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First Women


+ 2007 Tokyo, Japan+

"I'm late! Gosh, Rei and Ami are going to kill me! Kino, you're turning more and more into Usagi every day." With that, the tall brown haired girl laughed and stopped panting for breath in front of the large temple that was surrounded by hundreds of Sakura trees.

"Hi guys! Sorry I'm late; Miss Haruna kept me after school for detention." She took in another deep breath and wiped away the beads of sweat forming at the edge of her forehead.

"Really, someone told me that you cut class and you went to meet MY boyfriend." Rei said with a look of anger on her face.

"What are you talking about? I didn't even know you had a boyfriend." The tall teenager laughed and wiped away the sweat once again with the back of her hand.

"So you're denying it? You're saying that you've never talked to him before right? Then explain this!" Rei screamed losing all signs of her coolness and throwing a pile of pictures at her face. Makoto's eyes grew wide as the pictures showed some guy with longish hair and her kissing in a picture booth and a lot of other 'stuff.'

"These are so fake, you're saying that we been seeing each other behind your back?" Makoto asked looking at her friend straight in the eye not blinking once.

"First Usagi takes away Mamoru and then kills him and now YOU take away my boyfriend?! You call yourself a friend?!" She screamed and Makoto looked at Minako and Ami behind her.

"So I killed Mamoru?" Usagi asked walking out from behind a big tree.

"I never said that!" Raye protested unsuccessfully and with a look of defeat she turned to Makoto.

"It's your entire fault, if you hadn't done anything with MY boyfriend none of this would have happened!" The black haired girl screamed slapping the senshi of protection and nature with all her might.

"You believe pictures instead of your friend's words, I'm out of here." Makoto said turning around shoving her hands in her pockets.

"So Rei, did I really kill Mamoru? I don't remember ever screaming my head off and not running waiting to be said. I didn't kill him, you did." The petite girl said coldly, "You call yourselves our friends, I quit."

"Usagi, you can't you're the princess!" Ami protested getting up.
"I don't care, for all I care you can take my place." Usagi trailed after the brunette after giving a cold look at the others.


"I'm going to sign up for military school." Usagi said as the two girls sat in the corner of a cafe. Makoto's eyes widened at her friend's words.

"Military school? But the only military schools are for guys." Makoto protested, "it's not like the old times, they'll kill you. I mean, the war's raging and we've lost at least 23 of our pilots."

Usagi smiled, a rare smile since Mamoru's death, "can you imagine being the first women pilot for one of the Gundams?" Usagi asked smiling dreamily as Makoto nodded. The two got up and headed towards Makoto's apartment to do any readying up.


Usagi fingered her chin length golden hair, and her eyes glazed. Her long knee length streamers were cut to her chin. No one could have recognized her as Usagi Tsukino, only another girl that looked like her.

"My hair, I don't know if I've ever had it so short." She said and Makoto fingered her hair. Her hair was much like Haruka's and sighed.

"None of this is going to be easy, our chests will be especially hard to cover." Makoto said looking at the mirror sideways after having wrapped her breasts as tight as she could with cloth and wrap.

"Let's go, the next semester starts in a week." Usagi said sadness ringing in her voice and looked at her short hair. She was done with sailor business, it was time to change and become something she could be really proud of.


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