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You did what?

Frank and Alice Longbottom looked at the assembled members of the Longbottom clan. None of them appeared to be willing to look them in the eye.

"Let me get this straight," Alice said icily, "somehow you all decided that Neville might be a squib because he never displayed any accidental magic."

There was a series of nods.

"And rather than take him to St Mungo's for a quick check-up, you decided to test it yourself." Alice continued.

"If we took him to St Mungo's, it would have started all sorts of rumours." Nevile's Great Uncle Algie protested.

"Those rumours got started anyway," Frank growled, "I have to wonder by whom."

Alice glared hotly. "And so you all came up with crazy plans to force accidental magic out of Neville."

"They weren't crazy," Enid said quietly from the back of the room.

Frank put a hand over his eyes. "Please, Algie pushed Neville off a pier, knowing that he couldn't swim. He almost drowned."

There was some nervous shifting amongst some members of the family.

"And then there were the animal attacks, locking him in small spaces, casting stinging's a veritable smörgåsbord of child abuse." Alice forced out through gritted teeth.

"It was for his own good," Algie protested.

"His own good?!" Alice screamed, whipping out her wand and casting a spell at the elder Longbottom. Algie barely had time to blink before he was transformed into a toad.

"You lot disgust me," Frank snarled at the room, "you are all banned from using any of the shared Longbottom estates until further notice. Now get out of my sight."

The Longbottom clan all fled the room, aside from Algie the Toad and Frank's mother.

"Yes, mother?" Frank asked patiently.

"Two things," Augusta Longbottom said quietly, "the first is if you have any plans for Algie."

"Take him away, find him a pond," Alice said as she stalked over to a window, attempting to calm down, "I may reverse the transfiguration later. If I'm in a good mood."

"Very well," Augusta replied, "the other thing I wanted to say was that I did my best to prevent all of this from happening."

"I know, mother," Frank said simply as he walked to his sole surviving parent and gently rested a hand on her shoulder, "but I'm still upset and I think it would be best if Neville had some time away from the rest of the family. Feel free to use the family estate in Normandy, just don't let any of the others in."

"Thank you," Augusta said as she rose to depart, "I'll see you at Christmas?" she asked hopefully, casting a spell that summoned Algie into a cage she transfigured from some knitting wool.

"We'll call you." Frank assured his mother as he escorted her and the newly caged Algie out.