Hi! Here is The first chapter of "Dash's Secret" Well Enjoy!

Dash's POV

I need to tell him. I can't let this secret in no more. I need to tell him. If I tell him then he might be my friend. Or he would think I'm lying. Since he saved the world yesterday and he revealed his secret, it's the perfect time to tell him.

Danny's POV

I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock.

"Darn it. I'm going to be late for school!" I said as I got dressed and ran down stairs.

"Hey sweetie, want breakfast?" Mom said.

"Sure. Pancakes please?" I asked.

"Sure thing Danny." Mom said.

After I ate, I went out the door to go to school. I needed to be invisible the whole time when I was flying because of fan girls. I reached Sam's house to pick up Sam. "Ready to go my lady?" I said. Sam giggled.

"I'm ready." Sam said as she kissed my cheek. I picked her up in bridal style and we were off to school. When we reached the front yard of Casper High we met Tucker and he joined us.

"Ok. Here goes nothing." I said nervously as I opened the door. Everyone turned around to look at us. They just paused. Then everyone surrounded us to try to know how I got my powers. The only different question I got was from Paulina.

"Will you go out with me?" Paulina asked.

"Hehe.. Yeah.. You see I'm dating Sam right now so no." I replied. Then Paulina ran out of the crowd with anger.

The morning was very difficult because of all the questions and such. But at around lunch time it cooled down. Me, Sam, and Tucker went to our normal table although some people wanted us to sit with them but we said no.

Dash's POV

Ok. There he is. He is at his normal table with his friends. I can do this. Just need to ask him ok? Not that hard, right?

I walked over to Fenton and his friends. "Hey guys!" I said nervously.

"Ok. One more time. No! You cannot sit with us!" Danny growled.

"No that's not I was going to say."

"Really well what do you want Dash?"

"Well…. Um.. Could I talk to you after school? I want to tell you something very important. And no its not about your ghost powers or to ask to be in the football team or be in the A-list." I said as I was taking a breath.

"Well ok. I will see you at my house ok? Danny said.

"Yeah. Got it. See you then!" I said and ran away. I could almost hear what Danny was thinking. He was thinking What could he want?

Thanks for reading! I will continue it soon! So what does Dash want? What is Dash's secret? Find out in Chapter 2!