Disclaimer: Young Samurai. A series that I thoroughly enjoy. Sadly, I don't own.

AN: Set at the very start of the first book.

Lightening crashed across the sky and Graham Sanderson gritted his teeth as he held onto the rigging for dear life, resisting the wind and the rain that battered the ship around him.

"Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy nameā€¦" Graham began, praying that they would make it through this storm alive. It wasn't the worse storm that he'd ever been in, but it was certainly one of the worse.

When they had set sail from England, full of promise, firmly seeking the fabled Japans, an exotic land of spices and untold wealth that would make the crew wealthy men. And Graham needed the money, he had had enough of long sea journeys like this one.

When the Alexandria left port, his wife Emma was pregnant with their first child. Thoughts of her invaded his mind as he concentrated on the task at hand, clinging onto the rigging in the cold and the wet.

"I hope your father knows where he's going boy," he muttered under his breath as he looked down at straw-blonde head of Jack Fletcher. He knew full well that Jack couldn't hear him, but he had to say it anyway, if nothing else, to reassure himself.

There was a sudden flash and everything went black for Graham as he was struck by lightening, his body becoming a fireball to slam onto the deck at Jack Fletcher's feet.

AN: At the start of this year, I made a resolution to bring this series up to five stories. I have one more YS story in the pipeline but that's it I'm afraid.