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Chapter 12

Karaoke Night

Tamaki Suoh

How could I forget about the Karaoke Night when it's me who invited the Host Club to join me?!

Me: Mélanie will come, because I saw her while going to the dojo to ask Hunny and Mori.

Sarah: W-What are you talking about Senpai?

Me: No formality between both of us.

Sarah: S-sorry...

Me: Call me King.

Sarah: ...

Me: I decided to do a Karaoke Night to pardon myself from not going to the last club activity. Everyone accepted, I went myself at each house to tell them, coming here last to bring your bag. I just don't want to be the last one there when I was the one to organize it. Do you want to join us? You can leave a note to Charlotte and Amy so they can join us once they'll come back.

Sarah: Isn't the host club going to hate me? I think I'm already not their favorite...

Me: What? No not at all! Come! Hurry up my driver is waiting for me!

I grabbed her hand to give her one simple option, Follow Me.

The ride was quiet. She was playing with her bag, thinking of reading her book Alice in Wonder Land. I remembered our photo session; we should have done it in the rose maze!

Once we got to the place, I thought I was the first one but Amy, Charlotte, Mélanie, Hunny and Mori were already there. So was Renge...

Sarah: Girls! How come you already knew?!

Charlotte: I received Mélanie's text.

Amy: So do I, but Renge-Chan wanted to follow me.

Renge: Surprise! I can speak French!

I could see knives in her eyes. Knives that would soon attack Amy. She said with one of her scariest voice

Renge: Am I a bother?


I hid myself behind Mélanie.

Mélanie: You stupid. Get away from me if you're a man.

Haruhi: Ah! Tama-chan!

I look behind to see the young woman coming near me.

Haruhi: Hikaru and Kaoru just went to the closest store to buy some candies and a card game. Kyoya went with them, they will be back soon.

I ran to her, I just felt the urge to hug her tightly.


Me: I just want to show how much I'm sorry!

I stared the others

Me: I truly am sorry, to everyone. Sorry about the club activities.

Hunny: I think it will be mostly the others, like the twins and Kyoya, which you'll have to do the sincere excuses.

Me: Y-yeah... I know.

Renge: Stop that annoying babbling and let's go do some Karaoke!

Me: Haruhi, did you call Mei like I asked?

Haruhi: I asked Mei to come, and she was busy doing that dress for Sarah.

Sarah: Dress?

Haruhi: Yeah, she thought you were so cute she decided to do you a dress.

Sarah: ... It's not necessary...

Haruhi: Yeah I tried to convince her not to but she really wanted anyways.

Me: Let's go!

I made my way toward the little room for karaoke, sitting down at the table, waiting for everyone to join us.

No one came to join me, so I rushed over to where they most have stayed.


I grabbed Haruhi's shoulders


Twins: You just didn't saw us coming.

I look at the devils standing behind Haruhi

Me: Hikaru! Kaoru!

Twins: Tono!

Kyoya: We have the cards

Twins: And the candies!

They showed us the bags in both of their hands, Kyoya the little package in his left hand.

Tamaki: What are we waiting for! Let's get started!

Me: Tsukareta nara kata no ni wo oroshite (Mamoru Miyano – Moonlight)

Haruhi: Tamaki-senpai is so into it...

Hikaru passed the cards to everyone, I saw from the corner of my eyes Sarah and Charlotte starring at the screen with the lyrics passing by. It's my time to shine. I put all my love into the rest of the song

Me: So, so!? Haruhi! What did you think?

Haruhi: I can't deny that you sing quite well Senpai!


I felt joy in my chest as I placed my face close to Haruhi's one, thousands of little stars in my eyes.

Haruhi: I don't know, I didn't wanted to disappoint you by saying otherwise either... I didn't really took the time to listen to your voice

Disappointment. Total. Disappointment.

Sarah: King! Don't be so down!

I turned myself, tears streaming down my cheeks as I hug the little thing in front of me.

Me: Only you can understand my pain!


I stand up pointing Haruhi with my index


Haruhi: Toshiko?

Twins: Alert Child game.

Kyoya: A game with cards, you have to stay the entire time alert.

Mélanie: Yeah I played that with the girls at my old school.

Hunny: We often play it at the host club but ever since you came we never really did eh?

Amy: You have to be separated in 2 groups.

Renge: HARUHI!

She took her hand. I forgot that girl was here. Did I talk about something of Haruhi being a girl?!

Renge: I can't believe you never played! HERE! LET ME SHOW YOU HOW!


Renge: But he's my lover! You freak king!



Kyoya: ...

Sarah: Can you show me how to play too?


Sarah: Only few words...

Renge: You learn so fast!

Sarah blushed with a smile in the corner of her lips.

Twins: So let's do this boys V/S girls.

I placed my hand on the twin's mouth, pushing them against the wall

Me: IDIOTS! Renge doesn't know about Haruhi!

Renge: Know about what exactly?


Kyoya: The teams will be...

We all stared Kyoya

Kyoya: Haruhi, Hikaru, Hunny, Mélanie, Renge and Myself. So the other team will be Tamaki, Kaoru, Mori, Amy Charlotte, and Sarah.

Renge: I came here with my best friend and I can't even be with her?!

Kyoya: I just made like in elementary school, Team A, Team B... Team A and Team B.

He pointed everyone one after the other.

Twins: Oh, can we have a name for the teams?

Me: I suggest the Winners!

Kaoru: Yeah! 'Cause we're obviously gonna win!

Hikaru: Oh yeah? And we'll be the Victory team!

Renge: Yeah!

Kyoya: Names won't change a thing you know...

Haruhi: I still don't know how to play.

Renge: It's a mix of truth or dare but with a card game, so it's more fun.

Kyoya: Toshiko is Alert Child.

Hikaru: The roles of the cards differ. Ones with diamond are adults.

Kaoru: Everyone who has a heart, they're the children.

Me: Everyone with a spade are guardians.

Mélanie: Those with a clever are spies.

Me: Finally the jokers, that are the free for all, you decide what to do.

Kyoya: In our case, they are 12 players, so there will be 15 cards on the table. 2 adults, 5 guardians, 2 children, 5 spies, 1 joker.

Haruhi searched inside the cards for the 15 cards. Once done, they all turned the cards face down on the table so we wouldn't see what role we would pick.

Renge: Everyone has to pick one card.

Hikaru: The adults give the dare.

Kaoru: The child has to do it.

Me: The guardian can take the place of the child if he really doesn't want to do it.

Mélanie: The spy helps the adult to find the dare and can consult the child. They have an other special ability though.

Me: The Joker decides what he wants to be.

Amy: I never thought someone like Kyoya would play.

Me: Kyoya is so good he always picks something else than the child, he remembers where the cards are placed.

Haruhi: What's the point on calling it Toshiko if it has no link?

Kyoya: Because as soon as I'm done moving the cards, you have to remember where the card you wanted is now, so you can pick it up before someone else does.

Me: And when someone picks up a guardian, he can slap the joker's hand with the card, so he has to pick another card, but it has to be done while the joker is reaching or turning the card, not when he already has it.

Renge: The spies can block the guardian, if they want to, so they have to go strategically with who's the joker.

Haruhi: Why does it even have teams?

Twins: All the dares done or truth answered, counts like point, so that way your team can win and depends on you.

Haruhi: Why don't we just play something else? It's way too hard for nothing.

Twins: It's easy. Let's just get started ok?

(! - Diamond – Adults)

(3 – Heart – Children)

(3= – Spade – Guardians)

(*= - Clever – Spies)

(J = Joker)

Kyoya gave us the signal to pick up our cards. I reached for the joker but Kyoya, a guardian, slapped my hand with the card, I'm now stuck with a child.

Twins (!): Haha! We're the adults!


Mélanie (*=): So Twins, what do we give to him?

Kyoya, Charlotte, Haruhi, Hunny (3=): We won't help you out.

Me(3): WHY!?

Amy (*=): Tamaki, what do you want?

Me (3): Thruth...

Kaoru (!): Haa, I had thousands of ideas but forgot!

Mori (*=): Who do you love...?

I could see sparkles in the twins' eyes.

Hikaru (!): Yeah... who do you love...?

Me: ...

Confuse as always I gave a puppy glare to Haruhi, then stared the twins.

Me: ...

Twins: ...

Haruhi: ...

Mori: ...




Hikaru: Ok then! I dare you to answer the question!


Kaoru: YES IT CAN!

Hunny: Guys! Calm down!

Charlotte: Yeah you're standing up on the table!

Me: Can I sing a song instead?

Twins: No!

Me: Ok I love everyone as my friends and family! Let's place the cards back on the table!

I picked everyone's cards and placed them on the table. I'm not ready... just, not yet, and not that way either, to tell Haruhi.



Kyoya: No points.

Me: MOM!?

Kyoya turned the cards like if nothing was and I reached over for the guardian and slapped Hikaru's hand. Turns out I was not even a guardian... BUT THE CHILD AGAIN



Sarah (3): So now... I have to do the dare...?

Renge (!): Kaoru! I have an idea!

Kaoru (!): Go on, I wanna hear that.



Sarah: I have to do it?


I grabbed the banana, full of determination.

Amy: Where did the costume came from?

Hunny (3=): I can do it Sarah if you want.

Sarah (3): No... I'll do it...

I grabbed the little banana in my arms


Sarah laughed, bringing a smile on my face. Hand in hand we both ran outside singing "Guilty Beauty Love" out loud.

Haruhi: This guy... he's so... full of energy.

Hunny: Tamaki is who he is.

Twins: It would be so different if he wasn't there.

Mélanie: Even though he is annoying, I can't deny it.

Kyoya: Even though he really is stupid sometimes, it's all thanks to him.

Hunny: We can have a lot of fun together

Mori: Mh...

Kaoru: Tono is Tono after all, trying to see what would have happen if he would have stayed in France is really... bizarre.

Hikaru: Haruhi... I hope you don't mind we asked him who he loves.

Haruhi: Didn't he answer?

Renge: Such a secret love between two men makes Tamaki so uncomfortable he doesn't even wanna talk about it even though it's obvious. When will he finally declare his love?

Twins: To whom are you talking to?

Renge: The readers.

Twins: What?

Renge: Never mind that.

Me: Sarah! Where did you learn that song?

Sarah: I don't know, I remember reading it somewhere.

Me: Yeah I wrote it down, so you might have seen it in the host club.

Sarah: You created it?

Me: Yeah!

Sarah: AWESOME! We'll have to make a song together!

Me: Yeah! That would be cool!

"I hardly knew kids my age back then" (Tamaki: Volume 4, Chapter 16)

What's that all about?

I stopped running

Sarah: Let's go Tamaki! Everyone is waiting for us!

"That's why it's fun to play with friends now" (Tamaki: Volume 4, Chapter 16)

Sarah: King?

"But then why do you sound so much like Tamaki!" (Haruhi: Volume 7, Chapter 28)

I grabbed my head and squat down. I thought they were only in my dreams, is everything I'm doing right now a dream? I pinched myself secretly and I did felt something. Then why?

Sarah: A-Are you okay?

Me: Y-yeah...

I stood up, not wanting to make her worry.

"I'm glad Tamaki is who he is" (Haruhi: Volume 6, Chapter 26)

Me: Let's return with the others...

Just... how long will they haunt me?

When we returned with the others we could take of the costumes. We continued playing and I made the twins regret asking me who I loved by making them go at someone else's Karaoke room to offer them some of the candy they bought. We obviously kept most of them for us, and they came back with some too. We had fun for an hour or two then returned to the principal reason why we're here, sing. I made a duet with Sarah, one with Haruhi, even though she was singing so bad I'm pretty sure Mélanie left for that and not only to go buy something to drink in the vending machine. Mori even singed because of the demon red hair girl, she dared him to sing something, but Mori said only if she would sing too. I don't know why Mélanie was so scared while she sings really beautifully.

At the end of the day, the girls left on 2 scooters, everyone else in a limousine, and I gave a ride to Haruhi. I opened the door of the limousine, letting her in. The awkwardness was even worst than with Sarah.

Me: S-so... how did you like the karaoke night?

She started laughing, which sort of impressed me.

Haruhi: I never thought it would of been something I would of like but, it was awesome!

I smile, I'm so glad she liked it!

Me: OH! By the way!

I took some candy I hid in my pockets.

Me: You didn't get a lot, so I picked some for you.

I barely touched her hand to give her the candies when we both blushed really hard.

Haruhi: Thanks...

We didn't look at each other for the rest of the ride.

Once at her house, I reopened the door of the limo than followed her up the stairs, joining her to her door. I placed my hand behind my head and looked down at my feet.

Me: So... I guess this is it?

Haruhi: Yeah... Thanks a lot Tamaki.

She turned herself about to go inside her house when I grabbed her wrist and turned her. I'm moving against my wills!

Me: H-Haruhi...

I gave her a hug

Haruhi: S-senpai...

It's not the usual senpai that is usually said, full of angriness because I did something against her wills.

I grabbed her chin between my fingers and bent down a little bit.

Me: The... The person I love is...

I brought my face closer to her face.

Me: It's you... I love you Haruhi...

Both our lips met each other... I placed my free hand around her waist as she surrounded her arms around my shoulders. I don't know how long our kiss was but... it was magical. When we broke apart, Haruhi simply smiled to me and waved me bye bye, so did I. She closed the door between both of us.


I yelled of joy basically skipping most of the stairs and returning in the limo dreaming about my new love. I heard the neighbours complaining a little bit but... love is love!

Chapter 12.8

Karaoke Night (End)

Sarah Gosselin

We got down the scooters. We were still laughing about the night we just had and talking about the challenges we had to do.

Me: Girls! I'll just go and see aunt Karianne. I want to see if she's back and I want to tell her where we were in case she didn't saw the note.

Mélanie: I'm coming with you.

Charlotte: We'll go ahead then.

We split our ways as I made my way to the front door of auntie. I knocked and realized she wasn't there. I was about to return at our house when Mélanie grabbed her key and unlocked the door.

Me: How did you do?

Mélanie: It's the same key for both sides.

Me: O-oh...

If I only I knew earlier.

Me: Auntie?

Mélanie: Karianne?

We walked through the house then went on the second floor. We started hearing a voice. I went to her room's door but, no... She's not there. We climbed on the third floor but stop in the middle of the stairs where we could hear the conversation.

Karianne: Are you sure it's ok doing all this in her back?

Mélanie (Whispering): To whom is she talking?

Karianne: But Jeanne... isn't it a bit egoist? She might want to know soon?

Mélanie: Ask and you'll receive...

Me: Why is she talking to mom?

Mélanie: I don't know, if only we could hear what Jeanne is saying.

Karianne: I'm sure Sarah would notice sooner or later.

Me: She's talking about me?

Mélanie: Well if she's talking to your mom...

Karianne: N-no... Its okay I understand. I won't tell her.

Ok that's it. What are they talking about in my back?

I made my way upstairs even though I heard Mélanie saying to not do so.

Me: Won't tell me what exactly?

My aunt hung up like if we just caught a little girl grabbing a cookie from the jar even though the parents said no.

Karianne: I-I thought you were at a Karaoke night.

Me: So you were talking of me.

Karianne: W-well...

Mélanie joined me. Karianne let a painful sigh escape her mouth.

Karianne: It's not that easy sweet-heart...

Me: I' m old enough. What is it?

Karianne: ...