AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari

DATE WRITTEN: Well, 2/7/12, and 2/8/12. It's on the verge of midnight.

TITLE: It's Not So Bad

ANIME: Naruto

PAIRING: Yaoi: KisameXItachi

STATUS: Multichapter: Complete


WARNINGS: Graphic sex between two males, bondage.

~In this world, there's a lot of sharks, you have to learn to adapt, or you'll get eaten alive~

Uchiha Itachi wasn't someone that you would dare to mistake as submissive. And you wouldn't dare to try to make him bend to your will. If you were a normal person you would leave him alone, and be on your way.

Hoshigaki Kisame, was not a normal person.

The raven haired man walked calmly down the pathway he and his larger partner were currently criss-crossing around in, searching for a way out of the precarious and dark forest. Both men were irritated, one more willing to show it than the other, at their predicament. They'd been trying to figure out the maze of a pathway for hours, ever since they'd made the mistake of walking onto it.

The story was like this.

Kisame and Itachi had been assigned a mission to locate a certain plant that was to cure a poison's effects. Of which was needed, as Akasuna no Sasori's temper had gotten the better of him and he had poisoned his blonde partner, after said male nearly killed them both in a small explosion. The blonde was incapacitated, a hindrance to the Akatsuki's progress towards their goal. Now, seeing as Sasori was forced to care for the teenager in his catatonic state, Itachi and Kisame were to be the ones sent to retrieve the medicinal plant.

Neither, were pleased with this.

They had been told, by Zetsu, that the plant was rare but he knew its leaves and stem would remedy the effects of the drug. However, it wouldn't be any help unless it was brought back. It was simple to find your way into the forest, but it was rumored that the pathways changed on you when you stepped off them, because everyone had a horrible time finding their way out, if they did at all.

It had taken all of two hours to enter this deathtrap, find the eerily glowing, baby blue plant, and gather enough for a healing potion.

The next six and a half hours were spent trying to find a way out. Without falling into pits, or running into dangerous plants and animals.

Itachi narrowed his eyes at a suspiciously swinging vine, swerving to the side a moment after he discovered it was a snake. The green serpent looked angry that the Uchiha hadn't walked into his trap. Kisame, not nearly as observant as his partner, had nearly been bitten by three. The large man cursed every so often in annoyance for the forestry around them. Both could swear they heard voices every now and again, though neither commented on it, just glanced at each other and walked on.

That's how it was. After nearly eight years, maybe less, of partnership, both were capable of understanding the other without words. It was safe to say though Itachi was highly observant; Kisame probably knew more about him than Itachi knew of Kisame. You could say Kisame cared for his partner, probably more than others thought.

Not to say Itachi didn't love his partner.

He just didn't know it yet.