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It's kind of funny really – funny and sad – how much you like him. And how badly you want him to notice you. Why else would you join the Quidditch team?

Yes, you're a tomboy and you love Quidditch as much as the next person, but you have never been that good at it.

But Angelina saw how you watched him with wide eyes and told you bluntly the only thing he cared about was Quidditch. Seeing your crestfallen look, she had softened and offered to train you in time for tryouts next year.

You put more effort into it than anything else, determined to get the fourth year Scot to notice you.

It worked – well, sort of. He was Captain when you tried out and when you made all five goals, he looked at you with hopeful, shining eyes. He offered you the spot instantly, and you accepted without hesitating.

But this is Oliver Wood and sometimes you can't help but think that he wouldn't notice you if you were dancing naked in front of him with green hair.

Angelina and Alicia consoled you, saying you would get over him, setting you up on dates, eating ice cream with you, doing anything and everything to help you move on.

None of it worked though – of course it didn't, how could it when you had your heart set on him from the moment you saw him?

Even in his last year his whole focus was on Quidditch – he wouldn't be Oliver if it wasn't.

You gave up on him noticing you finally. Were you over him? You told your friends yes, but they all knew better. Everyone knew better – the entire house and half the school knew that you liked Oliver, and they all pitied you simply because nobody could compete with his legendary love of Quidditch.

Practices were as manic as ever. You flew in all types of weather: hot, windy, dry, rainy, snow, sleet.

Oliver was almost never satisfied either. From his post at the goal hoops, he was constantly yelling, the stress of winning causing him to overreact to everything. The team was feeling mutinous, George and Fred muttering about possible ways to get him to shut up.

Torn between wanting to protect Oliver from the twins and frustration at him, you get the wildest idea.

Oliver certainly stopped yelling when a sweaty shirt hit him in the face. Looking up, he could see you, angry, hovering in front of him, arms crossed over a sports bra-clad chest. You ask him flatly if he is going to keep yelling, and when he shakes his head, you fly off to rejoin Angelina and Alicia at practicing passes

Gred or Forge – one of them – yells at him to stop staring.

You sneak a peek at him and find that he is staring. You could slap him – he doesn't notice you're a girl until you're flying around half-naked in front of him. Never mind that Angelina and Alicia have always practiced like that, it isn't until you start that he claims that it's distracting the guys on the team – Gred and Forge snicker – and that the girls must wear shirts at all times. You girls groan good-naturedly, but agree to.

It doesn't escape anyone's notice that even with your shirt on, Oliver still stares at you more than he used to. You use this to your advantage, getting the only revenge you have it in you to get – wearing make-up, and wearing your skirts a little shorter like the other girls do. You tease him and flirt with him insistently and incessantly, "accidentally" bumping in to him until he drags you to the pitch one day and asks you what the hell you're doing.

You sigh and tell him nothing. Oliver being Oliver, he knows better and doesn't believe you. You just stare at him blankly, not ready to admit anything to him.

He mutters damnit under his breath before yanking you to him and snogging you like there's no tomorrow. You break apart for a brief moment, you in shock and he trying to assess whether or not you're going to curse him into jelly.

Then your lips are glued together again and you can barely breathe and it's amazing, better than anything else in the world, all you've dreamed about for years.

But all too soon oxygen interrupts and so instead you talk. You just plant yourselves in the middle of the pitch and talk about anything and everything. You fess up to your crush and he fesses up to his.

It isn't till two in the morning that real life comes crashing back down abruptly in the form of four little words from Oliver.

"We need to talk," he says. You try to joke it off – you've been talking for hours, you remind him – but he stays serious and you can feel your bubble deflating and vanishing with a pop audible only to you.

He goes on to say that he likes you a lot – as much as Quidditch, which makes you blush because it's the sweetest compliment you've ever gotten – but that this isn't fair to you. He's leaving soon and he tells you – you're the first to know, he says excitedly – that Puddlemere is interested in him. And so even though he wants nothing more than to ask you to be him girlfriend, it isn't fair to expect you to deal with a boyfriend you would never see for three years.

So instead you agree to keep in touch and see what happens in three years when you graduate if both of you are still unattached. You know you will be – your heart has always been set on him for years and that isn't going to change – and you can only hope that his desperate love for the sport will be enough to keep him single as well.

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