The Prince's Princess

"How on earth can a frog turn into a prince? It's absurd!" Rukia ranted one day walking home afterschool.

The long blonde haired girl shrugged lightly.

"I don't know. In stories it just…happens." Orihime loved fairy tales and stories, though her own prince had never been a frog. She hadn't roused courage enough to kiss him yet, let alone confess her love.

Ichigo watched the girl sleep soundly. She never had to say anything, only smile, or even just breathe, and nothing could ever break his will to protect her.

He stroked her rose cheek once with his thumb softly. Her long lashes fluttered, but didn't open.

Ichigo leaned close to her sleeping face, very softly brushing his lips against hers.

"Orihime…my princess," he whispered.

The hardest was knowing he couldn't have her until it was safe.

The hardest for Orihime was trying to keep feigning sleep while his kiss burned on her lips.