AN: I'm taking a little break from "The Emo Boy Who Lived" because for some reason I had writers block. Then after many hours alone in my room with the music blaring, this story comes to mind, so I'll switch back from this and The Emo Boy Who Lived for a while. But for sure I will complete either stories one way or another. Hope you enjoy.

Harry had a horrible, miserable life. Harry had been abused from the Dursleys from the age of four. Harry was scarred both mentally and physically before he had ever heard of his safe haven Hogwarts. It had been horrid experiences. But as Harrys fifth year came to a close it was all about to end.

Harry was depressed. He had just recently watched his godfather, his only living family member, be killed right before him. And to make matters worse he still had his daily beating from both Vernon and dudly.

The only place he found solace was in that playground that was not too far from number 4.

He was sitting on the swing when he had heard someone walk up to him.

"Dudly just leave me alone. Uncle Vernon not here so you can't beat me up." Said Harry.

There was silence and a chuckle.

"Yeah that maybe so but what about a little game of Harry hunting. "came the voice from Harry's cow of a cousin.

Shit! Harry thought.

Harry ran from the swing. He would only have a couple of blocks before Dudlys gang would catch up to him.

And without a doubt Harry heard Peirs call out.

"Oi guys it harry hunting time"

Shit again.

His feet pounded on the pavement. He was only a couple blocks away from number 4. Harry was going to make it. Was.

Harry would have made it. Only if Peirs had not thrown a glass bottle at Harrys head.

Harry felt a hard blow to the back of his head. His vision was obscured. He felt a warm liquid run down his neck and further onto his back. And to make matters worse he tripped over his own foot and fell at top speed.

Harry skidded a bit before he came to a hurtful stop. He had flown in the air then hit the ground rolling.

His vision was now blurry. His forehead felt weird. He put a hand to it. He felt a warm sticky liquid.

Great. I'm going to bleed out before I'm stomped to death. Thought Harry. He was about to get up when he felt a painful kick to his side.

"He he. That was one hell of a fall Potter. Wonder why you're not knocked out. Is it that mighty magic keeping you conscience? Well lets fix that." Came Peirs.

"Wait, look at him he'll pass out of blood loss, let's leave him." Said Dudley.

There was silence. Harry opened his eyes to see Dudley thinking. He had hoped he would grow up and decide not to knock him out. All hope disappeared when he heard his uncle's voice.

"Wait. There's a harry beating and I wasn't informed? Dudley you know always to call me when it's Harry hunting."

Vernon came into view. Alongside him was Aunt Petunia.

He looked around to the boys.

"On the count of three boys."

No, leave me alone.


Shit. Leave me the hell alone.


Here I come Sirius.



Before the first blow landed. Harry let out a huge blast of wild magic. It had let out a small explosion.

Harry looked around him. Five or more smoking carcass laid around him.

Oh no. I need to get away.

Then as if he had his wish granted. A backpack flew towards him, then in a flash of light he disappeared.

And somewhere hundreds of miles away. An alarm went off at the ministry of magic. Then another number of miles away a headmaster pulled a certain order together at the first explosion.

The only words that came from his mouth that scared most of the order half to death.

"We lost Harry Potter. He is now lost in the wizarding world and the trace on him has broken. We cannot find him."

And in Godric's Hollow a Fifteen year old boy is resting comfortably in his old house that used to be his.

AN: Well that went according to plan. This story was in my head for a couple of days. So I decided to do this and put the other story on hold until I got something. I will put up a second chapter up soon. (Maybe in a couple of hours. Or a day or two.) But expect another chapter. In which Tonks will show up. See ya!

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