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Chapter One: The Book

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It was just another day in the hidden leaf village of most but for Uzumaki Naruto it would be a very important day. "stupid cat!" Ah that would be him now lets wach shall we.

"I don't see why that cat only attacks me and not the teme!" Naruto yelled while walking out of the Hokage's tower. The reason for this yelling was the D-rank mission his team had just done catching Tora the cat. Naruto didn't get a response as his team had already left to do there own things.

It was one month after the rookie nine had graduated from the academy. Now most people would go home at this point but Naruto wasn't most people he was going to train. "Finaly time to try some of the things in this book out." unknown to every one else Naruto had met his tenet the night after the forbidden scroll incident it went somthing like this.

/flash back!/

"Why the hell am i in a fucking sewer!" The blond genin was once again yelling. "I'm having a great dream about Sakura-chan feeding me ramen and now i'm in a fucking sewer!" This went on of about ten minutes untill...

"FOR THE LOVE OF KAMI WILL YOU SHUT UP!" ...that was at this point Naruto noticed the large golden cage behind him, one might wonder how he missed something as big as the cage but...well...this is Naruto.

"What the fuck is that?" (on side note naruto doesn't usually curse this much) "It's a Ramen stand." the voice said sarcasm dripping from every word

"really!" Naruto said excitement clear on his face.

"NO IT'S A CAGE YOU DUMB ASS!" The voice somehow yelled Louder.

"Ok what am i doing here then you damn fox." the blond genin said.

"well your here... wait you know who I am?" the voice now known as the kyuubi said,

"well you a loud, angry voice in a cage who would you be my mother?" Naruto said sarcasm dripping from his words.

"Do you really wan't an answer to that?" the fox said thenaruto oh! and look more sarcasm!"the reason your here is because i have something for you."

"oh really and whats that?" Naruto said sarcastically (on another side note he was usually less sarcastic to.)

"it has come to my attention that the other Bijuu have give there hosts powers, even that freak Shukaku nad i'll be damned if he makes me look bad so i'm going to give you somthing" the fox said after which a small book flew from between the bars. "Now get out and don't call me unless your dieing" and with that Naruto woke up.

/Flash back end/

Now a normal person would wonder how the fox had gotten a book out of the seal and in to the real work or even how a giant fox with no thumbs could write a in a small book but then again naruto is not a normal person hi thoughts where more along the lines of 'oh man with these jutsu Sakura-chan will love me for sure.' Yeh somthing along those lines.

training ground 7

"now let's see what we have here?" naruto said openig the book. "lets see... ritual magic...tell any one and your dead...i'm giving you two rituals and then your on your own kit...boring! lets see the jutsu!" let it be know Naruto is not a patient person. "jutsu...jutsu...jutsu...ah!...now lets see...magic eye and palm turn?


And thats chapter one now i'm still new at this so updates my be slow please be patent with me.

by the way the magic is from the manga magico you should read it if you haven't.

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