Hime gulped. In her stomach there was a feeling of happiness and the other a feeling of fear. Shuuma was picking her up from her house since her mother insisted she meet him. Let's just say that Hime prayed all things went well.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and her mother stood up, "What are you waiting for? Open the door!" Hime sighed and walked to the door with her mother following.

Hime opened the door slowly to find a super smiley Shuuma on her doorstep. "Hime-chan, let's go~" Hime's mum took a step forward, "So you're Hime's boyfriend?" Shuuma nodded, "That's right~ I hope you'll accept me as Hime-chan's boyfriend." Shuuma bowed at the blushing mother.
"Of course!" Hime's mum looked back at her and whispered, "You better not screw things up."

Hime gulped again. She needed to leave before anything else weird was going to happen. And something just hit her, 'I think I'll use this fake boyfriend and girlfriend thing as an advantage. I'll practice my acting skills so when I voice a cute girl I'll know how to play her when she's in love!'

Hime clung onto Shuuma's arm, "Let's go Shuu-chan~" On the inside Hime was dying inside. It was like every time she said 'Shuu-chan' someone shot a bullet though her. Oh, well she'd have to put up with it if she wanted to live right? I mean what would happen if the AQUA fangirls found out that she 'dumped' Shuuma? The answer is:

Straight Death

"We'll be going now, bye~" Shuuma waved to Hime's mum good bye before entering the car. When he shut the door of the car he looked at Hime, "Good move back there." This got Hime confused but then Shuuma pointed at the driver's seat. Hime finally starting to get what he meant, "Yeah, I thought I would at least try my best." Shuuma nodded and crossed his arms until the car ride was over and that they had to go inside the studio.

Shuuma whispered, "Remember all you got to do is act cute and smile. I picked out your clothes so you should be alright. If anyone asks you questions try to answer properly and if anything comes up about our relationship just do what you did before." Hime nodded understanding that he was referring to Hime's little act before. And about the clothes he picked? It was a cute white floral top with frills, shorts, some sneakers and a cap. It was the exact clothes Hime would actually wear normally so she really wouldn't have a problem with it.

Shuuma held out his hand, "Here. It's time we get in." Hime blushed lightly and took his hand now in the hand holding position. Shuuma led and pushed open the door and almost straight away the lobby was filled with 'awwss'. The idol smiled and said a few good afternoons before leading her to the room where he and Mizuki were going to meet. Shuuma knocked on the door before coming in with Hime to the surprise of Mizuki.

"Hime-chan?" Hime smiled, "Hi Mizuki-senpai!" Mizuki stood up from his sitting posture "What are you doing here, Hime-chan?" "I brought her here because I feel that maybe I'll be able to work even harder then I usually do with her around." Shuuma answered. Mizuki smiled, "Alright then." Shuuma was surprised he would accept it so easily but he decided that it would better not to complain.

"Hime-chan, I'm going to change in the dressing room. You stay with Mizuki." Shuuma said before leaving the room, "O-Okay then."

Mizuki smiled at Hime, "Hime-chan, I never got to say my congratulations didn't I?" Hime looked at him, "A-Ah, don't worry senpai." Hime thought to herself, 'Mizuki-senpai… is faking a smile? No… is he acting?' "Hime-chan?" Mizuki snapped Hime out of her thoughts. "Is there something wrong?" Hime shook her head, "N-Nah, it was nothing! I was just thinking about something."

Mizuki started to walk towards Hime until he was right in front of her, causing her to walk backwards and land her butt on a chair. Mizuki placed both his hands on the arm rests besides her closing all means of escape. "Hime-chan, are you really in love with Shuuma?" Hime's eyes widened, does he already know?

Hime remained silent not knowing how to respond. Mizuki cupped her cheeks and brought her face too look at him, "Last time I checked you two hated each other… How come all of a sudden you're in love?" He was right. It made no sense but Hime really didn't know how to respond. "Hime-chan, you shouldn't fall in love so easily…" Ending everything with a kiss on the lips. Hime's eyes widened. Her senpai was kissing her, an idol was kissing her! But what got her wondering the most was…

How come she didn't push him away?