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Lexie sat at the nurses' station, absentmindedly twirling the ring on her left hand, looking through some of the charts of the patients that she was supposed to be seeing this morning with Dr. Bailey. Since she was going into her fifth year of residency, she was putting in more hours with the various programs to make sure that they were all completed in time for her boards later this year. It was good to be a fifth year, but also scary as hell at the same time since she had a lot to do to prepare herself for her boards at the end of the year. But she was ready to get on with her boards to become a certified surgeon. Lexie wasn't sure what specialty she wanted to go into, but her leanings were toward Neuro with her brother-in-law as her mentor. She had the patience and talent to become a Neurosurgeon like Derek, according to him anyway. But she had a few more months to decide before her boards would be upon her.

It had been a week since Mark proposed and they had yet to tell anyone just yet, opting to keep it to themselves until a dinner party they had planned later that evening. In the mean time, Lexie kept the diamond side of her ring turned down so it was subtle enough that no one would notice. And so far, no one had. They all knew that she and Mark were back together, which was the cause of most of the gossip between the nurses since they weren't exactly quiet about things in the on-call rooms. But life was going back to normal for them, which was something Lexie had been praying for since she and Mark broke up the last time after Sofia came into the picture during Callie's pregnancy. And now they were really happy and together.

While she sat at the desk looking over the charts, she looked up to see Callie standing in front of her with a smile on her face. That was a smile she knew all too well...Callie knew something. And usually that something was big news, like someone was getting married, having a baby, there was a huge surgery coming into the hospital, or someonne was getting a promotion. But Lexie decided to play it off cool for a moment to see what she knew.

"Can I help you Dr. Torres?" she asked.

"Can I speak with you privately, Little Grey?" Callie asked, nodding toward one of the nearby on-call rooms.

Lexie nodded and got up, following her to the room where they shut the door behind them. Callie immediately grabbed her left hand and turned the ring over to see the diamond, startling Lexie in the process.

"Ha! I knew it!" she said triumphantly as she threw her hands in the air.

"How...how did you know?" Lexie asked, confused as to who told her or how she found out since she and Mark had been keeping it under wraps for the time being.

Callie laughed. "Mark is my best friend...that man can't hold secrets to save his life. I found the ring months ago, but he hid it away after you guys broke up last time...I found it again recently, so I knew he was going to pop the question soon. And this past week, both of you have been too giddy...I knew something was up."

Lexie laughed a little and blushed. "Yeah...he proposed last week. We were going to tell everyone at dinner tonight...please don't tell anyone yet!"

"Oh your secret is safe with me," the older brunette promised. "I'm just really happy for you guys is all. Mark is a great guy and he's lucky to have you. You are his soulmate, Little Grey. Always have been and always will be, no matter what. And if someone is marrying into our crazy little family to be another mother for Sofia, I'm glad it's you."

Lexie smiled and was grateful to have the approval of Mark's best friend and mother of his daughter, Sofia. "I really do love him...life without him sucks and I'm so glad that we found each other again."

"You know, he became a better man when he met you," Callie said genuinely. "Mark became...human."

"He made me better too," she replied. "Before I met Mark, I was impatient and eager to jump into everything because of my photographic memory. But he taught me how to be patient and how to wait for the important things through the kind of person he was when we met. And he also taught me to be bold and go after the things that I want."

"Well you two are perfect for each other," Callie said, smiling and nodding in approval. "I gotta get back to Ortho, but congratulations. And I will see you both tonight at dinner."

Smiling and nodding as Callie made her way out of the room, Lexie turned down the diamond on her ring again so that it wasn't visible before going back out. Tonight was going to be an interesting night since they were going to dinner with Derek, Meredith, Callie, and Arizona. Since they were family to Lexie and Mark, they wanted them to be the first to know that they were engaged and getting married. In the last few years, Lexie had drawn closer to her sister Meredith, so she hoped that she would be the Matron of Honor at the wedding while Derek would be the best man since he and Mark were like brothers. They were hoping to get married a few months before Lexie took her boards that way they could postpone the honeymoon until after she had taken and passed the boards, sort of as a way to celebrate both.

Turning down the hall, she grabbed her charts and made her way to meet Dr. Bailey in one of the patient's rooms down on the next floor. She was working in general today, so she was sure to cross paths with her sister at some point, but if not she would see her tonight. It was going to be an intersting dinner for sure, but she was so excited to tell everyone since they had all been rooting for her and Mark since the beginning, right down to Derek who had been her best and closest confident with her feelings for Mark. It was weird that she was close to him like that, but who better to talk about Mark than the guy who was his best friend? And even though Derek had not been a fan of their relationship at first because he thought Mark was just using her like every other woman, when he saw that their relationship was real and true, he supported them.

After she had finished for the day with Bailey, she went to change out of her scrubs into a more comfortable pair of jeans and her long-sleeved shirt. Fixing her shirt and adding her scarf, she smiled and grabbed her things before heading out to her car. Mark was already at home, helping Arizona cook dinner since they had gotten really good at that over the past few months. She couldn't wait to have amazing food, good friends and family, and to reveal the most wonderful thing to happen to her in a long time to those that she loved the most. She thought about that on the drive home, turning her diamond over to the top to look at it, smiling at how it felt on her finger. She and Mark had waited too long for this and now it was finally happening. And nothing felt more real or genuine to Lexie than her love for Mark Sloan. They had tentatively picked out their wedding date, which would be sometime in April before she would take her boards. All they wanted was something small and intimate, much like Cristina had with Owen or Izzie had with Alex. Just an intimate ceremony with family and friends. No more and no less. As she pulled into the parking garage of the apartment complex, she straightened her hair and makeup a little before turning her ring over again and preparing to go upstairs.