Chapter 5

Over the next few weeks, Hallie was more worn out than ever. Simple grocery shopping wore her out as well as laundry and dishes. The week before Mike's final show, they finally finished up the nursery for the baby. Carolyn had bought a few things for her grandchild, but wanted to wait until he or she was born before giving it to Hallie and Mike.

"When will Mike be home fulltime?" Carolyn asked her daughter.

"Monday night will be his last show for a few months. We managed to arrange 4 months off for the both of us." Hallie answered.

"And your due date is when?" Carolyn asked.

"October 3rd. Which is three days after Mikes gets home." Hallie answered.

"Ok. Do you know what you are having?" Carolyn asked.

"No we don't. The baby was being stubborn and wouldn't let us see anything." Hallie answered.

"Ok. Why don't you go get some rest and I will start on dinner. Does Mike like Spaghetti?" Carolyn asked.

"He loves it." Hallie answered as she headed up to the master bedroom.

That night at dinner, Hallie and Mike talked about their birthing plan for the hospital. Hallie only wanted Mike and the medical staff in the room with her and as little meds as possible. Carolyn was given the job of calling friends and family on Hallie's side while Mike would call his family and Vince.

Over the next week, Hallie was seen by her doctor and was told that she should be right on schedule and that she wasn't dilated yet. Hallie was at the point of wanting the baby out of her so she could have her body back and not have to be in such pain. Carolyn did everything she could to make Hallie more comfortable until Mike was home.

Everything was ready for the baby to arrive, but October 3rd came and went and no baby or signs that the baby would come. Hallie's doctor told her that she was finally dilated to a 1, but needed to be a 3 to be admitted to the hospital. Mike and Hallie took short walks around the neighborhood, but nothing seemed to make the baby want to come.

The day before Mike's birthday, Hallie sent Mike out on some errands while Hallie and her mom headed to the store to get a cake for him. Hallie had been having some minor contractions throughout the day, but nothing consistant. Hallie and Carolyn arrived back at the house just moments before Mike got home. Carolyn hid the cake as they were going to celebrate Mike's birthday that night with Ted and Ava.

"Still no baby?" Ava asked.

"Nope. Tomorrow I will be 5 days past due." Hallie answered.

"Maybe he or she wants to wait a little longer." Ted responded.

"Maybe. But we served an eviction notice 4 days ago and still nothing." Hallie joked.

Dinner went well and Carolyn brought out the cake and they all sang happy birthday to Mike. He blew out the candles and while they were eating desert, Hallie felt a strong contraction. She excused herself and went upstairs to make sure her water didn't break. But as she walked into the bathroom, another contraction hit and her water broke. Hallie threw some bath towels on the floor to clean up the wet mess.

"MIKE!" Hallie yelled downstairs.

Mike jumped up and ran up the stairs two at a time. Carolyn was right behind him. Hallie was sitting on the edge of their bed breathing deeply when Mike ran in.

"What's wrong?" Mike asked.

"My water broke. I'm in labor." Hallie answered.

Mike and Ted helped Hallie into the car while Carolyn and Ava got the twins into their car. Mike drove Carolyn and Hallie to the hospital while Ted and Ava headed home to get the twins to bed. Mike told them he would call as soon as he knew anything.

Hallie was admitted and hooked up to an IV and fetal monitor after being examined by the on-call doctor. Hallie was laboring slowly, but steady. Mike called his parents and told them that Hallie was in the hospital having the baby. They wished them both luck before hanging up. Hallie was able to get up and walk around to help with the labor. Mike walked with her and supported her when she had a contraction.

Hallie tried everything to be as comfortable as possible. It was well past midnight and offically Mike's birthday. Hallie managed to doze off here and there, but around 4am, Hallie woke up to extreme contractions and pressure. Mike was curled up in a chair trying to sleep.

"Mike." Hallie stated.

"Hmm." Mike mumbled.

"I think its time to push." Hallie stated.

"Ok. Let me find a nurse." Mike responded.

Before long, Hallie was in position to push with the doctor and two nurses in the room. Carolyn was sitting in the waiting room sleeping and waiting for the news of the baby's arrival. Mike was on Hallie's right side and he helped support her as she pushed with each contraction. After pushing for nearly an hour, the room was filled with the cries of a newborn baby. One of the nurses took the baby to be weighed, measured and cleaned off.

"Congratulations, mom and dad. You have a 8lb 6oz baby boy." the nurse stated as she handed the baby to Hallie.

Hallie had tears and when she looked over at Mike, he was smiling and crying at the same time. Hallie the urge to nurse the baby right away and was thankful that she could nurse him. Mike just smiled as he watched his wife bonding with their son. Once the baby was done eating, Mike asked the nurse to take a quick family picture of them so he could send it to his parents. The nurse took the picture and handed Mike his phone back.

Mike sent the picture to his parents as well as the baby's name and info. Hallie was just happy that they were finally a family and everyone was happy. Mike headed to the waiting room while Hallie was moved into a private room. Carolyn and Mike walked in together as Hallie was sitting up in bed with the baby.

"What's his name?" Carolyn asked.

"Michael Gregory Mizanin Jr." Hallie answered.

"He is precious. Congratulations to you both!" Carolyn responded.

Mike stepped out the room to call his parents. He called his mom and step dad first, but there was no answer. He called his father and told him about the baby and everything. His father was happy that Hallie and the baby were doing good and that Mike was happy with his new family. After Mike hung up with his dad, he walked back into Hallie's room. Hallie was sleeping and the baby was in Carolyn's arms.

"She needed to sleep." Carolyn stated. "Sit down, Mike."

"It was a very long night." Mike responded.

"Here you go. You need time to bond with your son." Carolyn stated as she handed the baby to him.

"Thank you." Mike responded.

"I think I'm going to take a cab back to the house and get some sleep." Carolyn stated.

"Ok. Here is the gate code and the keys." Mike responded.

"Thank you." Carolyn stated before leaving the room.

Mike reclined the chair and cuddled with his son. He still couldn't believe that he had a baby boy and a wife whom he loved with all his heart. Mike looked at Hallie who was still sleeping and smiled. The baby soon drifted off to sleep in Mike's arms. Mike got up and put him in the bassenette, before getting a nap in himself.

Two hours passed and a nurse came in to see how they were doing with the baby. Hallie was awake and nursing him while Mike was still asleep in the chair. Hallie had just finished nursing when in walked Mikes mom, Gina and his step-father Donnie. Hallie looked over at Mike who was completely out cold.

"Let him sleep. I'm sure he needs it. How are you feeling, Hallie?" Gina asked.

"A little tired, but good." Hallie answered as she kept the baby close to her.

"That's to be expected. How is the baby? Mike didn't tell us if its a boy or a girl." Gina responded.

"It's a boy. And he is doing good. He looks just like Mike." Hallie stated.

"Can we see him?" Gina asked.

"Of course." Hallie answered as she handed the baby to Gina.

"He really does look like Michael. How much did he weigh?" Gina asked.

"8lbs 6oz and 21 inches long." Hallie answered.

"A big boy just like his daddy." Gina responded. "Does he have a name yet?"

"Of course he has a name. Michael Gregory Mizanin Jr." Mike stated from the chair. "When did you get here?"

"We just got here. We got on a flight as soon as you called that Hallie was in labor. Tonia wanted to come, but she wasn't feeling well and stayed home. She said she would love to come out at Christmas time to meet her nephew." Gina responded.

"That would be nice. What about Jimmy?" Mike asked.

"We couldn't reach him. So he doesn't know what's going on." Donnie answered as the baby started to fuss.

Gina handed the baby to Mike who changed him and covered him back up. Gina and Donnie headed out to the hotel they reserved. Mike tried calling his step-brother again and was finally able to reach him and told him the news of the baby's birth. Ted and Ava came up to the hospital to see the new family.

Hallie and the baby were released two days later and Mike was happy to have them home. The first few nights were rough on the new parents as they tried to get some sleep inbetween feedings. Mike was glad that he was taking the time off to be at home with his wife and son. As the weeks passed, they were able to get on a routine with the baby. Mike watched as Hallie nursed their son and talked to him. Mike never imagined that a routine autograph signing would lead to having a family and making him the happiest man in the world.