Love Story

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Things two the pairings are InuxKags, SanxMiro, KogxAya, SessxKaga, NarxKik and whoever else.

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Thing four just look at chapter two of my first story A New Love to understand animefangirl's randomness because it will be there at the end of this.


Chapter 1- New Friends and Enemy

*~Normal P.O.V~*

"Ok see you later mommy!" A 5 year old Kagome yelled while waving to her mom who was standing at her car waving back at her.

"See you later honey have a nice day! Make lots of new friends!" Kagome's mom Nisuki yelled back to her daughter.

"Ok!" Kagome yell while going into the school building then watching her mom get in the car and drive away.

"Wow my first day of Kindergarten."

Kagome walked over to the cubby area to put her backpack down.

"Hello are you Kagome Higurashi?" A tall lady with long brown hair put into a high ponytail wearing a purple tank top and dark blue jean jacket and capris and white Nikes said.

"Yes ma'am."

"Ok I'm your teacher Ms. Okata nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you to Ms. Okata."

"Well Kagome if you will follow me I will show you to your table that you will sit at with 3 other students." Ms. Okata said.


Kagome followed Ms. Okata to a table where three other kids already sat at. There was one girl and two boys. The girl had long dark brown hair and a white dress with white dress shoes and a black short sleeve button up jacket with the first button put together. She sat next to a boy with black hair with a plain purple shirt and black shorts that reached his knees and black shoes. The last boys had long silver hair and adorable dog ears and had on a red shirt that said in black letters 'To Awesome for my Awesome!' with dark blue jeans and white sneakers.

"Kids this is Kagome." Ms. Okata introduced.

"Hello." They all said.

"Hi." Kagome said a little shyly.

"Well Kagome take a seat next to Inuyasha while I go set things up for class." Ms. Okata said leaving while Kagome took her seat.

"Hi Kagome my name is Sango Tajika this is idot sitting next to me is Miroku Ootoji and that's Inuyasha Takahashi."

"Why am I the idot my beautiful Sango surely Inuyasha is more stupid then me." Miroku said.

"No I'm not!" Inuyasha yelled.

"No one can be as stupid as you Miroku." Sango said to Miroku.

That's mean." Miroku said.

Kagome giggled. 'They seem like nice and funny friends to have.' Kagome thought.

"Whatever anyways Kagome you look lovely." Miroku said to her while winking.

"Huh?" Kagome blushed and looked down at her hands she had on was a black jean dress with a green t-shirt underneath and white shoes.

"T-thank you…"Kagome stuttered still looking down.

"Grrrrr." Inuyasha growled at Miroku making Kagome look up at him.

'How dare he compliment Kagome like that and make her blush! AND he winked at her the jerk.' Inuyasha thought.

"Whoa you ok man you seem upset." Miroku asked his suddenly very angry friend.

"No Roku I'm completely fine." Inuyasha said his voice dripping with obvious sarcasm.

"Ok then…." Miroku said.

"Class because I can't find anything to have you do for today so just go outside and play for the remainder of the day."

"Come on Kags lets go and play together!" Sango said while pulling Kagome outside.

"O-ok." Kagome said.

'Darn I wanted to play with Inuyasha.' Kagome thought

Inuyasha watch her leave with Sango. 'Dang Sango moves fast I wanted to play with Kagome.' Inuyasha thought.

"Dude come on stop looking into space and let's go play." Miroku said to Inuyasha.

"Shutup….hey do you like Kagome?" Inuyasha asked his best friend hoping that he didn't.

"No she is cute by my eyes are set for Sango. Why do you?" Miroku asked.

"Yeah so don't you go being all perverted to her got it?" Inuyasha warned.

"You have my word." Miroku said. "Now let's go outside and find OUR girls." Miroku smirked at him and Inuyasha smirked back while they walked outside to find the girls.

'Kagome's gonna be my girlfriend one day.' Was all Inuyasha could think until he saw Kagome sitting on the slide talking go a guy with light brown hair.

'What the heck is Hobo Hojo doing talking to MY girl!' Inuyasha thought while walking over to them until he felt arms wrap around his waist.

"Hey Inu my name is Kikyo Satomi and you're really cute wanna be my boyfriend?" Kikyo asked with a cute look.

"Um first let go of me and second no I already like someone else and third were 5 and I can only date when I turn 15." Inuyasha said trying to get her arms off of him and looking over at Kagome to see Hojo leaving and Kagome going over to Sango.

'Good I didn't have to hurt him on the first day now what do I do to get this freak off me?' Inuyasha thought.

"Oh please Inu I really like you and were perfect for each other!" Kikyo pleaded.

Kagome looked over to Inuyasha from where she was talking to Sango to see a girl's arm wrapped around him and him trying to get away.

"I SAID NO YOU LITTLE FREAK NOW GO AWAY!" Inuyasha yelled at Kikyo.

"Hey Sango what do you thinks going on over there?" Kagome asked her new best friend Sango.

"I don't know but wanna find out?" Sango asked.

"Yeah let's go." Kagome said as they started walking over to Inuyasha and Kikyo.

"NO NOT UNTIL YOU SAY YES I LOVE YOU INU I REALLY LOVE YOU!" Kikyo said while hugging him tighter.

"Hey Yasha what's going on?" Sango asked him.

"THIS CHICK WON'T LET GO OF ME AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" Inuyasha yelled while still trying to get Kikyo off him. He could have used him demon strength and had her off but he didn't want to hurt her.

"Look I don't think Yasha likes you very much so could you please let him go?" Kagome asked trying to be nice even though she didn't like seeing this girl holding on to him like that.


"WHAT!" Sango and Inuyasha yelled.

"DON'T CALL KAGOME TRASH! THE ONLY THING THAT'S TRASH OVER HERE IS THE THING THAT'S GOT ITS ARMS AROUND ME AND SMELLS LIKE ROTTON MILK!" Inuyasha yelled to her then used his demon strength to get her off and stood next to Kagome.

"Ow Inu that hurt my hands." Kikyo said while rubbing her hands.


"WHY SHOULD I! IT'S THE TRUTH!" Kikyo yelled back.

"No you guys its ok no reason to wait on the grudge to say something she doesn't mean lets go." Kagome said not at all bothered by her very lame insult.


"I believe I called you what you are and look like. Didn't you hear me? Or were the words of rejection still swimming around in your ears?" Kagome said.


"I don't Kikyo it really sounds like you to me. But anyways come on guys let's leave grudge face here to cope with her rejection." Sango said while walking away.

"Right behind you." Inuyasha said while taking Kagome's hand. "Let's go Kags."

"O-ok." Kagome said blushing as they walked away.

'You may have won the battle today Kagome but I will not lose the war.' Kikyo said walking away.

'Oh wow Yasha's holding my hand I can't believe it!' Kagome thought.

Inuyasha and Kagome walked over to the empty swings and each look a seat. They started swinging it was silent for a while so Inuyasha spoke.

"Hey Kags you know I don't like Kikyo don't you?"

"Yeah I'm sure that's why you called her a freak."

"Well good but there is one person I like a lot."

'I have to get this off my chest or else I might lose her later to Hobo Hojo…it's now or ever.' Inuyasha thought.

"Oh who is she?" 'Aw and I really like Yasha I bet it's Sango she is way more pretty….'

"Well her name is spelled K-a-g-o-m-e." Inuyasha said with a smirk.

"M-m-me y-you like me?" Kagome asked super shocked.

"Well I don't know any other Kagome's so yes it's you silly."

"Yasha I like you to but since I'm not allowed to date until I'm 15 were gonna have to be…um…..half lovers."

"Half lovers?"

"Yeah meaning like were not dating but I'm yours and your mine and we can't date other people."

"Ok I get it can we still do normal couple stuff like go on dates and hold hands and stuff like that?"

"Sure but when we get older though it doesn't make since to do that stuff now when we can't even ride a bike without training wheels."

"True oh and one more thing."


"Can we say I love you to each other?"

"Yes but let's do it when were alone it would be weird saying it in front of people."

"Alright….hey Kags…"

"Yes Yasha?"

"…..I love you…."

"I love you to Yasha."

*~*A Few Hours Latter*~*

Inuyasha and Kagome were playing soccer with Miroku and Sango. Sango and Kagome were on a team with each other and Inuyasha and Miroku were a team.

"C'mon Kags score!" Sango yelled from her position as goalie. Miroku was goalie for Inuyasha and was blocking Kagome from scoring. Kagome kicked the ball and it went past Inuyasha and Miroku.

"Yay we won!" Kagome cheered as Sango ran over to her to hug her.

"Yeah yeah you won the game. 2 to 4 big deal we almost won." Inuyasha said upset that he lost.

"Aw does Yasha need a hug?" Kagome asked.

"Yes." He answered back and went over to Kagome and gave her a hug.

"Ehem." Miroku cleared his throat to stop their hug that lasted a little too long."

Inuyasha and Kagome pulled away from each other with deep blushes on their faces when their hug lasted longer than it needed to.

"Um sorry to interrupt your strangely long hug but I think our parents are here now." Sango said.

"Oh uh well….we were just….uh…HEY LOOK MY MOM'S COMING!" Inuyasha said walking over to his mom and some other lady trying to avoid the embarrassment he was feeling.

"INU BABY HI HOW WAS YOUR DAY!" Inuyasha's mom yelled running over to him.

"Hey mom it was fine." Inuyasha said giving her a hug.

"Is this your son Izayoi?" The other women asked her.

"Yes. Inu this is-"Izayoi started.

"Hi mommy." Kagome said running over to her mom after she finished saying good bye to Sango and Miroku.

"Hello sweetie how was your day?" Nisuki asked giving Kagome a hug.

"Great!" Kagome answered.

"Kags this is your mother?" Inuyasha asked confused that Kagome's mom knew his."

"Yeah is this yours?" Kagome asked.

"Yes. Mom how do you know Kags mom?" Inuyasha asked his mother.

"I was getting to that. Inuyasha this is Nisuki Higurashi she was my best friend in middle school but she had to move when we were about to go to high school. We lost contact with each other and haven't seen each other since." Izayoi said.

"Yes and its great seeing you again Yoi. Tell me where you are staying now I think it would be nice to start seeing each other more often now that were together again and have the kids playing together to. I can tell our kids will be the best of friends!" Nisuki said.

"Oh yes your right ok our address is 3890 Cherry Blossom Drive." Izayoi said.

"Did you say 3890? Are you the ones moving into the house next door form ours? This is great we can see each other every day!" Nisuki said every excited.

"Oh yes this is wonderful! You know what why don't you two come over I'll make dinner for us." Izayoi said.

"Great idea Kagome would you like to go?" Nisuki asked her."

"Yup!" Kagome said.

"Alright let's go." Nisuki said.

Inuyasha and Kagome ran inside and got there things. They each got into their cars and drove home. When Nisuki got to her house she told Kagome to change out of her school clothes and ask her older brother Sota who was in the 5th grade and 10 years old if he wanted to come with them.

Kagome changed out of her school clothes and into green shirt with black strips and black capris.

Knock Knock

"Hey bro you awake?" Kagome asked

"Hey sis what's up?" Sota said answering his door.

"Mommy wants to know if you wanna come with us next door to eat dinner at my new friend Inuyasha's house."

"Sure I'll go and meet your future boyfriend. But I'm also gonna make sure he knows not to hurt my little Gome."

"Well ok be down in- wait what what!"

Sota smiled and ruffled her hair.

"Oh nothing sis now go down and tell mom I'll be ready in a few alright."

"Uh sure…"

He closed his door again and she walked down the stairs while fixing her hair where he mom was finishing the cake she started making when they got home.

"Hey mommy Sota said he's gonna come with us."

"Oh alright sweetie Yoi called and said that everything would be ready by seven so since its 6:30 were going to leave at 6:50."


Kagome ran into her room and closed her door. She sat on her bed thought of Inuyasha.

'I wonder what Yasha is doing.'

Tap Tap

She got off her bed and walked over to her window to see what tapped on it.


She opened her window and let him in.

"Sup Kags." Inuyasha said.

"Nothing what are you doing here?"

"Well I got really bored and missed you a lot then remembered that you lived right next door to me so I came over to see you."

"Oh ok but you do know that we were coming over in a little bit right."

"Yeah but like I said I missed you."

"Oh alright."

They sat in Kagome's room for a while talking about random things.

"Your brother really said I was your future boyfriend?" Inuyasha asked.

"Yeah but I think he was just trying to make be embarrassed."

"No he was right."

"Kagome, Sota its time to go now!" Nisuki called to them.

"Well I better get back to my house I'll see you in a sec."

"Yeah see you later."

He walked over to the window then stopped. He walked over to Kagome and kissed her on the cheek.

"I love you." He said with a smirk.

"I l-love you to Yasha." Kagome said with a small blush.

He smiled and then jumped out the window to his room. Kagome went downstairs where her mom, dad and brother waited for her.

Dinner at the Takahashi's was awesome Kagome meet Inuyasha's dad Inutaisho and his older brother Sesshomaru who was 12 in the 7th grade. When Kagome went home she took a bath and went to bed.

'I can't wait until I'm 15 then me and Yasha will be able to date….' Kagome thought as she fell asleep.

'Kagome is my mate I love her with all my heart and can't wait until were older.' Inuyasha thought as he fell into his dreamland. And of course his dream was about Kagome.

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Ok so I'm gonna say things that I find either strange, stupid or plain funny

Can't Cope

Don't Mope

There's Hope

Smoke Dope

(I did NOT make this up my friend did and I do NOT approve of smoking its pure evil and I WILL sue it someday, strange and stupid)

"Oh look what a beautiful day it makes me wanna break up with you you rotten scab."

(From the anime Peach Girl, really funny)

HEY everyday I'm shufflein!

(… idot cousin said this in science…yes we have the same class and he got a detention for singing The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air which I thought was REALLY FUNNY)

Well that's all I can think of 4 right now. And I know that some the stuff isn't really like Sota being older then Kagome I just wanted to do it and you know how the older brothers are the ones that REALLY protective so yeah.