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AN: This is my response for To Be Noncannon in a Cannon World contest by aaliona. And frankly, I think it's barely passable, but sadly I have no more time to go over it.

Hermione held Lisa tightly as she kissed her once more, deliberately allowing Lisa's red hair to cover her eyes. When she was this close, she could almost pretend that she was kissing the person she really wanted to kiss.

Lisa burrowed herself in Hermione's wonderful hair and closed her eyes as she kissed her. Breathing in deeply, taking in the smell of Hermione's bushy hair. She had loved that bushy hair, ever since she'd first set eyes on it, wanting to run her fingers through it and feel it flow through her hands. Maybe, if she kissed Hermione often enough, Lisa could fool herself into thinking that she was Hermione's genuine love and not just a temporary substitute.

But deep within her heart and soul, Lisa knows better. She knew full well that she was only a substitute for Ron when she started this relationship and as soon as Ron wakes up and realises what an amazing girl he has in Hermione.

Lisa and Hermione both know it won't last, but it doesn't stop Lisa hoping.