When Shawn woke up the next morning, he was surprised to see Undertaker standing over him. Normally that would have creeped him the hell out, but maybe he was getting used to Undertaker and his intrusive ways. Furthermore, there was still that unexplained longing to see him or be near him when he wasn't around so at least he wouldn't spend the day wondering what he was up to.

"Good morning Carrier. Did you sleep peacefully?"

Shawn sat up in bed, leaning back against the headboard. "I don't know. How long have you been standing there?" he asked, giving Taker a knowing look.

The Undertaker, completely oblivious to the meaning of Shawn's expression, simply closed his eyes. "I have been here for almost an hour. You are an early riser. I did not expect you to sleep late." He paused for a moment, opening his eyes and tilting his head to the side. "Unless...I have been mistaken. Were you exhausted?"

Shawn chuckled softly as he got out of bed, taking the time to make it up. He was in his underwear, but he doubted Undertaker would care. After all, they were both men who spent most of their lives wrestling men in their underwear in front of thousands. One could almost say underwear passed for everyday clothing. "I guess you could say that. After fussing with Hunter after a long flight, the night sort of dragged me down."

"I noticed your distress. Are you still troubled Carrier?"

Shawn walked to his closet and pulled out a short, pink robe slipping it on. He tied it loosely in front covering himself. "Your interest in my state of mind is flattering Taker, but I can't help but think you should be looking after yourself. How's your head?" Shawn allowed himself to focus on Taker observing the colors surrounding him. His aura had not changed and was still the dull gray since last night.

The Undertaker took a long time to respond, but he was pondering his answer. To be honest, he was having difficulty remembering things he did days ago. It likely was common to forget things that happened long ago, but it was unlike himself to be so confused.

"While you are pondering your answer, I'm going to make breakfast. Have you eaten anything?" Shawn asked. He was already making his way towards his kitchen, which felt very much like a home for many. Various hunting trophies adorned the wall which matched the brown color scheme. The counters were a dark wood but it went nicely with the light brown marble counter tops. There was a large eating table in the center of the kitchen and Taker took a seat at the end of it watching stoically as Shawn moved about the kitchen setting various foods on the counter and pans on the stove.

"I am experiencing a form of memory loss," Taker said after a while.

Shawn placed strips of bacon in one frying pan while the other was nearly hot enough for pancake batter. With his back to Taker, focusing on his cooking he answered with a frown on his face. "Memory loss? Well that's not good. How do you know you're having memory issues?"

"It seems I cannot remember the things I've done from day to day. I remember putting you to bed last night, but anything before that moment in time is a murky memory. I am almost tempted to think someone has been tampering with my memories, but I know no one who could do such a thing. Bradshaw and Farooq would never betray me."

Shawn poured the batter in the hot pan and as it settled, he put some berries on a plate slicing them slowly. "You do realize I am probably the least qualified person to have this conversation with right? I don't know anything about memory loss and crazy hocus pocus."

"You are relevant and extremely qualified. You see auras which means you have an affinity for magic. You are also a Christian correct?"

Shawn moved back over to the stove flipping the pancake. "Yes, I am, but I am failing to see how my faith in God has anything to do with your situation."

The Undertaker once again went quiet and he stayed that way for the remainder of the time Shawn was cooking. A big plate of pancakes topped with fruit and a side of bacon was set before him along with a glass of milk. Shawn almost settled down at the other end of the table, but it felt like he was being pulled towards his guest. Deciding not to fight it-whatever it was-he sat near Taker at the table and tried very much to keep his personal thoughts about the situation to himself. Having someone here, even if it was a potential lunatic, felt nice. Despite Kane's warning, he was going to enjoy this.

"Your faith in your beliefs and your belief in your faith is what makes you unique." Taker did not look up but instead, he kept cutting his pancakes into perfect squares. "All of that contributes to your aura. If I could see it properly I am almost positive it is a vibrant color most times. Your light and vibrant spirit is a magnet for troubled souls. My troubled, but your spirit soothes me. Without your spirit, I am a dangerous man. Does that make sense to you Carrier?"

Shawn sipped on his orange juice mulling over Taker's words. "I...guess that makes sense. Well, if you compare your troubled souls to those of us humans with sin in our hearts then yeah, it makes sense that the light banishes the darkness or sin rather."

The Undertaker nodded. "Very good Carrier. You have explained it for me in a way that I could not."

The rest of the breakfast was eaten in silence, but no words were needed. Shawn had already established that Taker was a man of few words. Even in all the years they worked together, Taker only spoke when it was necessary to speak and in private, it seemed he only spoke to make his point and everything else was moot point. But Shawn didn't mind it at all. Taker's presence was enough to calm that annoying empty feeling he was starting to get every time Taker was gone. On the other hand, whenever he was near Taker, he felt this urge to be near him. Not in a sexual way-at least he didn't think so-but just to be near his aura maybe? He would have to research this because he did not understand what was happening.

"Thank you for breakfast Shawn. It was very good. I'm not sure how you knew, but milk is my favorite drink."

Shawn smiled big as he got up from the table gathering their dishes and sticking them in the dishwasher. "I kind of peeked in your personal cooler one night at the arena. Milk and bottled water." Shawn sat on the table near Taker looking down at him. This man wanted his soul but right now he hardly looked like the scary guy who cut him up some time ago.

"I am not safe Shawn," Taker said. "Please do not be foolish and let your guard down around me. The memory loss has me concerned. Please keep the urn near you at all times when I am present."

Shawn nodded his head. "Yeah, yeah, I understand," he laughed, "but your aura is calm." Shawn placed his palm on top of Taker's hand, gently rubbing the back of it. "I don't think you want to hurt me right now." Taker looked down at Shawn's smaller hand covering his own and then their eyes met. Shawn quickly withdrew his hand and hopped off the table. Touching... He touched Taker and it felt weird. It made the mark in his hand tingle and even more so than that, an urge to hold Taker was present.

Shawn left the kitchen retreating to his bedroom. After that little moment, he needed a slight breather. Taker joined him minutes later towering over him. "I will take my leave now Carrier. I feel...weary."

"Will I see you again?" Shawn asked, looking up into those cold, green eyes. There it was again...that urge to touch the Undertaker. It was more persistent now and he nearly sat on his hands to keep from touching the man. Undertaker however, looked baffled by the question. His perplexed expression took Shawn's mind off of his hands for a moment. "I meant will I see you again today?"

He pondered a second before he tilted his head to the side in response. "Do you wish for me to return Carrier? Your question baffles me. I was under the impression you wished to see less of me. I will respect your wishes if you continue to respect mine."

Shawn did not know how to answer this because he did not want to admit to Taker just yet that there was a desire to see him. Shawn knew that part of his longing to see Taker might have been magic, but he always had a respect for Taker all these years. He had to admit that there was a small chance magic wasn't involved at all and that he simply enjoyed being around Mark, as unbalanced as he might be. "I...I don't know. I guess I kind of got used to you checking in."

"Then I will check in when the hour is late. Goodbye Carrier. Your cooking was a treat." And with that the Undertaker disappeared.


Farooq and Bradshaw waited patiently outside the spooky mansion for their master's return. When they felt the pull from their marks, they headed back inside to meet him in the hallway at the entrance.

"Master, you look well," Farooq noted before bowing his head low.

"What he means to say is that we were worried. You left without informing us this morning," Bradshaw stated, a little sternly out of concern but not enough to get himself in trouble for insubordination.

The Undertaker simply started towards his current sleeping room, or chamber rather, in a dungeon downstairs. "I visited my Carrier. I wished to see his well-being for myself," he stated as they walked down the stairs into the dimly lit room.

Farooq and Bradshaw exchanged looks, but didn't say much more on the matter. They knew of Shawn and never once had a problem with him so at least this new Carrier of his was inadvertently a decent human being.

Bradshaw rushed to his master's side, kneeling by his feet. "That won't be necessary Bradshaw. I will be returning to Shawn's home later. He wishes for it."

At this, Bradshaw looked a little put off but he stepped away humbly. "Yes, master."

"Please leave me. The traveling has me weary. I must rest."

Farooq and Bradshaw headed up the stairs to stand guard outside the dungeon door. "I don't like this," Bradshaw muttered. "He's seeing too much of him."

"Aww don't be such a sourpuss John. Shawn's good for him," Farooq noted. "I doubt the man has any vindictiveness towards him anyway. If he did, he'd have already hunted him down on his show-which is very good by the way. You oughta check it out sometime. He's a beast with a bow."

" it's not so much Shawn I'm worried about," Bradshaw stated. "It's the..." He looked around to make sure they were lurking though it was often hard to tell. Mideon and Grel often moved about the shadows quietly and with ease so one could never truly know when one was listening. "The vampires," he whispered. "They're up to something and I don't know what."

Farooq nodded his head in agreement. "I know. I've been watching them. They're up to something and Lord knows I'd like to warn the master, but he's in Wrestlemania mode. Between his conflicting personalities and us being unable to prove it, there's not much we can do John."

Bradshaw was quiet for a long time. "Say? You don't reckon they'd go after Shawn do ya?"

"I...would hope not," he frowned. "Taker marked Shawn. Shawn belongs to him. I know he's not planning on marrying him or nothing like that but we're to never touch Shawn unless we're told to."

Two figures dropped down silently before them hissing and baring their fangs. Bradshaw jumped back nearly falling over Farooq. "What the fuck was that all about?" Bradshaw asked.

The two vamps just chuckled softly.

"That wasn't funny," Farooq growled. "Master is sleeping and you could have caused us to wake him. You know how he gets when he is disturbed."

"Oh pipe down will ya?" Grel said. He sniffed the air a bit before removing his cloak while Mideon just lurked quietly in the background. "I'm hungry. Anyone wishes to lend me their neck?"

"Go to hell," Bradshaw grumbled, resuming his post.

"Oh I've been there thank you. It's not so bad once ya get used to the feeling of suffocating," he grinned toothily. "Anyway, what's with all the whispering? Are you two up to something?" he sang.

"No more than you two are," Bradshaw snapped. "I'm gonna get to the bottom of it too and when I do, you two are history. You'll be out of here. So long losers!"

"John, John, pipe down will ya?" Farooq hissed. "You'll really wake Taker and we don't want that."

"No we do not need our master disturbed from his slumber. Grel and I will be kind and take our leave now. We must go hunt," Mideon stated quietly from the shadows. "We are not up to anything. We simply have the Undertaker's best interest at heart."

"Yes, we only want what's best for him. One more soul and he'll truly be immortal," Grel said quietly as he began to fade in a mist. "Drink ya later."

The mist quickly vanished along with the two immortal beings. "That was...weird," Farooq stated after a while. Bradshaw on the other hand, was almost too furious to speak. "You are right John. Something is up."

"Oh well it took you long enough to see things my way," he snorted. "What clued you in finally?"

"Call me naive John, but do you get the feeling that maybe Taker has put the whole soul capturing thing to rest lately?"

Bradshaw was quiet for a long time, face twisted in confusion. "I-maybe. He hasn't mentioned it, but I'm sure he wants to be immortal."

"Does he really?" Farooq asked. "Or is he after something else all together?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know," he admitted. "His soul...his...something-he said Shawn makes him feel calm. Sometimes I get the feeling Taker is tired of being here."

"Like...he wants to die?"

"Well...he can't really die," Farooq chuckled. "But maybe he's searching for peace. I know it sounds cheesy, but I don't think the real Undertaker-the one who is calm-wants to be immortal. I think he just wants a way out."

"O...kay, so what does that have to do with the vamps?" Bradshaw asked.

"Good grief, you're as slow as ever," he replied, throwing up his hands in defeat. "They want to help Taker collect Hunter's soul, but what if he doesn't want it anymore John? You know I'll always serve our master, but if he's not after Hunter's soul then we need to make sure they don't try to manipulate him into stealing it. That's wrong John and you know it."

Bradshaw nodded as he slid down to the floor, leaning back against the door. "I know and I'll keep an eye on those two vamps."

"Me too. We have to make sure innocent lives aren't taken here."


Shawn spent the rest of the afternoon doing a whole lot of reading. He wanted to know why his interest in Taker was increasing with each passing day and why he felt such a pull towards him. He could not find any specifics in his aura books, but he did find a rather interesting chapter describing the effects of merging magical auras. Something about it can unite them through body and soul releasing powerful magic that leaves one nearly invincible while the other is vulnerable.

Shawn closed his books setting them aside on his nightstand. It was getting late and since Taker was not yet here, he decided to grab a long bath. As he laid in the tub, he let his eyes close and immediately he could see Taker. He was sleeping soundly in a bed some place dark. It looked eerily like the room that he was taken too the night he was kidnapped. He watched as Taker's eyes opened, those cold, green eyes staring straight up at the ceiling. Moments later Taker sat up, hanging his feet off the side of the bed. He stood-butt naked-and walked across the room. Shawn couldn't see the front of him but he could see his naked backside in all its glory. It felt wrong looking upon that body, but he didn't know how to stop looking. Was this a dream? Was it real? He had no idea.

The image suddenly changed and he found himself himself. He was naked leaning against a wall but the expression on his face was hard to read. But then he saw himself smile. It was a long while before he saw the reason why he was smiling. The Undertaker appeared, standing before him. Taker took his hips pulling him close and then they were kissing. They were kissing and he was being pressed up against the wall once more while that strong frame rubbed up against him making him feel so good...


The images went blurry and when he came to, he was laying in a tub full of water, nearly slipping under it. "Oh God!" He sat up straight, trembling and body feeling hot. He slid his hand between his thigh cursing under his breath that some dream could get him aroused.


Shawn jumped, startled by the voice. He looked up and was sure his face would turn deeper shades of red as he stared into the eyes of the man he was just dreaming about. Embarrassed, he quickly grabbed a sponge trying to make sure he was covered by the bubbles, but his face was burning hot. "I-how long have you been standing there?" he managed after a while.

"I have not been here long." He looked sternly at down at Shawn, piercing him with those eyes of his. "You could have drowned."

"I-I know. I didn't...I mean...I don't really know what happened." He looked away. He could not bring himself to look at Taker, not while he suddenly felt that uncontrollable longing to touch him and being aroused at the same time for no good reason.

"You are uncomfortable. I will exit the restroom while you get yourself together." The Undertaker left the restroom and when he did, Shawn let out a sigh of relief. He was still somewhat aroused, but that was not supposed to happen. He didn't want Taker per se. He just...felt like he needed to be near him...or something. Sex was definitely not something he wanted to pursue with a potential lunatic. He went this long being a celibate man. He would manage.

When he finally got his body to calm down, he got out the tub. After drying off, he slipped on another pink robe and joined Taker in his bedroom. Taker was sitting in the floor cross legged holding his urn.

"Please be more careful Carrier."

"I will. I really don't know what made me fall asleep. I've never done that before."

"Ahh I see." Taker paused. "Please sit."

Shawn took a seat on the floor in front of him. His robe was rather short so to prevent showing all of his thighs he simply sat on his legs. "Is everything alright?"

"You were watching me. That is what woke me up and that is why I am here now."

Shawn blinked. "Watching you?"

"Did you forget that our minds are linked Carrier? You were watching me in your bath."

"Oh...oh you mean you were-but you were-in that dark room on that bed. That was you from like, a few minutes ago?" Taker nodded and when he did Shawn felt his face go hot. "Oh God I'm sorry. I-I didn't do it on purpose!" he stammered. "I just closed my eyes and the next thing I knew I was watching you sleep. It-I mean-I wasn't-"

Undertaker reached out and placed a finger over Shawn's lips silencing him. "You distress too much over things you cannot control. It cannot be helped Carrier. You have not yet learned to control what you see."

Taker dropped his finger and Shawn immediately went back to freaking out. "But I saw you! It was your private time and you were-were naked! And I'm not a pervert you know! I really didn't-"

"I sleep naked all the time Carrier. I often walk about the mansion naked. My minions are used to it." He tilted his head giving Shawn a puzzled look. "Do you fear nudity?"

"I-well no, but I mean, it makes me look like some form of creep for watching you," he answered, looking down at the urn.

"But I watch you naked all the time. Does that make me a creep?"

"You what?!" Shawn exclaimed, head shooting up to give Taker a look that was somewhere between appalled and angry.

The Undertaker nodded. "I do. I see you showering at work most nights. Your body is...aesthetically pleasing."

Shawn had no idea how to respond to that. Despite being a mixture of pissed off and flustered, he guessed he really had no right to be mad at Taker when he himself was just now creeping on him. And then he couldn't exactly say Taker was creeping since they all showered together at work anyway so there was that chance Taker was merely making an observation based on everyday working environments. He did however, make a mental note to start showering alone again.

"Do you not wish for me to look at you anymore?"

Shawn didn't know how to respond to that either because telling Taker "no" suddenly felt like it would be a hard lie.

"I am sorry Carrier. The things that you fret over have never been a problem for me. I am still learning. My last Carrier was never pleasing to watch nor did he do things for me like cook. He also never explained normal customs to me unless he deemed them important. I will not intrude upon your body any longer. You have my word."

Shawn nodded though part of him wondered if he truly desired Taker's eyes to be some place else. Even now as they sat on the floor he felt that magnet of a body drawing him closer. He would lean forward just a little and his body would tug him towards Taker, but Shawn stayed strong keeping his attention focused on the urn.

"Ahh Carrier it is time for me to return home. I have something I wish to show you about me tomorrow night." Taker stood to his feet with the urn and extended a hand, helping Shawn up. As soon as Taker's big hand wrapped around Shawn's own, there was a small amount of relief from the contact. Shawn held Taker's hand a lot longer than necessary before he caught himself, dropping the hand and walking towards the hall leaning back against the wall. He needed to be near Taker, but he also needed to get away. He was beginning to realize that giving in to the pull was not a good idea. Good for his sanity maybe, but not good otherwise.

"Carrier?" Shawn jumped, once again startled by that voice. He crossed his arms over his chest, looking anywhere but at Taker. "Are you alright?"

Shawn nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine," he answered quickly. "You safe."

The Undertaker did not buy that at all but he would put the issue to rest for the evening. Besides, he saw what Shawn saw in his dream earlier and it was all very pleasing. He reached out to cup the side of Shawn's face, watching as his eyes closed. "I am saying goodnight in the manner in which I've always said goodnight to you."

Shawn didn't say anything. That voice...that hand...touch. Taker's touch was relieving him and that is all that mattered at the moment. He sighed, turning his head just slightly so he could nuzzle the palm of Taker's hand, lips brushing the skin lightly in an almost kiss.

Taker dropped his hand low enough to run his thumb over Shawn's bottom lip and as he withdrew his hand, Shawn seemed to follow reaching up to grab his hand again, nuzzling the palm, brushing his lips over each finger purring softly. Never had Taker seen a reaction like this to his curse mark, but he was well aware that it made one feel a "pull". Shawn needed to be near him as much as Taker needed to be around him for his own sanity.

"Carrier? You need your rest." Shawn's eyes opened and he stared at Taker dreamily for a moment before he nodded in agreement. In a last act of, well, whatever this was, Taker patted Shawn on the head listening for that tiny purr of contentment. "Goodnight Carrier." Then he disappeared for the night.

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