"You sure know how to make an entrance"

Hi fellow fanfictioners? Or fanfickers? No that sounds weird. Let me try again. Hello fellow writers... (better). Starts in season 2 episode 2 of Vampire Diaries and when Edward leaves in New Moon. ENJOY!

Oh yeah I don't own any of L.J Smith's or Stephenie Meyer characters. I just play the puppet master...he he he ( I need a life *ENTER SIGH*)


After the Blondie's mess, I finally got to the comfort of the Salvatore boarding house. When I entered an involuntary grimace covered my face at how big it seemed now with just me. And my alcohol. For me every hour was happy hour and if I'm not mistaken, it's just that time.

I picked up the bottle that held only a mouthful of whiskey and I downed the whole thing. Not enough so I went to raid my cupboard. Inside I found vodka, which I took along with my tequila then I locked it, and crashed back to the sofa.

Here I was on a Saturday night, on my own surrounded with alcohol. There was something seriously wrong with me – I could get any girl I wanted. Apart from her. I'd forever live life being second choice next to Stefan. It was always Stefan. Urgh Stefan, his name drove me to drink and with that thought, I flicked the switch back on and began to drink the vodka from the bottle attempting to push back the thoughts of her warm eyes that had once been directed towards me were now icy and cold like hard lapis lazuli. God – I'm such a screw up. I can't even remember why I'd taken out my anger at Jeremy. The switch had been flipped with Elena's words added on to the same rejection from Katherine the same night. It was like someone was always out to get me and all I could feel was that rejection which was why at that second I didn't want to feel pain so I flipped my switch that I'd switched off around Elena and all sense cleared from my mind was I snapped his neck.

Looking down, I found that I'd gripped the bottle too tight and it'd smashed, spilling vodka down my shirt, with a frustrated growl, I pulled off my shirt and threw it to the floor then stood up to go change my trousers and to get another drink – something stronger, in the range of 50 years ago.

When placing a step on the stairs, I heard a faint whoosh of the sound of the wind coming from behind me. My vampire senses never failed me and I felt my fangs extend and the veins harden my face but when I turned around, I found no one behind me. I walked forwards and turned my head but saw nothing out of the ordinary but then I felt something, a warm heat radiating from behind me. I reached out my arm whirling around to catch the jackass but caught nothing but air.

"I am really not in the mood for these games" I growled out loud to the darkness but I could feel eyes locked onto mine. Slowly I turned around again, the only sound being the floor creak under my shifting but that was when I saw it, a black silhouette figure whooshed past me and before I knew it, a sharp familiar pain went through my stomach and of course when I looked down it was a stake. With a groan, I began to pull it out but the jackass wasn't done because he jumped down on me.

"You used to like games" the all too familiar voice replied to my comment and the female undertone revoked the implicating thoughts of it being a dude. Confirming my new conclusion, I looked up to the face I haven't seen for a long time. Her long mahogany hair was curtaining us, providing a sense of privacy. I stared into the familiar soulful grey eyes than glistened with wisps of silver holding the hidden power that she'd shared with me and her signature mischief, which just made her even more alluring. Her lips were lined with blood red lipstick making them looking even more tempting when she parted them breathing heavy as her chest rose and fell under me. She was supporting herself by placing her palms on my chest as she looked down at me. I never thought I'd be this close to her again. My fingers pushed back the soft brown waves that were now tinted with red highlights. Her eyes sparkled even more, the light from the fireplace highlighted her face and I saw the flames dance in her eyes

"Hello... Damon" she smirked down at me, the mischief becoming more vivid under her stare.