Heyy guys heres the start of my fourth Clois story and I'm really excited about this one:)!

Summary: Lois and Clark are married and are expecting a baby [I don't know why but I tend to write all my stories with these two already married or with a kid it must be a bore but I promise it's definately a different predicament;)] Doomsday appears in Metropolis leading the justice league into a battle which ends with the loss of a hero. Lois grieves over her loss and she has everyone there for her and for the baby but all the support in the world can't fill in that loneliness that yearns for her husband and so in a moment of desperation and loneliness, she does something that no one expected her to do and she's in for the shock and the relief of her life, but what she does has its consequences.


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- This story starts off on a very light tone, but warning it gets angsty

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Chapter 1: Sparks- Coldplay

Lois had been feeling very down on herself today as she walked into the Daily Planet, more like waddling as she realized in the shower that she couldn't see her feet past her ever growing belly. She sighed as she came in late as Clark was already sitting at his desk. She slowed down at the entrance as she saw he wasn't alone. Lois watched as Clark was sitting beside some other woman, younger looking, blonde, and wore a skirt that was so short she didn't even need to try to look up it. She raised her brow as she routinely rested her hand on her stomach as Clark was showing her something on his computer and said something that made her laugh. Lois took a deep breath and walked over to her desk. Once she was in sight, Clark noticed her immediately and grinned as she came to a halt before the two. The woman followed his gaze up to the very pregnant Lois. Clark straightened up, "Hey baby, you finally decided to show up."

Lois forced a smile as her eyes immediately went to the woman sitting next to him, holding out her hand, Lois spoke in a normal tone, "Hi, we haven't officially met I'm-"

"Lois Lane" the blonde cut in with a smile, she stood up and shook her hand, "The legendary intrepid reporter. Hi, I'm Andy."

Lois gave a small smirk as they continued to shake hands, Clark stood up, "Andy's an intern here at the Daily Planet, she just started today and Perry asked me to show her around and pretty much guide her on what to do..."

Lois furrowed her brows when Andy spoke up in a cheerful tone, "You can say Clark's become my mentor of all the how-to's of the Daily Planet." Her grin grew as she gripped Clark's shoulder, "Can't wait to see what else he has to offer."

Clark watched as Lois' eyes remained on Andy's hand gripping her husband's shoulder, she eyed Andy and nodded, "Well... I hope you enjoy your time here." She gave Andy an innocent shrug, "Don't get too comfortable." Andy furrowed her brows as she tilted her head confused, Lois grimaced at her, "That was a joke."

With that, Andy gave a laugh which Lois could clearly tell was fake, "Well I guess I'll go learn the filing system now. It was nice meeting you Lois." She turned to Clark and gave him a girly smile with a little wave, "Bye Clark." Clark waved bye as Andy walked away. Lois watched her as she moved her hips to the side, with her short skirt hiking up, and her long wavy blonde curls flying over her shoulders. Lois huffed in frustration as she sat herself down on her chair which made a creaking noise to which Lois scowled at. Meanwhile, Clark had been watching her the whole time, noticing her mood today.

"Is everything okay honey?"

"Mhm." Lois didn't make eye contact as she was sorting her papers. Clark waited, knowing Lois would definitely break the silence, "So... Andy is your intern?"

Clark nodded, holding back his amused smile, "Yea, Perry assigned her to me."

Lois raised her brows, pressing her lips together, "She seems nice... so you're going to be working with her from now on." It wasn't a question as much as it was a statement. Lois continued to rearrange the articles on her desk.

"Only in the office. You know you're my only partner in crime on the field."

Lois bit the inside of her lip, "She knows me as Lois Lane the reporter. Does she also know I'm Lois Lane-KENT? You're wife and the woman who's carrying your child?"

Clark chuckled, holding up his left hand in front of her, "I guess she figured it out by the way I was looking at you and the fact that I have my wedding ring on?"

Lois smirked, "That didn't stop her from hiking up her skirt in front of you."

Clark leaned back on his chair with an amused smile, "Are you jealous?"

Lois smacked her papers on her desk which surprised Clark, "Jealous? Why would I be jealous? Is it the fact that I feel like I look like a cow, the fact that I can't see my feet anymore? The fact that I was late for work because I spent 2 hours parading my closet, going through hundreds of outfits just to find one that makes me look a little sexier for you? No. Why would I be jealous that a hot young intern is so infatuated by you and can't take her hands or her gooey eyes off of you? No. The fact that she's going to be spending so much time with you? Her and her bimbo style? It probably takes her no effort to look that hot. Why would I be jealous when all I have to offer is wearing this stupid black dress which doesn't even look good anymore!" She suddenly broke down in tears after her rant. Covering her eyes with her fingers, Lois began to sob heavily as she scowled to herself, "Damn hormones!" Everyone who walked by her watched and whispered to one another about what was going on to which Lois noticed and yelled out, "Why don't you take a picture it'll last longer!" At that, everyone scurried as far away as they can.

Clark leapt off his seat and turned Lois' chair to face him as he kneeled in front of her. "Hey." Lois wouldn't look up at him as she continued to cry, Clark lifted her chin up as her eyes had gotten pink and her face was flushed, but god did she look beautiful when she cried. Clark gave her a warm smile, "I don't ever want you to think that baby. You're incredibly sexy Lois Lane, don't you ever forget that. I got really confused when you just described Andy cause I don't see any of that. You know why?"

Lois sniffled as she pouted her bottom lip, "Why?"

Clark wiped her tears away with his thumb, "Cause I only have eyes for one woman in this world. And that's you. That's my wife, and the mother of our unborn child. You think you look fat? I think you've never been more stunning than you are right now."

Lois grimaced as she rolled her eyes, "You're just saying that to make me feel better."

Clark chuckled shaking his head, "Never. You're gorgeous... and so hot." Lois laughed, as he smiled seductively at her. Lois thought he sounded ridiculous. How could he want her looking like this? Clark smiled up at her as she returned the smile. He leaned in and kissed her sweetly, wrapping his arms around her as she hugged him back tightly, feeling a warm sensation. When he pulled away he kissed her belly and then her forehead before going back to his desk.

Lois bit the inside of her cheek as she stared back at Clark, who was carried away with his work. She looked down and smiled at her stomach, feeling a little better about herself.