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Annabeth P.O.V.

This day is the best ever! Today was the day I graduated from Yale (it's one of the top ten collages in architecture). Now Percy has taken me to my favorite italian resturant. He invited all of are friends, Grover, Thaila, Nico, Rachel, Conner, Travis, Katie, Clarisse (I have no clue why), and Chris. It was nice. Percy even bought this fancy wine. We all had some, except for Nico, couldn't either, looking 15 and all.

"This has been an awsome day, thanks Percy." I said, trying to a conversation.

"Ya, only thing that sucks is that you won't give me the wine!" It was Thaila favorate, so she was mad.

"Your 15, under the age limit." Percy smirked and took a sip of wine. That commit made Thaila really mad. She was legal age. She was immoral though, so she looked 15.

"This is a nice dinner. Thanks for inviting us." Grover said trying to changed the subject.

"Ya, real nice." Katie said, staring at Travis. They have been getting serious and Katie told me she hopes he proposes soon.

"I can't think how this day can get any better." I said.

"I can." Percy said with a grin on his face. Suddenly, Rachel had a big grin on her face as well. She tried to hide it by sipping her wine, but I could see it clear as day.

"How?" I could help but smile as well. Percy can come up with some crazy things. I wonder what he had in mind right now.

He got up from his seat and walked over to mine. he grabed something from his pocket and kneeled. He showed me a small box with gorgous dimond on a silver ring(silver is the color of Athena). Everyone was staring.I knew exactly what he was going to say next.

"Annabeth Chase, I've you most of my life. I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" My heart filled with joy. Everyone was smiling. Thaila and Katie "awed" they together.

"Annabeth?" Percy said. I was so happy I also forgot to answer.

"Yes, Yes,Yes!" I said with a big grin. Percy put the ring on my finger.

"Rachel helped pick it out."

"It's beautiful!" I started to kiss Percy.

"When I'm proposed to, I it to be as romanic as this!" Katie said. Travis spit out his wine in shock.

"What?" he said.

"Well, we will be married some day won't we?"

" Well, ya. I thought so, but..."

"But what?" She yelled.

"I was just thinking it to soon."

"Percy and Annabeth just got engaged, like 30 seconds ago."

I pulled away from Percy.

"Ya, and we're trying to enjoy it."

"Sorry." Katie said. Travis looked reliefed, but then katie gave him a Wer're-talking-about-this-later look.

Then the waiter came. His name tag said Tony. (A/N that is the only Italian name I know)

"Congradulations, but you still have to pay the bill." He handed Percy the bill. Percy eyes wided.

"That much for a bottle of wine!"

"It was imported" Tony said."Don't get to tip" he reminded us.

"I got it" Chris said

"Chris!" Clarisse was surprised.

"What? I bet he spent a few g's on that ring." I looked my ring again. The dimond was cut brillantly. I loved it. I loved Percy. This day is the best ever!

Percy P.O.V

(From right right before he proposes)

Today is going great! Annabeth seems happy. I am happy to, but not for the same reason. In my pocket was a little box with ring in it. Thats right. I'm proposing to Annabeth. I thought tonight it be perfect. All our friends here(I invited Clarisse because she would be mad if I just invited Chris and not her), she just got her diploma, and we're at her favorite italian resturant. Now all I have to is want for the perfect moment.

"This is a nice dinner. Thanks for inviting us." Grover said. I was teasing Thaila about not being able to have the wine(It was Thaila favorate) and Grover wanted to changed the subject before a lighting bolt came at me.

"Ya, real nice." Katie said. I don't think she even knew what we were saying. She just kept staring at Travis.

"I can't think how this day can get any better." Annabeth said. There it is. The perfect moment.

"I can." I had big grin on my face. Rachel smiled too. She was the only person that knew, because she helped me pick out the ring.

"How?" I wonder if she knew. After all she is the daughter of Athena.

I got up from my seat and walked over to Annabeth's seat. I grabed the ring from my pocket and kneeled. I showed her a small box with dimond on a silver ring(it cost a lot, but Annabeth was it). Everyone was staring.

"Annabeth Chase, I've you most of my life. I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" I can't believe I was saying this.

"Annabeth?" She wasn't answering. That can't be good.

"Yes, Yes,Yes!" she said with a big grin. Yes!, thought. I put the ring on her finger.

"Rachel helped pick it out."

"It's beautiful!" we started to day is the best ever!

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