Chapter 1: The Shootout

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Theodore's POV

To be honest, I felt guilty for what I was about to do. I'd known her for so long, but we weren't on the same team anymore. For the first time in years, we were against each other. And I had to stay firm for what I believed in. I had to support my family, no matter what it meant to her.

I slowly looked at my weapon, and approached her from behind. Normally, being quiet wasn't my thing. I wasn't exactly good at sneaking up behind someone, but everything depended on it.

I heard a slight rustling behind me, but I paid no attention to it. My only chance to get her, was to have the element of surprise.

I held up my gun to her back. "Okay, nice and slow."

She slowly lifted her arms over her head, "You wouldn't shoot me, would you Theodore?"

"I guess not, but it's going to cost you."

She smiled and turned around. "Oh, come here Theo."

She put her arms around my shoulders and pulled me towards her. Our lips touched and we shared a wonderful kiss together. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. As I looked down, a tear fell from my face, "Elle? You shot me?"

I fell to the ground in pain. I held my stomach. Suddenly, I felt another shot to my back. I looked behind me and saw the red stain filling my shirt. The pain wasn't as bad as the pain from the last shot. Holding my stomach, I slowly rolled to my side and looked at the second shooter.

With a weak voice I stared up at him. "Alvin? What the heck?"

Eleanor walked over to Alvin holding out her gun. "Nobody shoots Theodore except me."

She lifted her gun and shot Alvin in the chest. He quickly fell to the ground. She stood over him and shot him again. He rolled in pain as she continued to fill his red shirt with a dark red stain.

Then, she lifted her foot and pressed it against his chest. She slowly pointed the gun towards Alvin. "Just tell me one thing before I pull the trigger. Why?"

Alvin looked up, "He was kissing the enemy. I can't have that happen, no matter who he is."

She shook her head, "Do you have anything to say before you die?"

"No. Take the shot. I don't care." A tear fell down the side of his face, "Tell Brittany… I love her."

Elle pulled the trigger.

"Damn Eleanor that hurt." He screamed.

"It should." A voice shouted from the background. "We froze the paintballs."

Alvin slowly stood up. "That's cheating… and how the heck did you do it? We bought them here so that I wouldn't freeze them."

Simon smiled as he walked up to Alvin shaking a small can, "Liquid nitrogen, never go paintballing without it."

Alvin shook his head, "That's just mean."

"Excuse me?" Simon laughed, "Must I remind you why we had to make the rule about buying them here?"

Alvin started to laugh, "But what about Theodore and Brittany? You were going to shoot them with it too?"

Suddenly Alvin felt a sharp pain.

"Nope. We're all just here to shoot you Alvin"

Alvin turned around and saw Brittany holding a gun. "Et tu Brittany?"

Simon laughed, "Wow Alvin. You actually properly quoted Shakespeare."

"I don't make a habit of it." He turned back towards Brittany, "Just tell me one thing, why there?"

"Oh Alvin," She smiled, "Can you think a better place to shoot you before we sit in the car for three hours."

Alvin grabbed his behind, "I hate you." He turned around and saw me still on the ground, "So why did you shoot him, Eleanor?"

She chuckled, "Well, I wasn't going to, but it was just too funny." She helped me up, "I'm sorry Theo, I forgot we froze the paintballs."

I started to blush, "It's okay. But it's gonna cost you again." She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.

"Are we even now?"


Suddenly Jeanette walked up from behind. "Hey everybody!"

Simon laughed and went to hug her, "Jeanette, what happened?" He kissed her on the cheek, "You must have been shot like twenty times."

She chuckled.

"Who shot you?" Simon turned towards us, "Okay, I want a name." He held up his gun towards the four of us, "Which one of these punks shot you?"

Jeanette turned and whispered something in Simon's ear and he started to laugh hysterically.

Brittany shook her head, "You shot yourself didn't you?"

Jeanette blushed and shook her head, "I was trying to load it with some paintballs that weren't frozen. I didn't want to hurt anybody, and well. I kind of hurt myself in the process."

Alvin looked at his watch, "Well, it's time to go anyway."

We all packed up our belongings and began to leave. Just as we started to walk, Brittany shot Alvin again.

"Damn." He yelled. "Seriously Brittany?"

"Well I had to get both cheeks."

Simon laughed as he hugged Jeanette, "This should be a fun car ride home."

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