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Menu 9: The Hypnotist

"Grimmjow. Oi, Grimm, wake up." Grumbling, two eyelids slowly opened, revealing sleep-muddled cyan orbs. Vision completely blurred, all Grimmjow could see was a muddled figure standing, and leaning over his laying form. Blinking several times, his vision began to adjust, and his surroundings sharpened. He was in his room, and everything seemed normal and as should be. However, there in front of him was none other than Ichigo himself, wearing a warm smile and a frilly pink apron over his clothes. He shook Grimmjow once again softly, and Grimmjow's eyes were now fully focused on the orange-manned boy. Ichigo giggled, patting Grimmjow on the cheek lovingly.

"Wake up honey, it's time for breakfast." Grimmjow was a bit baffled by Ichigo's loving behavior, but the warm smile and soft auburn eyes that stared lovingly at him was beginning to stir him up. His lower half couldn't have agreed with him more. Grinning, he reached and grabbed for Ichigo's arm, pulling him down. With a gasp Ichigo collapsed, half of his body on top of Grimmjow's. Grimmjow licked his lips at the innocently startled face Ichigo was making.

"Say instead of breakfast, how about I have you instead?" Grimmjow grinned perversely. Ichigo's expected reaction was his face to be covered in a blush, but Grimmjow didn't see any of that. Ichigo slowly lowered his head so Grimmjow couldn't see his face, and remained deafly silent.

"…Ichigo?" Grimmjow spoke after a while of silence. Ichigo began to tremble. This startled Grimmjow, thinking that he made the boy cry.

"Oi, oi, I'm sorry all right? I didn't mean tha—"

"….You won't eat the breakfast I worked so hard on for you?" Ichigo finally spoke.

"…Ha?" Grimmjow replied dumbly.

"…..You bastard…." Grimmjow jolted in fear when he sensed a murderous aura emitting from the boy. Ichigo lifted his head finally and Grimmjow almost yelped when he saw Ichigo's shadowed face with the deepest glare he came to be familiar with.

"You'd better have the breakfast I made for you. Or else I'll personally shove it down your throat. Bit by bit." Annunciating the last two sentences, Ichigo gave it with extra malice and his sweet customer smile, which was even scarier with his menacing aura. Grimmjow felt a bit of actual fear creeping up, and he couldn't utter a word. Ichigo began laughing menacingly, his hands creeping up to Grimmjow's throat, tightening around them with an iron grip.

"I love you, Grimmjow….." Before Grimmjow could even utter a scream, everything faded to black with a crack.

"AAAAGHHH!" Screaming, Grimmjow sat up quickly, blankets flying off his body, which was raked with shivers and sweat. Panting, Grimmjow looked around frantically, looking for any crazed orange-manned boys that wanted to kill him. Finding him all by himself in his room, he breathed a large sigh of relief, falling back onto the bed. He draped an arm over his eyes.

"…..Thank Kami-sama… It was only a dream…" Grimmjow said to himself as he continued to pant. My real Ichigo would never do such a thing… Well, as long as I don't piss him off that much. Grimmjow shivered, remembering dream-Ichigo's maniacal laugh and his expression. Getting off the tousled bed, he headed for a nice, long, calming shower.

At the Kurosaki household….

Ichigo turned in his sleep, a gleeful smile on his face. He was dreaming of finally beating Grimmjow on the final exams, and Grimmjow was weeping like a sore loser. Wrapping the blankets around his body tighter, he mumbled in his sleep.

"Loser…. Grimm.."

Later in the day…..

Ichigo had finally finished all the paperwork that day needed for the student council, and was lounging in his seat. The student council (mainly Ichigo) had decided to host a school festival at the school in order to attract more girls to come to Karakura High. The number of boys to girls at the school was still too vastly different, so it was decided that this would improve the numbers quite a bit by attracting more females. Closing his eyes slowly, he relaxed as another hard day had passed by. The sweet moment of peace was cut abruptly short when his cellphone chimed, indicating a new text message. Grumpily grabbing his cellphone, he flipped it open, to find a message from Grimmjow.

Keep your Saturday free. Let's go see a movie and grab some dinner afterwards. I'll be waiting my Ichi-maid~

With love,


Ichigo's face flushed red reading the somewhat endearing text. He frowned, grumbling.

"….Who does he think he is? Already planning everything and expecting me to say 'yes'." Ichigo couldn't help but give a little smirk to himself. Whatever, I guess I have the time. Grimmjow, you're such an asshole sometimes. …But, sometimes…. You're the kindest and most considerate person I've ever met…. Shaking his head, Ichigo felt his face heat up again. He was seriously starting to fall for the blue-haired idiot….

After a week, at school….

Students bustled around the campus, the female students giggling and beaming with pure excitement. They all ran around carry loads of supplies and decorations that trailed behind them in the wind. Clubs were setting up their stations in their reserved classrooms. Shouts and orders could be heard from left and right. Rukia glanced around the people, trying to locate a certain orange-haired coworker. When she spotted the familiar patch of orange, her amethyst-colored eyes gleamed with glee.

"Ichigo! Oi, I need your help!" Running over to where he was, Ichigo turned around with a slightly annoyed expression. Rukia faltered a bit when she caught a glance of the deep frown etched onto his face. Her eyes fell to a clipboard in his hand that piled with papers. Most likely the confirmation/permission forms from all the clubs and groups that were going to host events and booths.

"Yeah? What is it?" Ichigo replied curtly after not hearing an answer from the other. She blinked, shaking her head, giving him a grin.

"I need your opinion on my group's café idea for the school festival!" She beamed. Ichigo's eye twitched in annoyance. Before he could shout any sarcastic answers, she pulled out a headband with plush, white bunny ears attached to it from her school bag.

"A Chappy-themed café! Where all the waitresses and waiters wear these adorable Chappy bunny ears! Isn't it perfect?" Rukia placed them onto her head, and she giggled as she twirled in place. Ichigo could've sworn he saw flowers and butterflies surround her.

"…..Whatever. Look, Rukia, I'm really busy with trying to handle all the other clubs and groups with their events and activities. The school festival is supposed to be starting tomorrow. As long as your group and you come to a conclusion, I don't care what idea it is as long as it is under school regulations." Ichigo said, exhausted from the whole thing. Noticing Rukia pout a bit as she stuck her bottom lip out, Ichigo sighed. He patted her head softly and gave her a smile.

"…It looks cute. Okay? I approve of the idea. I promise that if I have some time during the festival I'll check out your group's café, all right?" Ichigo reassured her in his caring, brotherly voice. Rukia's cheeks tinted pink as Ichigo removed his hand from her head.

"I-I'm not your kid sister, you don't have to treat me like that. …And you better visit my café! You'll be impressed!" Rukia said with puffed cheeks and a frown, the blush still evident on her face. Ichigo gave her another smile and a good-bye before turning to leave.

Elsewhere on campus…..

A group of girls were outside near the field, giggling and squealing as they viewed the soccer team setting up for their event for the festival. The girls were setting up a small beverage booth near the field, but had stopped and began staring at the soccer team. A hooded figure in their school uniform stood by a nearby tree, viewing the group silently.

"Kyaa~! Tetsuya-kun is so hot! Look at how his skin shines with sweat!" One girl with dark-brown hair tied into twin ponytails gushed.

"No, look at Kuroki-senpai! The way he brushes his hair back with his hand is so sexy!" Another with long, curly black hair giggled. All the other girls began talking and squealing about different boys, pointing and giggling. The person hiding curled their mouth downwards in disgust.

"….Ugh, girls. This is why I hate them." The person spat with hatred laced in their voice. Turning back to look at the girls, the person was taken aback when there was a newest addition to their group, which was a tall, well-built and handsome male student with short, ruffled, wispy robin's egg blue hair. He stood in the middle of the group of girls who were going gaga over him now. He greeted them with a charming smile, showing bright, gleaming white canines. All squealing in unison, they huddled even closer to him.


"We haven't seen you in a while!"

"You're looking even hotter than you were before!"

"Wanna hang out with us after school?" The man dubbed as Grimmjow shook his head to decline. The girls all physically dropped their shoulders and began whining and begging him to come with them. Flashing another charming smile, he made his way through from them, towards the person in hiding. When he was near, he stood out from the tree he was hiding behind, standing in his path. Grimmjow slowly came to a stop, both hands in his pockets, staring at the person with lazy eyes showing disinterest.

"…You. I need your help." He began after a while of silence. Grimmjow continued to stare at him, those aquamarine eyes never faltering.

"Usually, when I get confessed to, it's never this forward." Grimmjow grinned at him mockingly. The person ground his teeth together angrily.

"…As I thought. You're a complete bulkhead that doesn't have the brains, just the muscles and looks. You just want all those girls to be hanging around you like bitches in heat. Those girls just brainwash you like the rest of the guys here." He spat venomously. Grimmjow's eyes narrowed, the electrifying blue orbs swirling.

"Look buddy, I don't know why you suddenly decided to come up to me and start spewing crap, but I don't really appreciate it. Believe it or not, but I'm pretty damn faithful. I got my pretty lil berry president, and that's all I'll ever need. Not all the girls here are tramps, and they sure as hell are better than other women I've met." Grimmjow growled low in his throat.

"…Shut up! All girls are horrible!" Reaching into his pocket and taking something out, Grimmjow eyed the boy and got into a fighting stance, ready for whatever he was going to do.

"If you won't abide by my commands, I'll just have to force you!" Pulling out a small, short golden chain, attached to it was a small, round golden coin. He began swinging it from side-to-side, making sure Grimmjow was watching with his eyes. Grimmjow's eyes followed the coin and soon his eyelids began to droop. The other smirked as he had fallen under his spell.

"When I snap my fingers, you'll be under my spell. I want you to go and wreck all the booths and rooms so that they'll never be able to hold this festival!" Snapping his fingers, he stopped swinging the coin and waited for the results. Grimmjow's eyes closed fully, and his shoulders dropped. After a while, Grimmjow lifted his head slowly, eyes opening. The other boy gasped as aquamarine eyes revealed malice, and Grimmjow merely grinned wolfishly.

"….The hell was that for? You some hypnotist or something? Well, what do you have next on your sleeve, Houdini? Gonna make a rabbit pop outta your pants?" Grimmjow taunted him, his grin getter wider.

"…T-That's impossible. My hypnotism always works! It's fail-proof!" The other stuttered as he backed away from the dangerous boy.

"Well, thanks for the little magic show. But now I know what you're up to. And I'm not gonna let anything happen to this little festival you know. My lil president set it all up, excited and happy, working real hard on it all. So, I gotta be the good little guard dog and protect what makes my master happy." Grimmjow glared menacingly at the other, making him gulp audibly. He could sense the threatening, dark aura swirling around the blue-haired boy. Backing away slowly, he turned around and ran as fast as he could.

That guy's dangerous! My hypnotism doesn't work on him! ….I'll have to find the source and make them ruin it! A sweat bead trails down his face as the boy grins and finds an idea. Changing his direction, he began to run in a different path.

Later that day…..

Ichigo was in the student council room yet again after school, finishing off all the permission slips and documents for the festival that would be starting tomorrow. He slowly relaxed into his seat once he finished stamping the last slip.

Knock, knock. "…..Is there anyone in there?" A new voice to Ichigo spoke. Sitting up, Ichigo cleared his throat.

"Yes, there is. May I help you?" Sliding the door open, a short boy with a dark grey hoodie under his school uniform that covered his head stood there. His eyes were shadowed by black-rimmed eye-glasses. With one hand in his pants pocket, he walked into the student council room.

"Are you a new student?" Ichigo questioned as the boy made his way over to his desk. He merely nodded, and soon stood at Ichigo's desk, staring at him.

"…Are you Ichigo Kurosaki?" Nodding in response, Ichigo gave him a curt once-over.

"I am. Is there anything I can help you with?" The boy began to raise one arm upwards, Ichigo's eyes narrowed when he sensed something a bit off in the air. From his hand, the boy dangled a golden chain with a golden coin attached to it. Ichigo's eyes narrowed further.

"You're going to help me, Mr. President. But first of all, I want a little revenge." The boy sneered. He began swinging the coin side-to-side. Like before, with Ichigo, his eyelids began to droop into a trance-like state.

"..Once I snap my fingers….. You'll loathe Grimmjow Jeagerjackes after you fall asleep within 24 hours." Snapping his fingers, Ichigo's eyes closed and both his shoulders and head drooped. Grinning, the boy slowly backed away, confirming it worked. As soon as he noticed Ichigo was fully under his spell, he dashed out of the room. Not too soon afterwards, Grimmjow came through the same door, wondering why the door was left wide open.

"…..Ichigo? ….Ichigo!" Grimmjow called for the boy once, but noticing no usual griping answer, he became a bit worried, calling out his name once more, but louder. Quickly making his way to the president's side, he kneeled down to look at Ichigo's face, which was peacefully asleep. Grabbing ahold of his shoulders, Grimmjow began shaking Ichigo gently. Eyes fluttering to reveal the usual ochre brown orbs Grimmjow came to love, he breathed a deep sigh of relief when Ichigo regained consciousness. Rubbing his eyes, Ichigo stretched out his arms over his head, yawning.

"….Mmm, Grimmjow? What are you doing here so late?" Ichigo grumbled sleepily. Grimmjow cocked an eyebrow.

"Ichigo? How long have you been out? It's only six." Grimmjow questioned. Ichigo shook his head, and leaned back against his chair.

"I don't really know. I just remember working on some documents, and someone knocked on the door….." Ichigo's eyes snapped wide as realization dawned on him. He was flitting through his memories when he found what he was looking for.

"That's it! Some student came in, mumbled some weirdo mumbo-jumbo like a magician or something, I felt really sleepy and next thing I knew; I woke up to you trying to wake me." Grimmjow's eyes widened when Ichigo explained. Cursing under his breath, he knew exactly who Ichigo was talking about. So that bespectacled bastard exactly tried to do something to my Ichigo, eh? Well, that four-eye's isn't gonna like it when I find him after this. Turning to face Ichigo again, his eyes gleamed with determination.

"All right Ichigo, I'm gonna ask you to try your best and remember what exactly that bastard was saying to you." Ichigo stared at Grimmjow for a while, feeling wary of asking for his help, but once he noticed the beautiful, swirling electric-blue orbs harden with determination, he couldn't help but comply. Thinking back on the memory, he tried to shuffle through the short conversation he had with the stranger.


"..I only get bits and pieces, but it was something about after me falling asleep in 24 hours… and hating you." Ichigo awkwardly worded out the last part, because it was a word he hadn't used in while since he first talked to Grimmjow on that fateful day in the alleyway. Ichigo blushed slightly when he realized what he had just thought; he was implying that he didn't hate Grimmjow anymore…. And… He actually liked him, and maybe even in that way. Blush getting darker, he turned his head to the side to attempt at hiding it from Grimmjow. Once getting the clues, Grimmjow carefully thought out what exactly was the guy trying to make Ichigo do. Grimmjow groaned when he put two-and-two together.

"That bastard…." Jolting from his own embarrassing thoughts, Ichigo turned back to Grimmjow, who placed a hand over his face in exasperation.

"….He hypnotized you to hate my guts if you wake up from falling asleep within 24 hours. All because of his so-called revenge on me." Grimmjow groaned. Ichigo's eyes widened.

"That… That can't happen! I—" Ichigo stopped himself before he could possibly continue. His face flushed once he realized what he almost said.

"Well, in any case, there's no way I can do that. I'll have to try everything to keep myself awake." Ichigo ground out. There was absolutely no way he was going to lose to some random psycho that thought he could order the president of the student council and captain of the country's best kendo team around. Grimmjow grinned.

"That's the spirit, Taichou." With his signature wolfish grin, he patted Ichigo on the head, ruffling and reveling in his soft hair. Just like a girl's….. Grimmjow thought to himself as he continued to pet it, loving the way it felt under his hand. Ichigo's face completely flushed once again, and angrily smacked Grimmjow's offending hand away.

"Don't touch me like that when you're calling me Taichou! Show me some respect you perverted outer-space alien!" Ichigo exclaimed, the blush on his face ruining the angered expression he possessed. Grimmjow chuckled, enjoying this type of air around them, it felt like they were finally getting along and getting used to one another's presence.

"Well, the way you say that President, it sounds like you'd rather be touched somewhere else then, when I say Taichou." Leaning towards Ichigo's flushed face; he lowered his eyes and looked straight into widened ochre ones. They were shining, and with the sunlight barely dusting it, he could see flecks of gold and flame-orange. They suited the boy's fiery personality, and with these eyes he could see himself in them. Neither one of them could look away from each other, and Grimmjow could've sworn he could hear the fast and quickening heartbeat of the other. Even Ichigo did not have the heart to push Grimmjow away like he usually would, with the sun setting and mixes of orange and red coloring the sky, it surrounded the blue-manned boy and made him appear God-like and even more attractive than he already was. With every shadow outlining his fit physique and Adonis-like face, those mesmerizing, electric aquamarine eyes of his gazed at him with something that made Ichigo's whole body feel warm and protected. There wasn't anything else but them; they were immersed deeply in one another. And for the first time, Ichigo didn't mind or feel repulsed being in such an intimate spacing with another man.

"…I swear, I'll protect you." Licking his chapped lips, he spoke softly, Grimmjow murmured as he raised a hand to slowly stroke the side of Ichigo's face. He reveled at the soft, smooth skin that twitched under his gentle touch. Ichigo continued to stare into those mesmerizing aquamarine eyes that he couldn't help but feel drawn to. Slowly but surely enough, Grimmjow inched closer to his face, tilting it a bit and eyelids lowering as he descended. Not moving in either closer or away from him, Ichigo's eyelids slowly lowered as well, his lips parting just slightly. Thin lips met a pair of soft, petal-like ones; it wasn't anything extremely provocative or sparking, they did not intertwine but just was placed as a soft, chaste kiss that was more than enough for both of them. They were in place like that for several minutes, getting lost in the warm feeling one another as they droned out the sound of clubs outside practicing or the caws of nearby birds flying through the sky. After what seemed like a lifetime, Grimmjow slowly retracted himself, eyes reopening to find Ichigo's half-lidded ones filled with only one emotion on his mind right now; love. A light blush had tinted the other's face, and it only illuminated their angelic face in the waning sunset.

"….You know, I've never felt like this before. Never with anyone else in my life. I've had girlfriends… None of them has made my heart race like this before." Grimmjow murmured as he looked at Ichigo with the warmest gaze he could muster. Ichigo's lips parted slowly.

"….Grimmjow.. I…" Sliding doors with a clang made Ichigo jump in his seat. Both eyes were guided towards the door, one with an extremely heated glare enough to kill a man and the other curious. There was Rukia, panting with all her might, sweat dripping down from her chin. Her clothes looked disheveled as if she had gotten into some fight. This lit up some warning signs in Ichigo and he stood from his seat hurriedly and rushed to her side.

"Rukia? What's wrong?" Ichigo questioned with a worried stare, eyebrows knitting together. Trying to regain her breath and composure, she took a deep gulp of air. She finally stopped panting and looked up at Ichigo with distraught eyes.

"It's Orihime, she was attacked by a group of bastards!" Eyes widening Ichigo was almost ready to push past her to find the girl. Noticing this, Rukia grabbed his arm tightly in her small fist.

"She's fine… But…." She looked down as if she was hesitant to say the last part. Ichigo grit his teeth, harshly grabbing her shoulders enough to make her wince.

"What is it, Rukia? Please tell me." In a steady voice, Ichigo stared at the girl with a hardened look. Her eyes widened, but they soon lowered once again.

"….Karin. She got hit in the head by a bat from one of the goons. I was too late. It happened right when I got there. She was trying to protect Orihime when she saw her getting hounded by those guys on her way home. I'm so sorry, Ichigo." Tears finally escaping her eyes, Rukia couldn't look Ichigo in the eye anymore as her shoulders shook from sobbing. Grimmjow's face looked completely torn as he saw the expression on Ichigo's face just crumble.

No one moved an inch as Ichigo continued to stare blankly now at his feet, as Rukia sobbed lightly into her clenched fist.

To be continued….

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