"I Spy Apocalypse"

Based in Season 2. I own none of the characters. How I believe some things should have happened:

She walked into the office. She saw him on the couch talking to himself. She froze and her heart nearly stopped. She knew the symptoms and she saw all of them in him. She slowly walked over to him.

"Harry…" she whispered. He didn't even look up at her. A tear went down her face. She stumbled backwards and called out for Tom. He came running and they re-entered the office. When Tom saw what was in front of him, he immediately dismissed her. She couldn't take her eyes off of Harry. She finally nodded and left. She leaned against the door as tears fell from her eyes. She tried to pull it together, but she couldn't. She heard Tom coming towards the door. She wiped her tears away and hurried to her desk. Tom came out and she saw him lock the door. She swore her heart stopped now. He turned and walked over to her. Tom pulled her aside.

"You cannot tell anybody about Harry, Ruth." Tom said to her. Ruth wasn't sure if she heard that properly. Her red and wet eyes flashed him a look.

"You're going to leave him in there to die?" she said in a whisper, but angry tone. Tom nodded.

"I have no choice Ruth."

Ruth felt anger boiling in her.

"You bastard," she hissed. From a distance, Malcolm was watching Tom and Ruth talking. Something didn't seem right and Ruth looked like she was going to explode. "Harry shouldn't die alone! After every…" she began when Tom quieted her. Ruth struggled but relaxed as Tom held her. Tears flowed from Ruth's eyes. This caught everyone's attention. Tom sighed.

"Tom," Malcolm said as they all walked towards Tom and Ruth. "What is going on?"

Ruth couldn't handle hearing it again. She pushed Tom away and moved past everyone. Sam watched her run into the computer room. Ruth sat in a chair and tried to calm down, but it was impossible. Harry was going to die…. And it was breaking her heart. She knew there was something else between them, but neither had acted on it. Now they would never be able to. She heard everyone beginning to fight. Tom must have told them what was happening. The tears came again. She heard someone come towards her. It was Malcolm.

"Ruth…" he said and came over to her. He saw her eyes were swollen and her face was wet. Ruth tried to hide it, but she couldn't fool Malcolm. She turned and stood to face him. She began rebuilding her walls.

"What is next?" she asked. Malcolm gave her a look.

"Ruth…." Malcolm began and moved towards her. Ruth backed up.

"We need to keep moving and help the rest of Britain. Harry… he wouldn't want us to stop on his account." She said firmly. Malcolm sighed and looked at her one more time before leaving her. Ruth let out a breath she was holding in. She wiped her eyes one more time before following Malcolm out.

She watched as all the lights came back on. Tom and Zoey still had their guns raised, but fake bullets were in them. Someone had replaced them.

"It was a drill…." She heard Danny say softly. They all turned and saw Harry coming out of his office. He had a smirk on his face. He went over to Tom.

"Well done Tom." He said as he took the gun out of his hand. Tom was still a bit in shock. Ruth could barely breath. She looked at Tom and Harry. She caught Tom's eye. Harry moved around the room and shook everyone's hands. They all began to mingle amongst themselves. Harry got to Ruth. She didn't look him in the eyes, she couldn't.

"Ruth…" Harry said softly. Ruth felt the tears beginning again.

"You bastard…" she said and pushed past him. She went back to her desk and grabbed her coat. Harry watched as she said one final word to Sam and Danny. She then left the Grid without looking at Harry. Harry closed his eyes and sighed. He hated it, but he couldn't tell her it was a drill. He saw the look on her face when she entered his office. It wouldn't leave his head. Tom and Danny came over and began talking to Harry. Harry talked, but his mind was still on her. He had to make things right.