Hime walked into the main door of the academy only to be surprised.

She found Shuuma the second part of the idol unit AQUA waiting there.

He turned around and glared at Hime which caused her to jump a little.

"Can I please talk to you, Hime-chan?"

A dark aura was behind Shuuma.

Shuu dragged Hime behind a turn in the hallways.

"He's gonna kill me, he's gonna kill me" that's all Hime kept thinking about every time she saw Shuuma.

"Whatever I did, I won't do it again!" Hime said bowing to her senpai.

"THAT'S NOT IT, Gori-Hime!"

The sudden use of her terrible nick-name pissed off Hime, she was fine if it was her friends like Shou but defiantly not this guy.

"Then… what do you want?" Hime slowly said stepping backwards trying to get as away from the AQUA without glasses as much as possible.

"Even though I hate you, I need your help."


The girl thought angrily to herself. Hime on the inside was about to explode with anger but she knew if she did she would have to deal with the human barrier once again…

"T-t-that kind of depends on what you want me to do…" Hime tried her best to seal the annoyance.

"HUH?" Shuuma glared at Hime which scared the crap out of her. Was it something that had to with the AQUA with glasses, Mizuki-senpai.

"I'll do whatever you say!" Hime still scared as hell.

"Good, meet me at the back of the school building after all the morning classes-" Shuuma once again glared at her. "and if you come late I will KILL you." Shuuma finished.

"Y-Yes S-Sir!" Hime responded. Shuu walked away from her leaving her scared and confused at the same time.

Hime scratched her head. "what the hell was that…?"

Hime sighed leaning her head on her desk. "What's wrong Hime-chan?" Tsukino said ever so softly.

"D-Dammit… I can't tell Tsukino about Shuuma-senpai!" Hime thought to herself.

Hime ran to the door of their classroom "I-I h-have to go! Be back in a bit!"
Hime bolted out of the classroom and went to the location Shuuma wanted her to go to.

In the distance Shuuma was leaning against the wall obviously waiting for our heroine. Still panting Hime walked over to the senpai who was waiting for her.

"Good, you didn't come late. At least you're good at something." This comment hit Hime like arrows.
She ignored the irritation and asked Shuuma why he wanted her to come meet up with him.

"You see… there is a talk show I have to do soon and I wanted to find a way to get all my fangirls away from me without losing any AQUA fans. So in the end this was the conclusion."

Hime tilted her head "conclusion?"

Shuuma straightened his back and looked directly at Hime's eyes.
"Will you be my girlfriend?"

Hime's eyes widened

The two of them just didn't realize that a there was a boy standing on the second floor, inside of the classroom directly above them and had heard what Shuuma had just said.

This boy? …

Mizuki Haruyama.

[chapter 1 complete]