Chapter seven: Ride the wave part four!

Dee: Hi! About Naruto's break down, it is explained like this she had not fully come to terms with her change and was in a state of shock causing her to seem fine, because of the full Pacto Hinata knew what was going on and reacted accordingly, waiting for Naruto to lower her defenses and comforting her when she was at a point where it could help, Hinata of course wouldn't of had the courage to help anyone else like this only Naruto.

Naruto: ….. So Hinata's my therapist?

Dee: pretty much, Oh! Also I fixed the wall of text in chapter three, also you have no idea how hard it gets to write Naruto and Hinata's interaction, you think interaction between two people who know everything about each other would be easy but not it is not.

Naruto: Dopplerdee owns nothing

Wave - forest

"Am I going to find you out here every morning?" Haku said as he tried to wake the two slumbering Konoha Nin resting against a large tree

"Huh? Oh Haku-san good morning" Hinata said as she sat up, Naruto however continued to sleep snuggling into Hinata's chest further.

"What are you doing here" Hinata asked

"Getting more medicine for my friend, the last batch wasn't enough. Why are you here?" Haku responded and then asked his own question

"Some … things ... happened, so we left for a walk and fell asleep " Hinata said not wanting to reveal Naruto's break down

Haku knew she was lying about what had happened, he also knew it had something to do with the small girl in Hinata's arms and then Haku looked at how Hinata held Naruto, how gently and lovingly her grasp on the small girl was and it was then Haku knew Hinata loved Naruto, it was blatant to anyone who looked at them together really one way or another there was love. "you really love her don't you?" Haku asked the Hyuuga heir.

"Yes I do" Hinata said simply, before the full Pacto she would have stuttered or even passed out even after all her training with Naruto, but now she said the words with utmost certainty her voice steadier than it had ever been before.

"Would you do anything for her?" Haku asked not wanting to fight them more by the minute

"Yes I would' Hinata said her tone the same as before, steady and full of unshakable resolve

"Then you will be truly strong" Haku said with a soft smile

"Only as strong as I need to be for her, anything else is unnecessary" Hinata said before smiling and saying "although with how much trouble she gets into I doubt there will be any unnecessary strength"

"Maybe so" Haku said walking away

A little after Haku left Naruto woke up rubbing her eye cutely, to anyone else Naruto would have apologized to them for breaking down, or thanked them for the help but with Hinata Neither was needed so she simply said "Morning Hinata"

"Did you sleep well?" Hinata responded looking down at her love that was still lying in her lap while idly stroking the small girls golden locks.

"Like a Baby, maybe we should sleep like this more often" Naruto said not a hint of perversion in her voice she really meant what she said about it just being a good sleep

"I wouldn't be opposed to that although my father might" Hinata said with a laugh, as long as she had Naruto with her even her father wasn't scary in the least.

Naruto said nothing and her face grew solemn.

"What is it?" Hinata asked concerned

Naruto was silent for several moments before saying "Do you think your father will accept us?" Naruto already knew the answer

Hinata wanted to lie and say he would, she wanted to say Naruto's gender and position wouldn't be important to her father but she wouldn't lie to Naruto. "I don't think he will, but you know that doesn't matter to me" Hinata said before kissing her

And then they saw it again everything about each other in an instant, and they both reacted the same way "whoa…" they said looking at each other until Naruto spoke

"Is that going to happen every time we kiss?" She asked

"I don't know but I hope it does" Hinata said loving the sensation of her seeing her loves soul, and vice versa.

"Sorry to interrupt this touching moment, but if you start having sex you might never stop, and I might never get to talk to you again." Kurama interjected with a chuckle

"S-s-s-s-s-ex!" Naruto and Hinata said at the same time

"Oh what's the big deal you've seen each other's souls what's a little sex after that" Kurama said nonchalantly

Naruto and Hinata where too far gone to hear her though imagining what it would be like their souls touching through kiss and there body's through intercourse, the two becoming one in every sense of the word …. As you can imagine they passed out ….. Hinata even had a nosebleed.


"Ok lots get down to business" Naruto said "There is a simple way to handle your father"

"Really there is?" Hinata asked

"Yep the law states Konoha has to accept any marriage made in another country for legal purposes, and if you take my family name you'll no longer be under the Hyuuga clans' jurisdiction and your father will have no say." Naruto said happy that all her reading had paid off because she really hadn't enjoyed it at the time.

"…..So all we have to do is get married" Hinata said sure it was a little earlier than she had wonted, but they were going to get married any way why not now.

"Yep we just have to find someone who can wed us, get rings, a marriage license …. wow this will take awhile. " Naruto said with a smile that said she didn't mind the work.

"And it will all be worth it." Hinata said with the same smile

"Now on to training!" Naruto yelled out suddenly before stopping suddenly "oh yeah there's one last thing to do" she said before knelt on one knee in front of Hinata and took out a box "Hinata Hyuuga will you marry me?" She said as she opened the box to show a simple golden band "I already got the rings by the way." She said with a grin

"Of course ill marr-" Hinata started to say before her eyes became glazed and she fell to the ground.

"HINATA!" Naruto yelled running to her love, it was only a short distance but to her felt like a thousand miles

"Kit say away from her" Kurama yelled, just a wave of black energy surrounded Hinata knocking Naruto back

"What the hell is this stuff?" Naruto yelled while hitting away the lighting like tendrils of black energy that came after her

"Damn it! I should have listened to my gut!" Kurama yelled "That's the Greatest Dark Magic …. Echidna!"

"OK I don't know what that is, but it looks bad so why the hell is it coming of Hinata!" Naruto yelled out dodging more of the Black energy

"The Echidna is a magic from a long time ago with the power to destroy the world!" Kurama yelled

"OK how do we stop it? And if you say kill Hinata I will kick your ass!" Naruto yelled out dodging more and more of the black energy by the second

"You have to perform the Magico! The wedding ceremony of witches!" Kurama was yelling louder now

"Ok how!" Naruto yelled cursing as one of the tendrils scored a hit on her arm.

"You have to put the ring on her!" Kurama yelled out once more

Tazuna's house

'What the hell is this?' Kakashi thought as he stood up and looked to the forest 'it's like death' looking around he found that everyone else had passed out from the sheer force of the energy coming from the forest without another thought he ran towards the horrible feeling.

In Konoha

"Hokage-Sama!" Pakkun yelled as he entered the Hokage's office "Kakashi requests Bac-" but he never got to finish as the horrible feeling washed over them, they immediately looked off in the direction of wave. 'What is this feeling?'

In Suna

Everyone was looking towards wave even Gaara 'mother is scarred'

With Jiraiya

'What the hell is that?' Jiraiya thought before running in the direction of wave


Everywhere in the world people where stopping and looking towards Wave one thought on their minds 'what is that?'


Naruto was still dodging looking for a way in until

"Kyaaaa!" Hinata screamed in pain

And Naruto froze, it was just for a second but it was enough several of the black tentacles shot forward piercing into Naruto sand spilling Blood every where

"Naruto! Stop you'll die!" Hinata yelled now fully awake.

"Heh" Naruto coughed out Blood dripping from between her lips "Hinata, I thought you knew me better if I gave up now I would die…. ' Naruto said with a sad smile before she ran forward every step spilling more blood as she reached forward ring in hand, as Hinata reached toured Naruto "….Because I wouldn't have you…" Naruto finished as she put the ring one Hinata, and everything faded in a flash of white light.


Hinata was sitting in the grass with Naruto head on her lap stroking her hair.

"H-hey" Naruto said weakly as she woke up

"Idiot…" Hinata said her hair had grown Because of the Echidna to the point where it was in the middle of her back and cast her eyes in shadow. "Why would you do something so stupid you could have been killed!"

"I said it before fright I didn't run, because if I had run away then I would have died any way because I wouldn't have you." Naruto said quietly "You know me well enough to know that."

"That doesn't change the fact that you are an Idiot" Hinata said her eyes visible now showing her tears.

"Ah but I'm you idiot." Naruto said weakly before passing out

"Yes you are, aren't you" Hinata said before she too passed out.


"I assume you wish to know more of what happened." Kurama said as the two girls appeared in front of her cage

"Yes that would be nice" Naruto said

"Well, sit down then because this might take awhile" Kurama said,sweat dropping when Naruto sat on Hinata's lap "A long time ago before ninja or Biju, there was another great power called The Echidna. The Enchidna is a great dark magic that was reborn every five hundred years bound to the heart of a human girl, it had the power to do anything even destroy the world, the last holder of the Echidna Emma joined with a great mage named Shion to seal it away through the great Magico ritual, they went through many hardships and trials, and as they were almost finished Emma was captured by Faust an evil man, and Shion's brother Faust used the power of the Enchidna to make a great magical beast called the Jubi and used it to try to take over the world, but Shion saved Emma and together they Defeated Faust, Shion and Emma then finished the Magico and used it to seal the Enchidna away and seal the Jubi in Shion as it was to powerful to kill, making him the first Jinchuriki, and giving him a powerful Doujutsu called the Rinnegan. The people heralded them as heroes, and called Shion The Sage of The Six Paths." Kurama said finishing her story

"Ok but why is the Enchidna back now" Hinata asked

"Because some of the Magico's power was used on the Jubi it was imperfect and the Enchidna broke out." Kurama said

"We did the Magico so everything should be fine now right?" Naruto asked

"Nope" Kurama responded bluntly

"But we did the Magico! Shouldn't we be done?" Hinata asked

"You two really think that was all there was two the Magico?" Kurama said with a sigh "The Magico is the most complex assortment of magic rituals that exists; it's going to take you two a long time to finish it."

"H-how long?" Hinata asked fearing the answer

"Arou-" Kurama started to say before Naruto interrupted

"It doesn't matter how long it takes" Naruto said steel in her voice, "It will keep Hinata safe and that's all that matters"

'Naruto Uzumaki you never cease to amaze me' Kurama thought and then said "Well its best you perform the next ritual as soon as possible"

"Ok so what's the next ritual?" Naruto asked

"The Kiss of Oath, basically just kiss" Kurama responded

"….Just Kiss really?" Naruto asked as she thought the rituals would all be very hard

"Well it is a marriage ceremony." Kurama dead paned

So they kissed as a ring of light surrounded them and once more they saw everything about one another and they loved it. "I guess that answers the question of whether that will happen every time or not" Naruto said with a grin

"I guess it does" Hinata was smiling as well

As they get ready to go Kurama spoke up. "Oh yeah before you go I felt I should tell you now that your change is complete your body is going to start releasing hormones and as you body won't be used to them there will be a few side effects."

"What kind of side effects" Naruto asked dreading the answer

"Let's see here there's mood swings, rapid hair growth, hunger, in about a month you'll get your period, oh! And you're going to be really horny." Kurama said with a smile …. Which on a giant fox with really sharp teeth looked terrifying. "Bye!" She said before ejecting them from the seal

Tazuna's house

The first thing Naruto and Hinata heard when she woke up was Kakashi's voice "I don't know what happened, by the time I got there it was over.

And then another voice male responded "Look Kakashi I understand you weren't there, when that power was let out and have told me everything you can, I just want to know why my godson is a girl!"

At the voice's words Naruto had one thought …. Kill … there was a large chance the mood swings where kicking in, or her mother's more violent genes kicking in knowing Jiraiya's crap luck it was both.

She came at him like a Maelstrom of fists; of course Jiraiya being an extremely high level Ninja dodged her strikes and caught her hands stopping her assault, of course as stated before Jiraiya's luck sucks donkey ass and Hinata Because of the Full Pacto's link and the Magico's link was also unreasonably enraged, and as such Hinata attacked him while he was looking at his god daughter in surprise, freeing Naruto …at which point they promptly beat the crap out of him …. And then back in to him …. And then they repeated the process a few times until Kakashi stopped them

"Mah...Mah, you should stop before you kill him" Kakashi stated with a hand wave

Jiraiya sighed with happiness; Kakashi was always his favorite out of Minato's students.

"If he dies there will be no one to write more icha icha, that and there would be way too much paper work." Kakashi was once more waving his hand.

Jiraiya sighed with anger; Kakashi was always his least favorite out of Minato's students.

End chapter 7

Dee: I know it's short but it was hard to write for some reason or another

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