu to be your wedded wife?" "I do." he replied. The priest turned to Arya "Do you Arya Dröttningu take Eragon Shadeslayer to be your wedded husband?" the priest asked. "I do." She replied. "Eragon you may kiss the bride." The priest said as he walked away slinking into the curtains. Eragon walked up to Arya and held her hands. "Arya I love you." he said as he kissed her. The elves, humans and dwarfs jumped out of their seats and cheered. Eragon slowly pulled away and said. "Pömnuria Nuanen Älfa Eka Weohnata Tauthr Ono uthar wyrda." "My beautiful elf, I will follow you after fate has done us apart." Arya felt close to crying.

"I will follow you too Eragon." she said with a smile as they started to walk out of the church and to their tent.

It had been nearly three months since the Varden had defeated Galbatorix and his army. Arya and Eragon have finally settled down after the war have started a quest to rebuild the Riders. As Eragon and Arya trotted thought the forest Arya was talking to the egg they had retrieved from Galbatorix treasure room. Suddenly there was a crack Eragon and Arya watched in amazement as the egg started to fracture.

"Arya did you do anything?" Eragon asked. Arya shook her head.

"It just started to move around a bit…" slowly a green head poked out of the egg and stared at them both.

"Arya touch its head..." Eragon said quietly. As Arya cautiously put her hand on the dragons head, there was a sudden pain it was like she had just fallen in to a pit of freezing water, but then disappearing as soon as it appeared. Arya looked at her palm. The Riders mark glowed on her palm.

"Arya you know what this means?.." Eragon said.

"Yes I do." she replied as she clenched her fist from the pain.

"What will you name him?" Eragon asked. Arya thought for a moment. "I'll name him Fírnen." The dragon looked up as he heard the name.

"Come on Arya let's get you in doors." Eragon replied as he guided them back to their home.

To be continued…


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