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A Town With No Name


"Where shall we go?" The demon butler asks, effortlessly carrying his master.

"Anywhere is fine with me."

Ciel pauses to look into the darkness, where the white roses beneath them can no longer illuminate any further.

"Because where we will end up, that is a place where demons and humans are equal."

Without Ciel giving a clear order, Sebastian already knows where to go. The wind blows in the direction of the edge, taking the black and white rose petals with it. Tranquil and saddened expressions are exchanged before the demon stepped forward and jumps off.

Ciel instinctively closes his eyes as he feels gravity pull the both of them down. The resulting wind blows his hair upwards. The boy's hands grips the butler tightly, the human emotion of being afraid of death subconsciously taking over. The butler couldn't care less for the one that had won the game. The game that took away his freedom and bound him to the now demon boy for an eternity. His actions; his every feeling; all controlled by Ciel.

After what seemed to be forever, Sebastian's black shoes finally touched land. The wind around them ceased and a warm light shone in front of them. Almost instantly, Ciel opened his eyes to see the empty streets of England. His blood-red eyes widened at the familiarity. He was about to protest until Sebastian spoke.

"Here we are, the land where all demons and humans are equal. Believe it or not, you're not the only one who wished for a world like this."

Ciel remained silent.

"I have found a place for us to lodge at. It may not be like the mansion before but we'll have to make do with it." Sebastian states before walking forward.

The walk through the streets of the make-believe London was silent. The sound of Sebastian's shoes tapping against the pebbled walkway was the only thing that broke the dead silence. It was nighttime and only streetlights illuminated their way. Ciel noticed that the way his butler traversed through the avenue seemed as if the demon was very familiar with the place.

Ciel scanned his surroundings. The commoners' popular bakery, the bookstore, the schoolhouse. The layout, the structure was identical to the country he once called home. However, there was something that this town had which was only comparable to the original. The people running it. Would it be another universe that seemed to copy his own?

Soon, after a turn to the right, Sebastian made his way down the lane of commoner houses. He stopped at one in the middle to the right. The lights inside were still lit. Sebastian stood close to the entrance.

"Olivia." The man spoke in a low hushed tone.

Immediately, the door was gently opened. A head with long brunette hair emerged from the doorway. Judging her appearance, she looked to be the same age as Sebastian. She had green eyes, but had her left covered by her fringe. Elated, she quickly opened the door and invited them in.

"Come in! Come in! Have a seat. You must be tired." The girl rushed into the kitchen.

"I didn't expect you both to come here. I assumed you would have visited the Demon Realm instead." She stated as she reached for a box of Darjeeling tea leaves from the top cabinet.

However, she was stopped by Sebastian's hand placing his hand over her arm. Immediately, she remembers. The brunette frowns a little and turns to face the butler. His melancholic eyes betray his indifferent face. She smiles a little to comfort him before making her way out to the main room.

Ciel is already seated at the table. She joins him but notice Sebastian stand beside his master. Her eyebrows furrow a little before seating herself. She takes a sip of her own Darjeeling tea brewed beforehand.

"Good evening. My name is Olivia. Where we stay, last names don't matter. I have heard of you from…Sebastian, Ciel."

It seemed a little odd for Ciel to hear only his first name. Usually, he would be introduced and addressed as Earl Ciel Phantomhive. However, he soon recalled that he had thrown his past identity away for a new life. He smirks. In this town, last names really don't matter.

"Sebastian has mentioned me?" The boy could only wonder how the demon could find the time to visit this lady when he usually spent every waking hour of his life accompanying him.

"Not exactly mention. I have seen your… past experiences with Sebastian through special means."

Immediately, Ciel puts up his guard. How much does she know?

"But that is not important is it? What is important now is your new life here."

Ciel inwardly agrees with her and asks his first question.

"What is this place?"

"This is a town with no name. A town that is furthest from the Death Gods and other humans. This is where people from your dimension escape to with their demons. As for me, I was born here. My father and mother are already dead."

"I am sorry to hear that." Ciel states.

"It's alright. If you excuse me, I shall retire for the night. Goodnight Ciel…Sebastian."

Olivia nods to the both of them and heads up the wooden stairs. The boards creak in protest under her feet. Ciel, being observant as he is, noticed her black fingernails as her hand slides up the stairway.

"Let us go young master." Sebastian lifts the boy out of his chair and makes his way up the stairs.

The butler leads them to a room. Sebastian pushes lightly on the door to reveal a room identical to his own in the mansion. Ciel widens his eyes expectantly at the lack of extravagance. The raven-haired man seats Ciel on his bed and begins the normal routine of removing his clothes. The man steps aside to reach for a white blouse from his own wardrobe and dresses Ciel in it.

"I apologise for the lack of clothing tonight. I shall have new clothes for you in the morning. Life here may not be as lavish as before but it is how everyone lives here."

Sebastian stands up and asks for permission to retire.

"No. You shall stay here with me tonight." Ciel pauses, surprised with himself, "There are no other rooms here, am I right?"


The demon could not stop himself from raising his eyebrows a little.

"Then you shall sleep here."

The candles are blown out and the Sebastian crawls onto the black satin sheets with his master.


"Yes young master?"

"Olivia. Is she a demon as well?"

"Yes and no. She is a half-demon. A common breed in this town."

"So her eyes are human?"

The butler chuckles, annoying Ciel.


"Such an inquisitive mind we have tonight. You need rest young master. We will answer all your doubts tomorrow."

"We both know fully well that demons do not need sleep."

"Then why is it you still accommodate Olivia's wish for us to rest?"

It feels weird. The both of them are of different status but regard the same person equally. Olivia could not be well below them. Neither she could be above them. So this was their flaw in this equal country.

"…I guess I'm still used to sleeping."

The butler hears nothing from Ciel anymore and assumes he is asleep. The gentle red eyes that watched over Ciel soon became unfeeling and angry. Now that they were destined to be together forever, the demon could not imagine spending the rest of his near-immortal life with such an arrogant brat.

The eyes of the butler narrowed as the thought of killing the boy crossed his mind. Ciel's demon instincts had sensed the murderous intent sourcing from Sebastian, ringing alarm bells in his head. Despite the animosity that threatened the boy to fight back, Ciel remains unfazed. Instead, he waits for Sebastian's attempt to murder him. As he waited, he could feel the warmth of the man that shifted behind him.

In an instant, Ciel could feel his internal organs implode – the blood gushing out of his eyes and mouth.

Olivia, upon smelling the scent of death, rushed to the room in her white nightgown.

"Edgar! What are you doing?" She exclaimed, rushing to the bed.

Wordlessly, Sebastian walked out the door.

Swiftly, she removed Ciel's clothes. The scent of death slowly disappears. In one careful and swift move, she carries him to the bathroom and cleans the blood off him. Within minutes, she changes the bed linens, washes the tiny stains of blood off the windows and walls; and puts fresh new clothes on Ciel. She prepares a towel at the side and places him on the bed, waiting for him to come back to life. The colour starts to return to his face.

' A newly-changed demon sure has really fast recovery…' the half-demon notes to herself.

Pale eyelids are opened to reveal blood-red eyes.

"You're awake!"

Ciel remains motionless and silent, wandering in his thoughts. He couldn't care less about the fact that his butler tried to kill him. Sebastian had his reasons for doing so. The internal of his body was aching like hell itself. Despite having full recovery, he would still have to deal with the aftermath of the injury.

Status was beginning to wear off to be of least importance. He was tired of the pretense of the status that he had to uphold. He wanted to live a normal life.

"Don't worry. Edg- Sebastian just needs a little more time."

Ciel was too tired of it all to answer her back.

Needless to say, Ciel felt a little if not, guilty. He had just sentenced the butler who had served him so well to a life of chains in the form of servitude. However, it angered and frustrated him that Sebastian tried to kill him the minute he opened his newly formed blood-red eyes.

Yet, all he wanted to do was to continue to live with his butler. It was an internal battle within himself. He was happy that his butler was to stay him for an eternity to take care of him, but frustrated that it made him seem selfish.

There was no choice anyway. He could not retract back his words. His order was absolute, even to himself. What an irony. Ciel could only laugh at the predicament that they were in before drifting off to a dreamless sleep.

Olivia remained wide-awake. Dreaming and sleeping were very human things; and soon, Sebastian's small charge would be rid of it.

'This town was altered to suit human needs. Perhaps Ciel would go through the rest of this life retaining most of his human habits…'

The lady seats herself at the foot of the bed, watching over the young boy while awaiting Sebastian's return.

Walking down the streets is a tall lone figure with black hair dressed in a white blouse with black pants. The butler had quickly dressed himself on the way out and decided to walk through the neighbourhood to cool down.

'I'm sorry Olivia.'

Many demons like him were mostly likely still wide-awake as Olivia and Sebastian were, willing to spend their nights just being awake and watching their human roommates. After all, they were most likely the reason for their being here. Sebastian couldn't help but sigh silently to himself.

'I lost to him, and now have you cleaning up my messes. How humiliating.'

He longed for the freedom he had before the contract. To occupy himself for the rest of the night, he was determined walk through as much of the town as he could to plan the next few days and events – and perhaps try not to kill the young master as he sleeps.

The full moon continues to accompany him, illuminating his path.

' Sleep well Young Master…'


Sebby-chan is very melancholic. So unlike him. Oh well, doesn't everyone get sick of something after a while? Their tumultuous adventure in the world before is over. I'm sure both of them would want a new lease of life...and some rest. Ciel finally has some time to show his human feelings! I think the demon's lack of compassion and love is based through lifestyle rather than hereditary, so Ciel should retain his even a little bit.

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