I close my eyes,

No arms around me.

Those dreary nights,

Go by without sleep.

When your backs against the wall,

There is nothing left but to fall.

Everything is happening,

All these dreams come with meaning.

I wish to to know,

Why is it so?


The everlasting question.

Left unanswered.

Left unanswered.

Left unanswered.

I dream with you,

To find me once again.

Then reality sets in,

This is the end

I don't want to to lose you,

This is for the best.

I keep telling myself,

But it is all just lies.

Now all that's left to,

Is to let the tears start to dry.

I close my eyes,

Now I am finally seeing.

Those dreary nights,

Now seek to comfort me.

When your backs against the Wall,

All that's left is to fall.

Just fall.