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Taichou Wa Maid-Sama!

Full summary: AU. Highschool sophomore Ichigo Kurosaki, captain of the kendo team, president of student council, and well-known as the 'Demon Captain' for intolerant students who faced his wrath. He vowed to protect the female students from the over-population of perverted boys, due to his distrust of men after his father had left his mother, him and his two baby twin sisters for some richer woman. Their house was falling apart, they had debts piling up from the past, and his mother made it by with two jobs. After turning fifteen, Ichigo decided to get a job to help his mother out. He found Café Seireitei, a café where all employees wore...maid cosplay as the uniform. This was a well-kept secret until one day, when Ichigo had stayed a bit too long out back to throw the garbage out, he bumps into Grimmjow Jeagerjackes, the boy who had the looks, brains, money, and popularity to match an actors. He then became Jeagerjackes 'personal maid' begrudgingly, and as the two stay together, secrets are revealed, and love blossoms.

Warnings: AU, Yaoi, possible smut, cross-dressing, swearing, OOC, and slight violence.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach and Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!.

Menu 1: Strawberry Maid

"Good morning, Ichigo." Chirped a woman with long, silky strawberry-blonde hair tied into a low ponytail. Her plump wine-red lips pulled into a small lovingly honey-filled smile. Her ochre-brown eyes twinkled in the cramped kitchen as she began flipping the sizzling eggs on the pan. Amber-brown eyes blinked drowsily, before being rubbed gently by twin sun-kissed tan hands. Yawning, the boy managed a sleepy smile, something that was quite uncommon to see on the sunset-colored manned male. He only allowed this smile to slip in front of his family and closest friends.

"Morning, mom. I already woke up Yuzu and Karin." Ichigo walked over to his mother, reaching over her head to the wooden cabinets on top and taking out four glossy round green plates.

"So, how was your first day of work yesterday?" Masaki Kurosaki asked with a tilt of her head, her kind face pulled into an ever-lasting smile. Ichigo paused, and the smile fell from thin lips, orange eyebrows pulled into the infamous frown.

"Don't remind me, mom. It was horrible, to say the least. I almost knocked some guy's teeth out from all the damn pervy lines he was using on me." Ichigo growled ruefully as he gripped his hands onto the plates tightly, eyes glinting maliciously. Sighing softly, she could sense the waves of killer intent from her only son and walked over to him. Taking the plates that she was afraid were going to shatter under his death grip, she patted his tensed shoulders reassuringly. She giggled lightly when her son sighed dramatically, Ichigo trudged over to the kitchen island to plop down into one of the chairs, crossing his arms on the table, and setting his head atop of them, a dejected look on his face.

"Well, if you don't like this job, you can quit this one and look for another one. I don't want bad men to try to take my dear son away now would I?" Masaki threw a sweet smile over her shoulder towards his son. Ichigo grumbled something incoherent.

"I wish I could, but this job pays really good, and this way you only have to do one job. If I quit this job, you'll have to go and get two jobs again. I feel like it's my fault you're always working yourself too hard. So I'll bear with it." For now. Warm ochre brown eyes twinkled lovingly, and she walked over, placing a quick kiss on her beloved son's cheek and setting a hot plate of eggs and buttered toast in front of him.

"Ichigo, you're just so sweet. I know the nice woman or man you're going to marry will be the luckiest person in the world to have someone like you. Now hurry up, you have to go to school today." Masaki smiled, before looking up to greet her two twin girls that have now just walked down the stairs, ready and dressed for school albeit Yuzu yawning loudly and Karin groggily rubbing her eyes adorably. Ichigo began to eat his breakfast, remembering part of the sentence his mother had just spoken, nice woman or man. Ichigo had long found out since he turned fifteen that he was attracted to girls, and men. The fact that he was bisexual wasn't an issue; it was more along the lines that he never really went and experienced a thriving romance with someone, male or female. But ever since his father had left the family for some richer woman, he had an intense distrust of men. Never once has he ever gone on a date with anyone, either too busy looking for work or getting right to studying for the next exam.

The first time Ichigo had entered Karakura High, the school was a pigsty, some boys not even attending, most reading obscene magazines and not books, and overall the teachers couldn't do anything about it. The school had once been an all-boys school, until a year ago had the board of education allowed it to become a co-education school. A small group of females had entered the school, but they were immediately hounded and harassed by the filth of boys. Ichigo had slowly worked his way up the school, gaining support from all the teachers and principal, and studying his ass off. Now he was president of student council, and captain of Japan's best high school kendo team. It took some time, but he slowly gained reign of the boys, through fear and status. Now there were much more girls, but he still protected the them from the rowdy boys just in case. Quickly finishing his breakfast, he washed his plate and grabbed his book bag, going out the door.

"Bye Mom, Yuzu, Karin! See ya later!" Was thrown over his shoulder before he closed the door shut. Jogging through the fairly quiet neighborhood, it was another sunny day with the low chirps of birds nearby. Ichigo always made sure to get up an hour early so he could check into the board room for the student council, before he went to the front of the school to check on the students.

At School...

Sliding open the door, Ichigo stepped into the student council room. Glancing around, he only found Hanataro, the timid vice-president that was Ichigo's right hand when needed. Said boy looked up from his work, doe-like obsidian eyes staring up innocently.

"Good morning, Hanataro-san. Are there any reports or anything yet?" Ichigo said as he walked towards the boy, who was shuffling through papers.

"G-Good morning President. A-And no, I haven't gotten any reports. But after-school yesterday, Tanaka-san, our secretary had found a male student with...Um.." Hanataro flushed pink, fidgeting. Raising a fine orange brow, Ichigo scowled.

"Out with it, Vice President." Hanataro looked away sheepishly before clenching his eyes shut and taking a deep breath in.

"H-He had a d-d-dirty magazine." Feeling his eye twitch, Ichigo continued to glower down at his subordinate.

"Then why are you so flustered? This type of case has happened several times. ...Hanataro-san, did you read it by any chance?" Ichigo scrutinized the boy in front him, a demonic-like look on his face as he cracked his knuckles menacingly.

"I DIDN'T! I SWEAR CAPTAIN! TANAKA-SAN CONFISCATED IT FROM THE STUDENT, BUT THEY ENDED UP PUTTING UP A FIGHT, AND IT FELL IN FRONT OF ME, AND IT JUST OPENED! I SWEAR CAPTAIN I TRIED NOT TO LOOK!" Hanataro exclaimed loudly as he started bawling and bowing down in front of Ichigo. Amber-brown eyes narrowed once, before softening. He sighed and patted the groveling boy's shoulder who was on the ground still bawling and begging for mercy.

"I'm sorry for accusing you of anything Hanataro-san. You can stop crying now, I'm not going to hurt you." Ichigo said softly. He got up and looked at the clock, it was near time most of the students would arrive. He sighed, and with a frown, walked out of the room, berating himself for yelling at the poor boy again, knowing full well Hanataro would never do anything like that. Walking towards the entrance gates of the school, he waved to the few female students that called to him. He, however, frowned when he took notice of the infamous three problem students that never abide to school rules, loitering around the entrance, other students slowly walking around them with wary glances. The leader of the 'Good Student' club, Uryu Ishida, was already reprimanding the three, however, they shoved the skinny boy aside easily as they swaggered into the school campus.

The leader was Shirosaki Hichigo, an albino teen with spiky white hair, and strange, introverted gold-on-black eyes, and had an odd azure blue tongue along with a tongue ring (that he had oh-so desperately wanted to show to Ichigo, much to his own dismay). His two henchmen were Renji Abarai, a tall, tan muscled man with tribal tattoos that were definitely against school regulations, his usual crimson hair tied into a tall ponytail that made his head look like a pineapple. And Hisagi Shuuhei, a man with spiky black hair, and the crude number 69 tattooed on his cheek. Stomping up towards them, they all came to a halt as they spotted the well-known "Demon Captain" step in their way. Shirosaki sneered at the orange-manned boy.

"Well, well. President Berry ha' come ta welcome us boys. Now where's ma kiss?" Shirosaki grinned as he leered down at the other teen, Renji and Hisagi snorting in laughter behind him. Opening his mouth to say something snarky again, the albino teen was stopped short by a pair of hands gripping onto each of his earrings attached to his earlobes.

"...Piercings. Are. Not. Allowed. At. SCHOOL!" Accentuating the last word, Ichigo ripped his hands away harshly, amber-brown eyes lit up, absolutely livid. A shrill scream of excruciating pain that could only belong to Shirosaki rang through the whole campus soon after. All the students passing by merely paused to hear the scream before returning back to their usual routine, used to this every morning by now.

After school...

"Yoruichi-san! I'm here, sorry I'm a bit late." Ichigo said as he stepped into the back of the café, gym bag in hand with his change of clothes. A gorgeous woman in her twenties turned towards him, her skin smooth and milk-chocolate tanned, wearing a classic English-maid costume, her silky purple haired tied into a ponytail, and golden cat-like eyes glance at him. She gave him a smirk and nodded, before turning back and going into the kitchen. His boss was Yoruichi Shihoin, the woman who decided to open up a café like this, her husband, Urahara Kisuke, who was a successful inventor, decided to give his lovely wife some money to open up her own little restaurant. After first stepping into the café, Ichigo was a bit worried to work at this frilly and happy-go-lucky place, seeing not only women dress in extremely cute maid outfits, but even men. He was immediately hired when the boss-woman laid eyes on the boy, claiming he was masculine, but he had the perfect lithe, beautiful body to go with the costume.

So here he was, wearing a frilly maids costume, with the frilly cap on top of his spiky hair was brushed down to make it look more 'classy' as Yoruichi would put it. A customer beckoned him, and he gave a small sweet smile.

"Hello, master. What would you like to order?" Ichigo spoke with his most sickeningly sweet voice when to his annoyance, it turns out it was the same man from yesterday that had bothered him. Said man gave him an ugly grin, lust swimming in those beady, muddy-brown orbs.

"How about you and your sweet ass with me in a hotel room, huh sweetheart? What do ya say?" The man grinned toothily. Twitching his left eye, Ichigo gave another sweet smile before politely asking the man what he wanted to order from the menu.

"I already said, you, me and a hotel room, just the two of us. I'll promise you you'll have a fun ti–" A pale hand whacked the man on the top of his head hard, making him grunt in surprise and pain, his head falling forward. It slammed onto the table he was seated at with a loud thud. Even Ichigo winced, and leaned down to see an awful bump already forming on the man's head. Deeming the man unconscious, Ichigo sighed, knowing Yoruichi was not going to be happy with another customer that was dealt with by the 'Deadly Hand Chop of Justice'.

"...Rukia, you know Yoruichi-san isn't going to let this slide you know. I could have handled this myself." Wide, bright amethyst eyes glanced his way, two pencil black eyebrows knitting into a frown. Rukia, or Rukia Kuchiki, was another employee at Café Seireitei. She was a short, petite girl with jet-black hair that ended near the beginning of her neck and was spiked up. She had a pale complexion, with large amethyst eyes, a small nose and mouth. She was ridiculously strong and gruff when needed to be, and had quite the temper. She and Ichigo had quickly became friends yesterday, and it seemed she went to the same high school and was in the same grade as him.

"What are you talking about Ichigo? That guy was just so disgusting I couldn't deal with him anymore! He's been a regular here for a long time, and he always goes after the red-heads. I had to beat the asshole to a bloody pulp when he kept on bothering Orihime." Clenching her right hand into a tight fist, she scoffed and stomped away from the crime scene, leaving Ichigo to deal with the other customers who were watching the interaction warily. Sighing, Ichigo thought solemnly, why me?

A few hours later...

Slamming the back door of the café shut, Ichigo huffed as he grabbed a couple of full, dark trash bags and hauled it over his shoulder before tossing it into the large dumpster. Looking towards the end of the alleyway, he saw the dim sunset, and exhaled loudly, for the umpteenth time today. He didn't have to pick this job necessarily, it wasn't very intense but didn't quite fit with his personality at all. But his family and him needed the money. His father had left them for a richer woman, leaving Masaki Kurosaki to herself as she tried to raise two toddlers and a 7-year old. And not to mention leaving all the debts behind for them to pay, most of them due to his fathers crazy addiction to gambling. He never wanted to do this, but he had to, to protect his family.

"...Kurosaki?" A smooth, husky voice caressed his ears, Ichigo trying to repress a shudder. Turning slowly around, his eyes met with stunning aquamarine blue eyes, making him take in a sharp intake of breath through his nose. There was no mistaking those beautiful eyes that usually sparkled with mirth, that teal tousled hair, Adonis-like tanned angular face, and obviously ripped body.

Grimmjow Jeagerjackes. The most wanted boy in school.

Gaping like a fish, Ichigo couldn't find words as they were all lodged in his throat, his lips suddenly feeling very dry. Grimmjow strode forward, until he stood right in front of the frozen teen. Suddenly, a devious grin spread across that handsome face like a wild fire. He leaned down till he reached the stunned strawberry's face, said teens face suddenly engulfed in flames at such a close proximity.

"Well ain't this a delightful surprise. Thought it was gonna be another boring day. Guess I was wrong." Regaining the will to move again, Ichigo frowned up at the blue-haired god and backed away, trying desperately acting as if nothing ever happened. Maybe if he acted as if he didn't recognize him the other would leave him alone. Turning back around, he bent down to grab the other trash bags. Oh how he regretted that minuscule mistake.

"Huh, so they even made you wear breeches." Grimmjow inquired as he lifted the skirt of the outfit, trying not to drool at the pert ass so near him. Jolting up quickly, Ichigo spun around quickly as he slapped the offending hand away from him, face covered in red.

"Whatthe fuck are you doing?! Get away from me, pervert! I'll–"

"So you work at this maid café eh?" Freezing up, Ichigo's eyes widened. Suddenly, Grimmjow began cackling and laughing until he bent over, unable to stand straight as his body shook.

"To think the so-called 'Demon Captain' is working as maid in a fuckin' cosplay maid café! That's precious!" He said in between snorts of laughter. Suddenly, two hands gripped his one arm, and the man stopped slowly, wiping away tears from his eyes as he turned to look, but regretted it as soon as he saw the deadliest glare he had ever been given in his life.

"...I swear, Grimmjow, if you tell anyone that this is my job, I'll lose everything. Please don't tell anyone, I'll do anything." Ichigo pleaded grimly, even though his expression just read: 'Either you zip your mouth shut about this or your balls will be ripped off of and will be grated right in front of your eyes.' Everything went terribly silent for a few minutes, just the two of them standing near one another, Ichigo's death grip on Grimmjow's arm unrelenting. However, Ichigo didn't like the look Grimmjow suddenly gave him one bit. A calloused hand gripped his chin tightly lifting his lips up to be placed under another pair of petal-like lips in a short butterfly kiss. Releasing him, Grimmjow leaned forward till their foreheads touched. Utterly shocked to the core, all Ichigo could do was stare at the man right in the eye.

"Fine, I'll keep your little secret, but I need some...payment in return. You're gonna be my little 'personal maid' from now, Ichi." Grimmjow purred. Gaining control of his brain and body again, Ichigo gritted his teeth and tried to knee the damn bastard's balls, but missed as the man predicted it and jumped back.

"I hate you, Grimmjow Jeagerjackes!" Ichigo snarled as he gripped his fists into tight balls, shaking with rage.

"...Has anyone ever told you that you look absolutely down right sexy with your glare and demonic look? Makes me hard." Grimmjow grinned lecherously. Ichigo, again caught off guard, face completely covered in his blush to resemble his namesake.

"S-Shut up you pervert!"

And thus began the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, student council president, captain of the kendo team, and now Grimmjow Jeagerjackes' 'personal maid'. Let's see how this all unravels, ne?

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