While waiting for the doctor to arrive, Takashi fidgeted with his tie, paced around the room a bit, practiced a little kendo- But in the end of everything he did, his eyes kept straying to the still figure lying in his bed. He still couldn't seem to wrap his mind around how much the girl looked like Haruhi. In fact her appearace was so damned uncanny that he felt shaken and nervous about being alone in the room with her.

It was because he remembered how innocent and trusting she had been when he had confronted her. It had made him both want to protect her and tear her apart.

Glancing back at the girl for the umpteenth time, he paused in his pacing to let out a low irritated growl. What to do? What to do? Walking over to the side of the bed he leaned down and reached out a hand to tentatively brushed her bangs back from her face. Letting the silky softness slide through his fingers and make his hand tingle strangely.

Not in a bad way. Just...in an unnamable peculiar way.

The girl sighed and turned her head just a bit, causing Takashi to pull his hand back and wonder, Where was that damned doctor at? Why was it taking him so long to get there? Takashi wondered as he moved away from the bed and the girl in it only to resume his pacing.

Before long an hour had passed, then two- and Takashi had resorted to practicing kendo in his irritation while pretending that the doctor was there, getting his skull cracked open.

Finally after about another hour of this the doctor arrived and was rushed into Takashi's room to see what the problem was. The man was an elder of sixty eight who had his own practice on top of working for the Morinozuka family, which may have been why he had taken so long to come to the mansion. He may have been taking care of another patient.

But that didn't stop Takashi from glaring a hole through his skull and muttering, "You're late." the second he saw him.

The Doctor looked at Takashi, taking in his appearance. The sweat on his face, on the front of his shirt, his dampened spikey black hair, and the fact that he was holding his kendo sword in a white knuckled grip that belied his calm demeanor. "Ah, forgive me master Morinozuka. I was delivering a baby when I got your summon's and so natrually I couldn't come right away. The mother and child might have died if I had." The doctor said as Takashi's glare slowly softened.

"Are they okay? The woman and child?"

"Oh my yes. The woman is going to be sore for a little while and may have to stay on bed rest until she's completely healed. But she should be fine. And as for the baby- he wasn't too happy to be out of his mother's womb. You should have heard him wailing!"

Takashi felt his lips curve up in a small smile at the mental image in his head as the doctor asked, "Okay-" and rubbed his hands together before continuing, "Who's the patient here?"

Takashi pointed to his bed and watched the elder's facial expression as he turned his head just a bit and caught sight of the girl as Takashi said. "She's been unconscious since she collapsed at school. I've tried waking her but nothing seems to work."

"Oh. Well let me just take a look at her..." The doctor said as he walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge of the mattress and drew the covers back before pulling a pair of latex gloves from his jacket and putting them on before asking, "She isn't allergic to latex is she?"

Takashi shrugged. He honestly had no idea what to tell the elder as he watched him run his fingers along the slender column of her throat, checking for enlarged or swollen lymph nodes before checking her pulse then her blood pressure before finally asking. "Master Morinozuka has this girl been resting properly? There are very dark circles under her eyes like she hasn't been resting or has just gotten over a very long illness."

"I don't know." Takashi said honestly.

"I see." The doctor said as he pulled the covers back up over the girl. "Well in my honest opinion master Morinozuka, she's suffering from an extrem bought of exhaustion with a little bit of anemia mixed in. She needs sleep if she wants to get back on her feet again..."

"Thank you doctor."

"Oh don't thank me yet master- You may need to keep her here under your supervision other wise she'll end up in a hospital somewhere."

Takashi was quiet for a moment as he felt this peculiar skipping sensation in the region of his heart. He had to keep her here? With him? Heaven help me... He thought as he said goodbye to the doctor and then made his way back to the bed and sat down on the edge of the mattress and reached out to run his fingers in the girls hair again as he muttered under his breath, "Now what am I supposed to do with you?"