Chapter 2: The Big Big Bang- Rock Mafia

"If you want to become a good reporter, you're going to want to follow those rules I gave you." Clark said as he walked towards his office with Andy by his side, writing down notes in her small notepad.

She poked her pen on her book, smiling inwardly, "Right, Clark Kent's rules of reporting, I'll think of you when I remember them." She spoke kinking her eyebrow at him.

Clark cleared his throat, clearly feeling uncomfortable as he quickly spoke, "Actually they didn't come from me, you should be thinking of the main author of these rules, Lois. She's the one who taught me them to me on my first day of work." He smiled to himself, remembering that entire day like it was yesterday. He remembered how much she hated the flannel shirt he wore, and then she had went on about all of her rules of reporting. Once they approached his desk he took out the frame from his drawer and handed it to Andy, smiling, "The Daily Planet's very own star reporter came up with them."

Andy furrowed her brows as she read the rules, she then raised one brow, "Wow, you actually got this framed?"

Clark chuckled, "It's more of a sentimental value for me. It reminds me of the day we became partners." He smiled to himself as he took back his frame and put it back in his drawer. As he was turned around, he didn't see Andy roll her eyes at him. All he could talk about was Lois. No matter what, her name was always mentioned it made her want to go deaf from the earful she was getting. As Clark was turned around, her eyes went down to admire his backside. She bit her lip as she watched. Her eyes reverted back to his face once he turned around.

She smiled widely at him, giving him as seductive look as she moved inwardly to him, but enough to give him breathing room. She knew she couldn't move in on him... just yet, she spoke in a low tone, "You know Clark, I would love to hear more about the interesting stories you've covered over your years of working here. Maybe we should go for coffee and talk about that, maybe you can give me some tips from your own experiences. Not the bi-lines you share with your colleague."

Clark furrowed his brows at her as he took a step back, "Most of my stories are with my wife. Those are the stories I enjoy covering the most. When I'm with her."

Andy pressed her lips together, "Don't you think it's unfair she gets most of the credit for your stories?"

Clark fought back a laugh, "If anything it's me who takes too much credit for her work." Andy nodded as she stared back at him, Clark sighed at her, "Look Andy, I don't mind that Lois and I share the bi-lines, she works hard and so do I. We enjoy being partners at work and in our personal lives. No one can replace that." He shrugged, "There's not much I can say about any interesting stories I've covered myself, but I can still give you tips from what I've learned."

Andy's eyes sparkled at him, as she flashed a grin, "That sounds good Clark. We can go to the Cafe across the street?"

"I think it's better if we just stay here. I'm going to be meeting Lois for lunch later." He didn't notice the change in her expression as she suddenly flashed a smile back on, she had a hint of hatred towards Lois Lane. She wanted Clark, but couldn't have him.

Andy tilted her head sideways and puffed out her chest, "That's fine by me, as long as we get our time together before I have to let you go." She raised her brow to which Clark just sighed as sat at his desk as Andy took a seat next to him, listening intently on what he was saying. Clark may be taken, but that didn't stop her from trying. Her flirtation techniques never went unnoticed anywhere else, why was Clark any different?

An hour later, Lois had arrived at the office, as Clark had promised to take her out to lunch. She wore a cream color flowy top with black pants, the only ones that managed to show off her curves, what little she had of them. She had spent extra time, doing her hair and make-up as she felt like her belly was growing each day. Gripping her bag on her shoulder she came to an abrupt stop once she got out of the elevators as she spotted Clark, once again with Andy sitting beside him. She took a couple steps forward, watching from a distance as Clark was speaking intently. She knew how he looked when he was telling a story. She watched as Andy started laughing out loud and placed a hand on Clark's bicep. Clark laughed as well, but Lois couldn't brush off the nagging feeling she was getting at the pit of her stomach as she stared at Andy's hand which continued to rest on her husband's arm. Lois' lips parted as she stared back at the two, she felt a lump in her throat as she whispered to herself under her breath, "Why is he making her laugh so much?" She swallowed hard as tears welled up in her eyes. It was then when she felt a hand on her shoulder, turning to see Oliver standing behind her.

Oliver became concerned when he saw Lois' face as she turned, tears filling her eyes, ready to burst; Oliver gripped her shoulder as he turned her around, "Hey legs? You okay?"

Lois gritted her teeth as she pushed Oliver's hand off of her and rushed to the ladies room. Oliver followed behind, not caring that it was the women's bathroom. He walked in to see three other women inside, with shocked looks on their faces. One red head spoke up, "Hey! This is the women's room Mr. Billionaire, have respect for some privacy."

Oliver rolled his eyes, "Relax ladies, my friend needs my help." The women grimaced as they walked out and Oliver locked the door as it was just him and Lois. He leaned against the stall she was in, hearing her sniffles. He gently knocked on the doors, "Come on Lo. Don't make me come in there. Tell me what's wrong?"

Lois abruptly opened the doors and walked past Oliver as she wiped her tears away with toilet paper. She leaned over and gripped the edge of the sink, looking down at the ground, or part of it and part of her stomach. She closed her eyes, "Clark doesn't want me anymore." She said in a low tone.

Oliver raised his brow and grimaced, "What? That's absurd Lois."

"Is it? Why? Look at me Ollie I look like a Walrus! I've never felt so bad about myself as much as I do right now. I spend hours trying to look good. I know it sounds ridiculous okay but I just feel so insecure! Clark's sitting out there with his bimbo intern making her laugh so much! I mean what story has Clark ever told that was just so funny? Let's face it, he finds her attractive. More attractive than me and I don't blame him. I mean I guess I understand. Who would want to be with fat Lois Lane? I have swollen feet, big hands, and my hormones don't make this any better! I mean I shouldn't be feeling this insecure but I am okay! I am!" She breathed harder as she finished her rant. She caressed her stomach as tears streamed down her face, "I wish I could feel good enough for him."

Oliver bit back a smile, he knew inside how ridiculous she sounded, but he couldn't help but feel empathetic towards her. He knew how much Clark loved her, every time he was at Watchtower; all he could talk about was Lois and the baby. Oliver took a step towards Lois and cupped her face, "Lois, you're pregnant. Of course you're gonna look fat." He grinned as Lois scowled at him, "You have no idea how much Clark loves you. This intern is just trying to get attention out of him, but you will always be the only one to have his full undivided attention. So go out there and show her whose man she's really dealing with."

Lois sighed as she shook her head, "I can't. Not when I feel this crappy about myself." She walked away from Oliver and looked back at the mirror to compose herself. She turned back to Oliver, "This is just my own hormonal problems I'm having Ollie. Clark doesn't need to deal with that, he has enough to deal with. Being Superman and all." Lois walked out of the bathroom as Oliver looked back at her. He felt so bad for her. Clark had no idea how bad she was feeling about herself. After what he had just witnessed, Oliver wasn't one to just let this go.

Once Oliver walked out of the bathroom, he walked right into Clark holding a cup of coffee as he stumbled back, "Geez Clark give a guy a warning before you body slam him!"

Clark raised his brow at him, and looked back at the women's room, "Oliver what were you even doing in there in the first place? Didn't you read the sign or..." His voice trailed off as he raised his eyebrow at his friend.

Oliver's brows shot up as he let out a nervous laugh, to which Clark shot him a very confused look, "It's not what you think I swear. I was just mopping up your wife off the floor."

Clark' eyes widened, "Lois? Is she alright?"

Oliver held his hand in front of Clark, "Yes don't worry she's fine... well not really but fine in the sense that she's not going into labour yet. But not fine in the sense that she's an insecure mess right now."

Clark furrowed his brows as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other, "What do you mean?"

Oliver put his hands on his hips, "I mean that she feels like you don't want her anymore. She came in and saw you talking to that intern Andy and mumbled something about you making her laugh so much and burst into tears. I'm telling you man her hormones are getting the best of her she thinks you're attracted to the intern and you don't want her anymore."

Clark took a deep breath as he felt sad that Lois had been feeling this way, "I thought I solved that problem. I assured her that there was no one else I would rather be with? She seemed fine after that?"

Oliver laughed, "Well maybe she'd feel better if you didn't let the blonde vixen over there drool all over you." He winked at Clark who narrowed his eyes at him. His eyes went past Oliver as he spotted Lois walking into the basement office, sitting at her old desk. He noticed the depressed look she wore as her eyes were puffy. Clark sighed at the sight of his sad wife.

"Thanks Oliver." He patted Oliver on the arm and walked into the office. Not noticing anyone else.

His view of Lois was blocked as he came to an abrupt stop as Andy stood right in front of him with a huge smile on her face, "Hey Clark I wrote down a couple more notes on our research on the election you want to check them out and see if I should add anything else?"

Clark kept his eyes on Lois who had her head down and her lower lip trembled. He didn't even hear Andy speak as he put up a finger in front of her, "That sounds great Andy, you can go talk to Randall about that could you excuse me for a minute?" Clark rambled and walked quickly around Andy towards his wife as she was searching something on the computer with her hand resting on her belly. Andy stood there baffled at his lack of attention to her as she turned to see what he was fixated on as she ground her teeth and walked swiftly away. Once he arrived at her desk he grabbed her arms from behind and made her stand up. Lois turned around with a surprised look on her face as she stared back at Clark.

"Don't sneak up on me like that Smallville! I could've seriously had a heart attack!" She noticed Clark was watching her intently, boring his eyes into her. She cleared her throat, "You ready for lunch?"

Clark smirked as he gently tugged at her arm and guided her through the office, "Come with me."

"Where are we going?" Clark didn't say anything else as he led them to the copy room. Lois stood in the middle of the room as Clark's back was facing her while he locked the door behind them. He turned to face Lois as she continued to stand before him in silence. She gave him a shrug, "What gives Smallville? What are we doing here?"

The corner of Clark's mouth twitched up as he slowly walked towards her, looking her up and down, "Have I ever told you just how beautiful you are Lois Lane?" Lois tilted her head as she watched him walk towards her slowly, she stood there in silence. Clark continued, "You are the most beautiful women I've ever met. Honestly Mrs. Kent, words cannot describe how beautiful you are, and it pains me to hear that you don't see that." Once he had come close enough, Clark outlined the features of her face with his finger, he traced her hairline and ran his fingers through it, "You have soft hair that I can't resist touching whenever I'm around you. I love the smell of your hair on my face when we're asleep in bed." Lois slowly began to smile faintly at him as his face came closer to hers; she felt his fingers glide under her eyes. He spoke in a husky tone, "You have sparkling hazel eyes that I always lose myself in whenever I stare back at them. I literally feel warm inside when I stare back at your eyes. Every time." His finger brushed down her face and tapped her nose, he brought both his hands to cup her face as he brushed his nose against hers, "You have the most perfectly shaped nose." Lois chuckled at that, Clark continued, "I'm dead serious. It's so perfect, and I love it every time you crinkle your nose. You look so cute." He grinned as her smile widened. His plan was working. He brushed his thumb against her bottom lip, listening to Lois' heartbeat increase. She felt his hot breath on her face as he spoke quietly, "And you have the most luscious lips I have ever kissed. I never want to kiss any other lips other than this one right here." With that, he captured her lips in his; it began a sweet a gentle kiss, which turned passionate and steamy. Lois slightly parted her lips to which Clark took advantage of as he slipped his tongue in her mouth, sucking on her bottom lip. He gently parted his lips from her as she was gasping for air. He traced his lips against her face, up her jaw line towards her ear as he spoke in a raspy voice, "You're the most beautiful person I've ever met Lois. No one compares to your beauty and the spell you have on me. " He ran his fingers through her hair and gently tugged her head back to face him as he was a breath away from her lips, "You can balloon up or shrink down and I'll still think you're incredibly sexy."

Lois was trying to pace her breathing as Clark held her in his arms, she whispered, "Even if I shrink down to two inches?"

Clark chuckled as his breath tickled her cheek, "I'll carry you in my pocket."

Lois gave a husky laugh and wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him as close to her as she can while Clark gently wrapped his arms around her waist, being careful not to hurt the baby. "I love you." She whispered in his ear.

Clark smiled inwardly, kissing her shoulder, "I love you too." When she pulled away, Clark took a step towards her looking at her seductively, he cupped her face and took her lips in his, she turned her head to the side which let him slip his tongue in her mouth as the other tried to dominate, Lois was gripping his upper arms as his hands were on either side of her face. Clark walked forward which made Lois walk back until she was stopped by a table. She felt Clark lift her up onto the table, she wrapped her legs around his waist.

She was breathing heavily as Clark bent his head down as he began kissing her neck while his fingers traced down the v-neck of her blouse. Lois gasped at his touch as she threw her head back giving Clark more room as he trailed down kisses towards her chest, kissing her cleavage. Lois sounded out of breath as she spoke, "Well Mr. Kent, are we going to do what I think we're going to do... in the copy room?"

She held her breath as Clark lifted his head back up and gripped her bottom as he pulled her roughly against him, he cupped her face and planted kisses on her face, "You thought right Mrs. Kent. We're doing this, because I want to show my wife just how much I want her. And I'll continue to show you every single day for the rest of our lives."

Lois chuckled as she began to unbutton his shirt and kissed along his jaw line, "No complaints here."

Clark smirked, "Good." Lois jumped lightly as he sped up while unzipping her pants, "Cause you have no choice." Lois raised her brow as Clark pushed her down on the table as he crawled on top of her as she chuckled lightly, and felt Clark inside of her, overwhelmed with the pleasure he was giving her.

They were both turned away from each other while getting dressed. Lois had zipped up her pants and was now straightening out her dishevelled hair when she turned to see Clark was already fully dressed and was now working on his tie. She smiled as she walked over to him and did on his tie for him. His hands went down to her lower back. Lois continued focused on his tie as she felt his eyes on her. Once she was done she straightened out his collar, "There you go." She looked up and laughed under her breath at his hair as she ran her fingers through it, "You have bed hair Clark."

Clark chuckled, "You want to fix that for me."

She began smiling from ear to ear as she continued to stroke his hair, shaking her head as she bit her lip, "Nah. I like it, you look sexy." Clark brought her closer to him and bent his head down as he placed a soft, gentle kiss on her lips. She moaned against him as he pulled away too soon for her, "Thank you Clark. I really needed you today."

Clark rested his lips against her forehead as he placed his hands on her belly, "You know I'm not going anywhere. And you have nothing to worry about with Andy. She's got nothing on you."

"Mhm like what?" She gave him a challenging smile.

Clark sighed, "Well for starters you have a nicer derière."

Lois' mouth dropped as they both laughed at his modest comment, "I love you." They kissed once more as Clark took her hand and walked out of the copy room together. There were many reporters who stopped to stare back at them. It was clear from both of their appearances of what they were doing in there. Lois, feeling uncomfortable being the center of attention in the bullpen for the wrong reasons, leaned into Clark, "How about we go get that lunch now?"

Clark nodded rapidly, "Agreed." He put his hand on the small of her back, guiding her out as they couldn't wait to get away from the gossiping reporters. They had walked past Andy, who was gripping her coffee cup, with a look of shock mixed with fury. She scoffed and stomped the opposite direction.

* That was just something to bring up some humour and show Lois' jealous side to which she normally never is but with her pregnancy hormones I decided to have a little fun with that;) Don't worry Andy's no threat to the Clois relationship and Clois clearly showed her where her place is in their lives... no where:P She was just a little addition to add to some of the light heartedness of the story before it gets angsty:) More to come soon, I'll probably update sometime next week since I'm still working on the storyy! Please comment and revieww!