Harry sighed as he looked at the ceiling above. He wasn't going to get any sleep tonight. Memories haunted him, screams and cries of the dead; chills ran down him as he remembered the faces. Agony, misery, anger, distraught, filled them. Flashes of spells that meant death flying at him, explosions of orange and light, making him jump in fear of imminent death. It all haunted him

He shifted and reached for his glasses on the nightstand besides him and checked the time. It read somewhere in the too early morning yet late night. Throwing the covers off him he slipped into his slippers and threw on a shirt and made his way down to the kitchen of his home. Making sure not to wake any of the other tenants

Grimmauld place started to grow on him once the cleaning and refurbishing was finally finished, it now looked new and modern. It became a home for him and his friends after the war. Kreacher always was up, he almost never slept, vowing that the new home always looked as that: new.

"Is the master having troubles sleeping?" croaked his old voice, dusting a portrait of the old Order of The Phoenix

Shaking his head, Harry lied

"Just wanted to see the sunrise"

Raising an eyebrow Kreacher nodded and returned to dusting the portrait

Harry turned, grateful that Kreacher didn't push him as to why he was really up, and made his way to the kitchen. Turning on a light he made his way to the fridge and grabbed a butterbeer. The kitchen door opened and Kreacher walked in

"Would the young master like some early breakfast?"

"No not yet Kreacher thank you."

Nodding he made his way to the door leading off to the pantry

"Oh and by the way young master, a missus Weasley called before you went to bed, she wanted to pay her sorries to your new, eh, condition my liege "

Harry laughed darkly "Is that what they're calling it now?" he took a swig of the butterbeer

"I guesses so young master, will you be needing anything?"

"No I'll be fine, you go rest Kreacher"

"As you wish my liege"

And with that Kreacher walked into the pantry, Harry could never understand why he picked the pantry as a room. It often smelled of wheat and attracted mice. Somehow that never bothered him though, 'brave house elf he is' some would say.

The kitchen door opened again that night and almost childlike stumbled in a Nymphadora Tonks dressed in a long jersey fitting her petite body like a dress, and socks, looking a bit dead at first but as soon as her eyes laid on Harry she straightened out a bit and wiped a bit of the dried drool on the side of her mouth.

"Oh wotcher Harry"

Smiling Harry replied "Morning sunshine, why are you up so early?"

Opening the cabinet and reaching for a mug she replied "I could ask you the same thing Mr. Potter, damn me for being this short" she struggled to reach a mug

Silently laughing to himself Harry got up to help her struggle.

"Oh aren't you quiet the savior hero boy." Tonks said while batting her eyelashes jokingly at him as he passed her a mug. He laughed, "Make fun of me all you want, I am not the one who forgot she is a shape shifting wizard who could also change her height to get the mug"

Her eyes widened and she blushed and looked all the sudden very interested in the mug that they were both holding still "You didn't answer my question you meanie" she said in a small voice

"Well to be fair you didn't really ask in the form of an actual question and to be fair I asked first," he retorted with a smile

She stuck her tongue out at him and then replied "just couldn't sleep is all, so I decided to mess up my sleep schedule for the hell of it, not like I'm going to work anytime soon. How about you?" she came closer and patted his arm that was holding the mug "how is it feeling?"

The "It" that she referred to was the prosthetic arm that Harry received; when the war was over Harry helped hunt down any straggling Death Eaters trying to hide away, one of these battles was very great and cosseted him greatly.

Looking to his arm he let got of the mug and surveyed it "it works as if nothing happened, but, it's weird I feel…."

"Incomplete" Tonks finished for him

Looking towards her he nodded "right… incomplete. Could be worse though, I could've ended up like mad-eye" he chuckled at the thought of the grizzly ex-auror and all the missing appendages he had.

She then felt the smooth texture of the magicked metal. It was customized like ones Aurors with missing limbs would get, but his was more personal. As a favor for being the Savior of the wizard world Tonks thought. It was black and silver in places; it looked as if he were wearing a metal gauntlet instead of having a prosthetic. That was probably what was in mind for Harry, wouldn't want anyone staring so long at his arm to make him feel uncomfortable.

"How are your dreams?" she asked

Harry's expression turned from somber to one of weariness. "They, uh, have been bad.." he trailed off, not knowing how to further his description. He let go of the mug and turned away from Tonks, picking back up his butterbeer with his prosthetic and took another swig "It's weird, no matter how I try to justify what I did, how that last hunt went down, I..I still hear…." he trailed. The grip on his butterbeer hardened until tiny cracks started to appear on the bottle

Her hand reached for his shoulder, "them screaming, that's what you hear don't you?" she asked and he nodded. With that her hand on his shoulder lead to her hugging him from behind. At first Harry tensed at the sign of comfort, but slowly relaxed in her hug.

"What am I going to do now Tonks?" he sighed

"How do you mean?" she muffled into his back. "I mean, for the nightmares you can seek counseling, no one would judge you-" she could feel him shake his head.

"That's not what I meant, I mean what am I going to do now? The war is over; there is no more hunting down Death Eaters to be done. I was always meant to save, that has been clear all my life but… what now?" He asked, looking and feeling so lost. You could hear Tonks heart break a little.

Tonks moved herself from hugging him to facing him 'damn him that her grew' she thought as she looked up to him. "I honestly can't believe that after all the fighting and horrors you've been through you still want to keep on fighting. Harry you are the Savior of the wizard world, a renowned hero who gave part of himself-" she took his prosthetic and moved it into view "- quite literally, to keep and maintain peace" she looked at him quite confused "Harry why do you want to keep on fighting? This is peace now" she cupped his face, "no more running, no more looking over your shoulder, no more death" purple irises met emerald and her face softened

"You've done enough Harry, you gave your fill and then some. You deserve some rest, take some time off, and heal. Be whole again; er well in your head." She chuckled and jokingly knocked on his head. He smiled but it was fleeting, he looked at her and held the hand that cupping his face and hugged her.

"Thank you Tonks"

Smiling she returned the hug and squeezed him as hard as she can

"No problem Hero boy"

Harry smiled, hoping that somewhere deep down in him, his healing would begin. Hopefully, with Tonks by his side every step of the way, he owed her a lot, more than she would like to realize. The last hunt changed both of their worlds forever, it was time to catch up with the speed of the world around them and return to some sense of normalcy.

Well, as much as a Metamorphmagus Wizard and Hero of the Wizarding world could.