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Danny's POV

The next day I went to school and told Sam and Tucker about this.

"WHAT? NO! ARE YOU CRAZY?" Sam and Tuck said in unison.

"Guys, I HAVE to. It's the only way that I know if Dash is lying or not!" I explained.

"Then we're coming with you!" Sam said.

"No your not! Its to dangerous! You can get seriously hurt!" I said to Sam.

"You can get hurt too! You-" Sam was cut off by Tucker.

"Sam, Danny's right. Me and you can get seriously hurt by Vlad. So let Danny go by himself and figure this out."

"Thanks Tuck. Well I'm leaving tonight. See you guys later!" I said as the final bell rang. I waved goodbye to Tucker, kissed Sam a goodbye and I was off.

'I guess he's still in space. But what if he's in the ghost zone? I will check the ghost zone first just to make sure' I thought as I was flying to my house.

Still Danny's POV

It was 7:00 at night so I decided to go looking. I then told Mom and Dad why I'm looking for Vlad and they understood. Then I realized that the portal was unfinished still. But then I remembered the Infi-Map (A/N: Or however you spell it xD) and then I took it and I was off.

I looked all around the ghost zone but couldn't find anything. Vlad can be anywhere in this non-ending zone! Just then I saw a blue skinned vampire ghost floating up to me. I panicked and shot echo plasm at him. He then fell backwards and I started floating towards him. I wondered why he didn't fight back. Maybe he's weak? I wondered as I was staring at his body. Then he whispered "I know why you're here Daniel." Then he passed out.

Still Danny's POV (probably will always be Danny's POV in this chapter)

When he woke up he was on my bed. I put him there till he woke up. Then I walked up to him in my ghost form just incase he attacks. Now I wanted answers.

"I want answers Plasmious! How do you know what I want from you?"

"Daniel, I been spying on you." He said weakly. "What Dash said was true. I been paying him to bully you or else he would die. He at first was like "NO WAY" but when I said or else I have to kill you and your family, he had no choice. So he became popular and you a loser. Now I realize what I had done was wrong. I am a crazed up fruit loop. Now since I was at space I became weak. So now I'm giving up ruining your life and Jack's. I am a full ghost. But will be quiet to the world. So bye Daniel visit sometime if you like." He then was floating to the door when I said-

"STOP!" He froze and turned to look at me. "So your telling the truth? Your turning to the good side?" I said. He nodded. "Well then maybe I will come for a visit or two."

"Thanks Daniel. Now lets forget about the past and into the new. I will become a good ghost just like you. (A/N: Lol that rhymed! XD) Well see you soon!" He said as he floated down to the lab and into the ghost zone.

'Wow. He's changed. Well its midnight so I better get to sleep. And with that I fell asleep thinking about what the future will hold. Dash's secret was right, Vlad's good and many changes. Who knows maybe the future would be fun. Dark Dan, you had lost!

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