Treasure Island


Part 1: The Beginning

Chapter 1: The History of the Admiral Benbow Inn and the People who run it

Dr. Livesey, Squire Trelawney, and Captain Smollett requested that I write down all that took place on our quest for Treasure Island. From beginning to end. So to be able to tell the tale I have to start at the very beginning. After all you'll have to know all the facts to understand how this adventure started.

First off this adventure began at the Admiral Benbow Inn. The Admiral Benbow Inn has been in the Hawkins family ever since my great grandfather Jackson Hawkins built it. He then passed its ownership to his son Joseph who passed it his son Joshua Hawkins, my father. One thing was different about my father though. He didn't have a son. He had me, Jen Hawkins instead. But, that didn't stop him and my mother though; they continued to run the Admiral Benbow. But soon things took a different turn. My father always longed for adventure. And at this certain time his longing for adventure had become too great. He packed a few things he owned and took off for adventure. That way he can finally sail the seas and find adventure where ever it may take him. I was five years old at the time.

Ten years have gone by since he's left. I'm fifteen now. My mother and I have been running the inn since. My mother had to juggle running the inn and raising me, and she has done a great job! With the inn I mean. I'm the little on the awkward side. But, despite our ups and downs my mom and I had been getting along just fine. But, he came back.

After he left us ten years ago my father came back. He was immediately taken by mother who welcomed him home with kisses. As for me, I wasn't going to let him walk back into my life that easily. But, despite my growing dislike for my returning father, his return did mark the beginning of my own adventure.