Chapter 1- Dec 21st, 1992

The Hogwarts Express arrived back in London promptly at 2 pm. Harry reached up to the overhead bin and pulled Hermione's travelling bag down and hoisted it over his shoulder getting ready to leave their compartment. When Hermione objected, Harry reached into his pants pocket and handed his shrunken trunk to Hermione and said they could just trade until they got to the Granger's car.

The exchange brought a laugh to the other occupants of the compartment. Harry looked around and wished Neville, Luna, Ron, and Susan Bones a Merry Christmas. The boys shook hands but the girls exchanged hugs and then mischievously spun around and gave kisses to Neville, Ron and Harry. The three boys blushed furiously at the affection but Susan, Luna, and Hermione just winked at each other and smiled. Everyone joined the mass of students in departing the train. There were more students than normal because of the recent troubles at the school and Harry saw a lot of reunions between concerned parents and their sons and daughters. Harry sort of missed seeing Mr. or Mrs. Weasley in their usual spots but he knew that they were enjoying a quick visit to Europe to visit their two eldest sons.

Harry saw that Madame Bones had a quick word with Susan and a slightly nervous Neville before his grandmother came through the crowd with a slightly critical eye aimed at Neville's girlfriend. Hermione smiled at the scene and said that Neville and Susan would probably spent Christmas day together at one of their guardians houses. Harry saw Luna run up to get a hug from her father and hoped she and Ron would have a nice holiday at Lovegood Manor.

The two Gryffindors joined the rest of the muggle-born students who didn't have anyone to meet them at the platform. They all had to meet their families outside the platform since 'normal' parents weren't allowed inside due to the Statute of Secrecy Act.

Hermione was the first one to see her mother once they exited to King's Cross proper. Harry was glad to see his normally reserved girl shriek out a greeting and launch herself into her mother's arms. Mrs. Granger held her off the ground for a few seconds and lowered her back down with a huge grin on her face. She looked over at Harry's smiling face and reached over to pull him into a hug that was almost as big as the one she had given her daughter.

"Welcome back to London Harry. I hope you brought your appetite. We have an evening out planned."

"That sounds wonderful Mrs. Granger. But do I need to change into something a little more presentable before we head out?"

"We'll see. How's a small shopping trip before we go pick up Tony?"

Hermione said that it was a good idea if Harry didn't mind and Harry thought he might find a few more gifts for his hosts, young and old. So he nodded his agreement.

They had reached the parking area and Hermione began looking around for the older Peugot station wagon that the Grangers owned. "Sorry dear" Dee Granger said, "our older car finally gave up the ghost and died."

Hermione said she would explain their laughter on the way to the mall but asked her mother what they were doing for transportation. Dee held up a small fob with keys on it and told Hermione to press the middle button. Hermione did and a shiny silver Land Rover beeped its horn and flashed its lights at them from the front row. Harry was impressed by the sporty look of the vehicle and was looking forward to seeing the inside of a new car. Unfortunately as the three of them stepped up to get in the vehicle, Hermione's bra went off!

Bzzzt! Bzzzt! Bzzzt! Hermione cast a scared look down at her chest but then Harry noticed that Hermione was being pulled around as if a strong force was playing tug of war with her front. Hermione's mother looked on in alarm as she watched her daughter get pulled in different directions. Harry had finally figured out what had happened but he was very serious as he grabbed Hermione by the shoulders and wrestled her back to in front of her mother.

"Help screen her off. She has to get it out of her bra!" Dee Granger wasn't sure what was going on but she stepped up close to her daughter. Harry had one arm across Hermione's collarbone in the front and his head leaning into Hermione's neck and back to try and hold her steady.

Dee Looked down at her daughter and was amazed as Hermione's breasts shifted left and right, up and down and then incredibly around in a circle. Twice! She also noticed that Hermione's face was red from laughing as she feebly tried to unbutton the top buttons of her blouse. She finally succeeded and reached in with one hand and pulled out something in her closed fist!

The convolutions of Hermione's blouse and body immediately stopped and Dee noticed that Harry had moved to lean over the bonnet of the Land Rover and covered his head. Dee looked back at her daughter and saw that she had tears running down her face from laughing. Hermione finally got control of herself and held her hand up and opened it for her mother.

What Dee saw was a very small trunk; in fact it appeared to be Harry's trunk but only shrunk down so that it was only a few inches big. Mrs. Granger looked from her daughter to her guest and waited for some explanation.

Hermione caught her mother's hand and dragged her over to where Harry was trying to hide his head. She rubbed Harry's back a little and turned to her mother. "Harry was taking my bag and I offered to carry his shrunken trunk. I wanted my hands free so I sort of placed it down my front." Harry banged his head gently on the car in response and both Hermione and her mom reached out a comforting hand to touch Harry. He raised his head up and finally gave them both a weak grin.

"One of the more unusual things about the trunk Harry's parents left him is that it gives off an alarm once in a while if some more of the secret drawers can open up for him. That's what happened; the alarm went off and then the trunk did some acrobatics right between… Well, you get the idea. I'm perfectly fine Harry."

Dee looked at the two contrasting youngsters before her. Hermione's eyes were still lit up in amusement but Harry looked as if he would just as soon disappear into the nearest hole. Dee thought it was going to be a very interesting holiday having Harry around.

Hermione finally pulled Harry upright and told him that everything was ok. She pulled his hand up and firmly placed the trunk in his palm. "It could have been worse you know Harry. It could have been in your trousers when it went off!" Harry hung his head again and blushed but Dee watched her daughter give Harry a quick hug and whisper something in his ear.

Dee Granger opened up the tailgate and watched as Hermione put her travelling bag in the back. Harry placed his trunk next to it and expanded it after he checked to see if anybody was close. He closed the tailgate with a little bit of emphasis and settled himself in the back seat. Hermione climbed into the left front seat and fumbled with her seat belt. Mrs. Granger leaned over to help her and whispered quietly to her daughter. "The least you could have done was to offer Harry a chance to kiss them and make them better."


xxxx xxxx

The mall they eventually ended up at might have been close to Heathrow. Harry could hear and see the occasional jet flying around in the sky as he exited the car and walked with the Granger women to the nearest entrance. If Hermione's mother was surprised that the person getting out of the back seat didn't look like the person who had gotten into it, she didn't show it. Harry did remember that Jamie Evans had made a couple of appearances the previous Christmas when he had stayed with them for a few days.

The three took a look at the store directory map and Harry insisted that Hermione and her mother go do their shopping together. He said he was just going to do a bit of window shopping or maybe make a purchase of a nicer shirt to wear out for dinner later. They all decided on a time to meet back up and Hermione gave Jamie a hug and told him not to 'peek' at where she was going. Jamie smiled and watched the two head off for the nearest elevator to ascend to one of higher floors.

Jamie turned back to the directory and found a couple of stores that he thought might hold some good presents for Hermione and her parents. He had left the presents for the Weasleys with Fred and George and had debated with himself and Hermione about the presents he had left for Percy and Ginny. He had felt a little guilty about the smallness of the two presents he had given them but Hermione had pointed out that their current attitudes didn't deserve much in the way of gifts.

Harry's first stop was to a store called Witherbee's. He quickly found a couple of shirts that he thought looked dressy enough for an evening out. Not quite button down but with nice fit and different enough colors to blend in with what he knew of Hermione's wardrobe. Harry went a few doors down and bought a nice pair of dress shoes; they were basic black but more comfortable than showy.

Harry wandered around for a while and then something in a store window caught his eye. Harry looked at the display for a few minutes and then went into the Emerald Aisles specialty store. Harry had seen a nice wool shawl for Hermione in the display case. It was medium brown and was long enough to come down to Hermione's waist; it also had a pair of built-in pockets. Harry thought it was perfect for the winter evenings that his girlfriend spent in the library at Hogwarts. He picked up a regular black wool shawl for her mother and a brightly patterned vest that he hoped Tony wouldn't find too objectionable.

The three items were a little on the expensive side as they were from Ireland but Harry didn't mind the cost since the quality was very good. He hoped the Grangers would get many years of use out of the items. The salesman was very happy to sell the items to the young man but he wasn't too sure about the boys taste in things when Harry bought a couple of tacky ceramic pins that were on a rack next to the cash register. Harry hoped the white owl and yellow lion would make a nice touch to add to the shawls.

Jamie had a few bags in tow when he got back to the meeting point but was surprised that Hermione and her mother both had their hands full when he saw them. Jamie relieved them of a couple bags apiece and the three went out loaded up the back of the Land Rover.

It took another half hour to make it back to the office complex that held the Granger's dentist office. Mr. Granger was waiting outside and Hermione wasted no time in leaving the Land Rover and rushing over to give him a hug. They walked back to the vehicle hand in hand and Hermione climbed in the back seat with Harry. Tony turned around and shook Harry's hand before he fastened his seat belt.

There was quick trip back to the Granger's house and everyone helped unload the packages and change for the evening out. Harry had thought that he grabbed his own plastic bags but found he didn't have the one with his new shirts when he started changing.

'Hermione, do you have the bag with my new shirts?'

'Let me look through my pile. Yes.'

'I thought I'd wear the black one with the grey stripes.'

'Yes, you'd look great in that. Give me a minute and then knock. I'm changing.'

Harry unpacked a little bit more of his trunk and then went across the hall to knock on Hermione's door. 'Come on in!'

Harry opened the door and then wished he hadn't. Hermione did have his new shirt; she was wearing it! And not much else. Harry groaned when he saw that Hermione had left the top three buttons of the shirt open so there was a hint of cleavage showing. The tails hung down far enough to cover any knickers Hermione might have had on but Harry couldn't swear one way or the other if she did. Hermione looked at the stunned expression on Harry's face and giggled just a little bit. She turned slowly around and Harry got another look at those wonderful long shapely legs.

"Does it look ok Harry?"

Harry nodded mutely and started backing out of Hermione's room. It was really very dangerous if he stayed in there. Harry tripped over his own feet as he reached the hallway and went sprawling; Hermione had a concerned look on her face as she rushed to the doorway. What that did to the hem of the shirt was make it bounce. Harry had to quickly shut his eyes before he saw something that would incapacitate him for the rest of the evening.

Hearing the click of a door closing, Harry peeked out and saw that Hermione had shut the door from inside. Harry gave a sigh of relief and then the door cracked open again. A long arm came out just holding the shirt he wanted and he carefully took it from her hand. "Thanks Hermione."

'Now I am going to change for real. See you in a couple of minutes.'

Harry retreated to his room and stripped off the t-shirt he had been wearing. When he put on the new shirt he was somewhat confused but happy that it held the scent of one Hermione Granger.

The meal that evening was at an upscale Chinese buffet. Harry tried a lot of new dishes he had never heard of before but drew the line at eating squid. Harry and the Grangers had a nice time talking over their dinners but occasionally Harry would catch Hermione's eye and they exchanged a private grin.

The ride home was mostly taken up with Hermione and her parents catching up on things since the last time she had written them. Harry did notice that while Hermione was talking to her mom and dad that her eyes never left him. Harry tried making her laugh by making funny faces but Hermione for the most part ignored him or tried tickling him. When Harry made himself too obnoxious, Hermione calmly moved her free hand from where it rested on Harry's knee upward to the inside of his thigh. Harry immediately quieted down and Hermione took a moment to stick out her tongue at him.

The ride back to the Grangers' seemed to go quickly as the talking distracted from the distance. Harry stayed up for a little bit but then he and Hermione headed up to their rooms. Harry didn't know how soon her parents were coming upstairs themselves so he was a little nervous when Hermione leaned in for a long hug before they separated.

Harry unpacked his pajamas, robe and slippers. He changed and slipped under the sheets of the bed that was his for the next couple of weeks. He sent a quiet "Good Night" to the girl across the hall and then turned on his side and immediately went to sleep.