The lack of reviews, which is my will to keep writing and my inspiration, I have decide to write this for an outlet and to appeal to another fan base. And sometimes I need a break from the other stories.

Lord of the flies Fic

Chapter 1

Rose's P.O.V.

People clad up in coats and hats sweep by in a hurry struggling to keep hold of all their bags that they swiftly pack with their things. The whole airport was in a panic. Children were crying for their mommies, people were fighting and screaming at each other. All the noise blends together in one big balled of chaos. The bombs were coming and everyone has the same idea. Get the hell ought of England.

My knuckles were white as I grip onto my mom's coat with a deadly grip as I struggle to keep up with her. The ends of her coat flung about around her chaffs as she practically run down the corridor struggling to get to a plane before it gets to filled up with people and we can't get on and safe our self's.

"I just had enough of England, don't you think, Rose?" My mom says in between gaps as she trudge forward. I gave a faint nod "Same here. I all for getting out of here." I say not really enjoying our British vacation anymore. We were suppose to stay longer but thanks to those Nazis we have to cut our trip quite short. Suddenly a man rushing by knocks into me and mumbles a faint "Sorry miss." Before rushing off. My fingers were rip away from my mom's coat and I squint searching for her among the rushing bodies.

"Mom?" I call loudly slowly feeling my nerves bundle up in a knot in my stomach. Does she know I lost her? Does she know she lost me? Will she leave without me and then realize last minute I'm no longer clingy onto her coat for dear life?

"Mom!" I scream loudly taking off. I bang into people and kept going as I squeeze through tight crowds, cut people off and ran into a Coleman.

"Mom!" I scream again my voice mixing into the other screams of younger children who have also been separated from their loved ones. Holy crap! Holy Crap! What if she's looking for me and we both miss our flight? I look around again notice a sign that boldly states: Flight leaving from London to New York, now boarding.

I feel some color come back to my pale face and give a sigh. Thank goodness. I ran towards the long line of people and sigh when I come last. I peak at the long line and tilt my head in confusion.

Why are they all boys? And why are they all wearing uniforms? Where are the grownups? I jump about a foot in the air when somebody clears their throat loudly next to me. I look up at a boy about 16, about a 6'0, with black hair as black as black as the night sky with no light from the moon to lighten it and dark cold eyes that glare needles at me. He looks beyond irritated and looks like he wants to smack me. If looks could kill…

"I have had enough of you grungy people trying to sneak on board our flight. This flight is reserve only for the London Academy Boys Boarding School!" He hisses. An all boys school? I felt my face pale again. But, I did feel slightly hurt at his words. The bite at my heart like a snake bite and burn slightly.

Grungy? I was wearing a white baby doll dress with black poke dots that flow a little above my knees. And it sure wasn't trampy because it reaches just below my collar bone with straps about an inch thick. My rich brown hair was curled into loose soft curls that stops just at my shoulder blades and was kept at bay with a head band with a part splitting to the left side.

Well I'm not going to show it. I kept on a brave face. "Well? What did you lose your mummy and daddy?" he asks in a rude high pitch voice pretending that he cares. My grey like eyes widen and I felt them tear and my head fell to the side and I gently lay my curled up hand over my mouth, my knuckles keeping my sobs at bay.

"Y-yeah." I say nodding blinking to keep from crying in front of this snarky boy. I can't believe I let him get to me. To let me see how fragile and vulnerable I am. The boy's dark eyes when large and ease slightly in what looks like amazement.

"Aye, Aye. There's no need for tears now." He says looking away swiftly. I thought I heard him take a deep breath before facing me again. "Excuse me, but miss this is a boys only flight." Says the flight attendant. I take a step back about to apologize when the boy grabs my wrist and gives a knowing grin. I was in mid step when he grabbed me so fell against his chest. I gasp slightly for losing my breath but also I felt his muscles bare into my back. This boy is rip!

"Pardon me madam, but she is allowed to fly with us. She's the headmaster's daughter." The boy says and before I could protest he runs into the terminal and seats us at the very back of the plane.

"Headmaster's daughter? What is wrong with you? Don't you know it's wrong to lie?" I scold. The boy snorts and leans back into his seat. "Believe it or not, I felt bad. I made you cry. And weren't going to board another flight to the Americas since all of them were over flooded with people. So really you should be thanking me." he says giving me a hard look. I shriek back into the window and give a weak nod.

"O-oh." Was all I managed. The boys looks at me for another moment then sighs and sits back into his chair and cups his chin in his hand as he looks out into the aisle.

He really did help me didn't he? I would have been stuck here with no one and would have been dead meat. He saved my life. I slowly sit back and stare at the seat in front of me shyly. "Thank you." I mumble quietly feeling my cheeks heat up.

The boy tenses and looks over at me over his broad shoulder. "You're welcome." He mutters.

"What's your name?" I boldly asks. "Roger." He says. "Oh. Well I'm Rose." I say. He gives another snort. "Rose the American." He says and I gawk at him. "Your odd accent gives it away straight away." He gruff. "Wait till you get to New York then we'll see who talks funny. You'll be on my territory." I try to say firmly but he just stares at me before letting out a chuckle.

Why is he laughing? I know my cheeks go bright red. "Why are you laughing?" I asks shooting a glare but that only makes him laugh more. "Because you are like a little puppy trying to be threatening. And my territory?" he starts laughing and my mouth falls open in a happy face.

"Oh shut up." I say playfully. He smirks at me and leans down and whispers in my ear. "Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you're in my territory right now." he whispers huskily, his hot breath making body tempt go crazy as I shiver and goosebumps run all over my body. He does notices this and he smirks.

"Something wrong?" he asks, taunting me. I rub my arms and look away feeling my cheeks bones turn red. What is this boy doing to me? "N-no." I blurt nervously. "Really? Seems like something is troubling you. Tell me. Tell what is bothering you, Rose." Roger now looms over me and his dark eyes bore into mine intensely, almost glaring even. My breathe caught in my throat and my lungs burns just like my heart in my chest. I open my mouth but only a light trail of air escape as I just stare back at him.

His head tilts to the side but his gaze doesn't ease but magnify with lust as his eyes sweep over my body slowly. His pace torturing me, as his eyes linger on my waist and collar bone. I didn't realize that my fingers entangle themselves with Rogers and grip tightly as my body gave another shiver.

His hand trace my jaw as he asks again "Rose. What am I doing to you. And what are you doing to me?" He whispers the last part but I hold onto his words. What am I doing to him? What does he mean? He's the one who has me under his spell.

Then the corner of his mouth twitches up and a sloppy chuckle burst through his lips. "I-I-I I… Roger!" I yell pushing at his arm. "O-oh! You should have seen your expression! It was priceless!" He howls with laughter. "I did not think you would respond that way! You are not use to boys yet are you? Have you even kiss a boy?" Roger asks in between fits of laughter.

I felt my heart sting as my face turns even redder than a minute ago and look away. His laughter dies down and he stares at me. "You haven't experience your first kiss yet?" He sounded stun, in utter disbelief actually.

Why is that so hard to believe? I'm not exactly the Mrs. America am I? Guys back home just don't like me. Oh well…right?

The pilot voice spoke above us and the plane gilds down the track before launching into the air and we are dangling high above London. I squirm nervously in my seat as he stares at me. Suddenly his dark eyes gloss over and intensify as he leans over and looms over me. "Do you want me to be your first kiss?" he asks huskily.

What? Did I hear him right? My eyes went huge and he sneaks closer and I shiver when his nose brushes the tip of mine nose, and he roughly grabs the back of my neck to keep still. Is he seriously going to kiss me? Do I want him to kiss me? I squeeze my eyes shut and just brace myself for it.

"Just kidding." He whispers, his warm breathe dancing on my waiting lips. My eyes snap open and I reel back. "I-I-I…. that wasn't funny." I say feeling my eyes tear up. I can't believe he played me like that. No wait actually I can. I just can't believe I fell for it.

"Aye now. It was just a harmless joke. I was just fooling some." He says. "My first kiss to me isn't a joke." I say quietly. I force myself not to cry. He has already seen all my embarrassing sides and I don't want him to see more.

"Hey. Look. Calm down. It was a joke. If it means that much to you then I'm sorry. Just don't cry." He reaches over to cup my cheek and I jerk my head away. I'm not falling for that crap anymore.

His face falls then turns hard in irritation and he sharply turns away, his back to me. "Fine. Be that way. I'm tire of girls and their random mood swings." He grumbles and I just stare at his back.

What did I do? How was this my fault? I scoot over and reach out my hand but it comes to a halt when it faintly brushes the fabric of his uniform. I pull back my hand and look away. This isn't my fault. He's the one who snuck me onto this plane in the first place and he's the one playing games.

I don't want to be play with like a toy. I sat quietly and we didn't speak a word to each other or even send a glance each other's ways. Should I speak to him? Should I apologize? No way! He's the one who started it and he's going to finish it. I'm going on a no speaking protest till he says I'm sorry.

Another hour went by till plane starts shaking violently. Suddenly the right hand side plunges downward and screams sounds in the plane. I slid into Roger and I automatically cling to him and he looks down at me and before I could say anything the plane starts wobbling and rocking side to side violently and I let out a shriek as Roger slides his arms around my waist and shoulder and held me to his chest.

"What's happening?" I cry. "If I knew I would have spoken up by now!" Roger yells. Suddenly the left hand side plane plunges downward to and all of hell breaks loose. "Roger!" I scream before our plane flips in mid air and into the water.