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Marian rushed through Sherwood Forest, avoiding the rough branches that threatened to knock her to the ground. She had to find Robin as quickly as possible. Tearing through the tall bushes that surrounded Robin Hood's hideout, she burst into the clearing to find his merry men feasting on the rich venison they had caught that afternoon. All heads turned and several mouths fell open when they saw her. She was a sight to behold. Her long, tight, brunette curls fell across her flawless face and her beautiful, evergreen dress that highlighted the perfect curves of her body was snagged at the seams. She stared at them with wide, deep blue eyes, her rose-red lips parted in a worried expression. Forgetting her troubles for but a moment, Marian smirked when she noticed their gazes, making her more beautiful than she already was.

Suddenly, Robin emerged from behind a tree. He also stopped short when he noticed her standing there, but hurried over to her when he saw her trembling.

"Marian, my love, what is the matter?" Robin said comfortingly, his muscular arms outstretched.

"Oh, Robin," Marian wept and collapsed into his strong embrace. "Prince John invaded Fitzwalter Hall and he has my father captive. He also held me prisoner and threatened to murder my father if I refused to tell him where your hideout was. Luckily, I escaped, but now I am fearful of what he will do to my father."

Marian clung to Robin's sleeves as she buried her face in his chest. Robin tightened his hold on her and gently caressed her thick hair, intertwining his fingers in her curls. Anger engulfed him as he thought of the threats that horrid Prince John had constantly given to his lovely Marian ever since he met her. He could hardly contain his fury. Suddenly, he held Marian at arms length and looked her over from head to toe.

"Did Prince John hurt you? Did he touch you? If that bloody scoundrel even laid a single finger on you I am going to-"

"Shhh, Robin," Marian whispered, putting a finger to his lips. "He did not touch me… this time at least. He did gaze at me like I was a prize to be won, though, and said that he could not wait until you were dead so he could…"

Marian's voice faded away as tears sprang to her eyes once again. Robin quickly embraced her and let her be for a little while. With a nod of Robin's head, Little John, Will, Alin, and the rest of his men armed themselves and disappeared into the forest, heading toward Fitzwalter Hall.

Robin quietly lifted Marian's chin and turned her face to his. He dried her tears with his calloused thumb and swiftly grasped an evergreen archer's outfit for her, along with a bow, several arrows, and her own bugle horn that he had made for her. Robin readied himself as Marian changed.

"That horrible, selfish, thieving, no good, scoundrel, Prince John!" Robin thought. "The evil thoughts he has about Marian! Once I get my hands on him I'm going to-"

"I am ready, Robin!" Marian called, interrupting him once again. She wore one of Robin Hood's outfits and, needless to say, it was much too big on her. To make things better, she strapped on a large leather belt around her waist and Robin allowed her to trim the sleeves.

"You look gorgeous," Robin breathed and Marian playfully punched him in the arm.

"We have no time to make jokes, Robin. We must get to my father's house."

"I was not joking, my love," Robin replied, which only earned him another punch and a suspicious, but pleased, sideways glance.