Chapter 11

Rose's P.O.V.

My body is frozen, completely unmoving. I am sitting here my legs tuck under me, with a gash in my cheek that was throbbing not to long ago but went numb with shock like the rest of my body. My brown eyes are practically saucers in my head as I stare at Simon's eyes boring right back at mine. Both of our faces are tomato red and the air around us is so tense with awkwardness you can cut it with a knife.

It felts like hours were painfully ticking by as we just sat there staring at each other, our lips smash up together. In reality it was really just ten minutes. Finally he pulled away and both our mouths drop in shock while we continue to stare at each other. Then Simon's face drains of all color then burst back into a brighter shade of red than before. "S-s-s-s-s-sor-rr-y!" He forces out and springs up to his feet and takes of running into the jungle, leaving me there.

I stay there for a couple of minutes, purely stun then slowly my heart felt like someone had just set on fire in my chest. I let out gasp almost falling forward, but my hands firmly place themselves on the ground and caught my shock self. I jump to my feet and brake out into a run into the jungle.

"Simon! Simon! Simon!" I start to yell after him. I kept blindly running in the jungle, past trees that tower over me. I can't believe he kissed me! I can't! Just that fact alone is making my heart sore and face red. But… He left me… he abandon me, just like Roger. Now my heart feels like it somebody wrap their hands around it and squeezing it with a painful dead lock grip.

Then I stumble onto the beach and grab onto a tree right before I go tumbling into the sand. "Rose? What is the matter? What is troubling you?" I look up panting up at Ralph who towers over me, whose is looking down at me with a worried look. "Um… Well…" I stall as I look around and everyone is staring at me. The hunters to the left side and the children in a cluster to the right, and Simon and Piggy not too far behind Ralph.

Piggy was giving me a skeptical look, while Simon's red face is towards the sand floor, and Ralph is giving me a worried expression. I feel everyone stares boring into me and I panic slightly. "Um… nothing. Everything is just peachy." I lie uneasily.

"Are you sure? Because you look like you saw a ghost." Ralph says. "I'm…fine." I lie again. I am far from fine right now. My world just got turn upside down. "Positive?" Ralph insists. My tongue suddenly dries up and I lose ability to speak. Simon brings his head up slightly, catching my eyes and I swallow a growing lump in my throat.

Right at that moment I wanted to scream negative and break down crying but I fought the urge. "…Positive…" I say quietly, with hesitance thick in my voice. Ralph hesitantly walks away "If you say so, but if need somebody to talk to, you know where to find me." He says.

I nod and see Simon quickly walking away, towards the huts where Ralph was and I force myself to look away. Then I catch Roger's hard blank stare and right away I know that he knows that I was lying. I tear my eyes away only for them to fall on Jack's cold hungry animalistic stare and I shiver. I quickly run over to Piggy and fall into step next to him.

The rest of the day I spent avoiding the children and the hunters and defiantly Simon. Which sadly included Ralph since Simon was sticking to him like glue. Once diner came rolling around Simon build up some courage and tried to approach me but multiple times I would go running the other way. This pattern kept occurring throughout dinner and to make matters worse Jack kept staring at me with icy blue eyes. He stared at me like I was a piece of his pig meat.

Finally I got up and retreated to the jungle. It was pitch black and I kept stumbling over roots and fallen coconuts. As I walk in further my foot gets caught on a rock and right before I fall onto my face somebody grasps my hand and pulls back up straight. I freeze when I come face to face with Simon.

"Um… Rose… please hear me out." He whispers. "Why should I?" I ask, my voice cracking at the end. "Please." He begs and I finally give in. I slide down to the jungle floor and tuck my legs under me and lean on a tree. Simon places himself across from me leaning on his own tree trunk.

"I am so sorry for what I did. I shouldn't have kiss you and gone up and ran like that." He starts and I already feel my eyes tear up. "You really hurt me." I whimper and I hear the rustle of his clothes as he moves in closer. "Rose, I am so terribly sorry. I promise I will not hurt you ever again." Simon says quietly looking down at me, his face bright red. His face is so close and I already feel my heart pounding in my chest to its own uneven beat.

A hush silence fell over us as we continue to stare each other. "Promise?" I ask and he grabs my hand gently and rubs his thumb over my hand soothingly. "Cross my heart and hope to die." He says and I wince at the world die. We stare at each other for another moment in the dark and he slowly leans in. I lean forward to and we both let our eyes shut letting this moment last and get the better of us.

Then bang! Our heads collides with a loud thunk, and our noses crash into each other. We both reel back, the back of my head hitting the rough tree bark. "Ow!" we both say at each other as our hands flew and covers our mouths.

We stare at each other again then both laugh. "Well that couldn't have been more awkward could it?" Simon chuckles. "It probably could have." I say giggling myself. I let my laugh die out when he starts staring at me. "…Lately you've been taking a lot of injuries to the head. Are you alright?" he asks raising his hand to cup my swollen cheek and I nod smiling at his kindness.

"Couldn't be better." I say and his eyes flick up from my cheek to my eyes to my lips and then back up to my eyes. He slowly leans back in and his lips brush over mine and this time around we actually kissed. Our lips molded together and move as one and he raise both hands to cup my face, gently.

When we pull away I am slightly out of breath "I'm better than I have ever before." I say.