This is my first host club story so please be nice.


Takashi Morinazuka tugged at his black silk tie and looked around, feeling a tad bit uncomfortable about the fact that he- the son of such a prominent and wealthy family- was currently sitting and waiting for the young lady from the marriage interview that his parents had set up. He sighed and looked down at the little beige colored file, sitting on the table in front of him with her name and picture in it.

He hadn't touched the file ever since his father hand handed it to him. He'd been worried that the person in question simply wouldn't interest him. He glanced down at the rolex on his wrist and noted the time. Damn, she was fifteen minutes late. He sighed again and decided that he should look at the file. Just once to see what sort of person she was, and picked it up and cracked it open and blinked.

Well, he'd say this for the young lady, she was beautiful. Breathtakingly so. He shifted the picture aside to look at her personal information and felt his lips quirk slightly as he ran through the list.

Name- Hanna Fuji

Birthday- Febuary 4th

Age- seventeen

Height- five foot four inches.

Good grief. She would just barely reach his chest. He mused as he continued scanning the list.

Weight- one hundred and fifteen pounds

Slender. Petite. God I'd break her apart if I wasn't careful. He thought almost grimly as he scanned her hobbies, likes, dislikes then looked at her picture again, this time looking harder, wanting to recognise her face if he saw her in a crowd.

The first thing he noticed was the bone structure of her face. It was eerily similar to his classmate Haruhi Fujioka's. Couple that with her long mid back length black hair and the way her bangs fell around her face and he could almost swear that she was Haruhi.

The only real difference between them that he could see was 1) She had dark green eyes. And 2) At least a B-cup sized bust.

Definately not Haruhi. He thought with a wry smile as the door to the cafe opened, the tinkling of the bell announcing the arrival of another person and he sat up straight in his seat and glanced towards the door as the girl in the picture walked in and looked around. No doubt trying to locate him. He sat perfectly still as he observed her.

Unlike him she was dressed more comfortably in a pale green and cream colored V neck shirt and a pair of jeans with leather lace up combat boots. Her hair was up away from her nape in a hair clip and she looked uncomfortable with the attantion that she was drawing from other people in the cafe.

Which wasn't good because if he decided to marry her, she would be in the public's eye as much as he was. Her every little move watched and criticized. He sighed and closed the file and stood up, deeming this meeting a waste of his time and started for the door and accidentally bumped into her while trying to avoid some of the people coming through the door into the cafe.

He glanced down at her startled and she looked up with him with a similar expression then smiled. "Sorry." He muttered politely. She muttered a polite apology back to him and then just before he walked out the door, her hand grasped his jacket sleeve and pulled him to a stop. He looked down at her and frowned as she released his jacket sleeve and looked embarrassed.

"Ah, sorry. I just noticed that you were holding a file for a marriage interview."

"Yeah. So?"

"Uh...nothing. I just wanted to say 'good luck'." She said almost nervously, her voice just barely louder than a whisper. Takashi looked at her strangely, unsure of what to say to her and just settled for a smile and a nod of his head as he made his way out the door while thinking, Interesting.

Hanna stood rooted in place watching the man leave the cafe and pulled out her cell phone as she thought, So that is Takashi Morinozuka. He's taller than I thought he'd be. She dialed her sisters number and pressed the green button to call her and put the cell up to her ear and waited.

Haruhi must have had some trouble getting to the cell or something because the frigging thing felt like it rang forever before it was picked up. "Ello." Haruhi said tiredly from the other end of the line and Hanna couldn't help but giggle a little bit.

"Hey Haruhi. What's up?"

"Wha? Hanna is that you?" Haruhi asked in a startled tone. Hanna giggled again.

"Yeah, it's me. I was wondering if you could do me a favor..."