Treasure Island


A/N: Hello! I hope your enjoying the story! It's a blast writing it. Please excuse the bad grammar and spelling in this chapter and other further chapter with Captain Bones. I did it to fully capture his character. Enough of my useless chatter, ENJOY!

Chapter 4: Captain Bones's Tale

One of the best features of the Benbow was at night. Every night the boarders would gather in the dining room for dinner and share sea stories while I served them and cleaned up their plates. Since the Admiral Benbow Inn catered to sailors, we had plenty of sea stories to go around. And on this particular night we had a very legendary story. As usual I working in the dining room and tonight I had to sweep while a guest of the name Duncan was telling his tale. "And that is how I saved the Captain's life," he finished. His story was followed by usual amount of cheers. "Alright," he said, "Who else has a story to tell?" The sound of clicking forks and clinging jugs could be heard. "Oh come on," he said, "There's got to be someone else who has a good story to tell?" The other boarders mumbled. "How about you Billy?" Duncan asked addressing Captain Bones. "I got nuthin' to tell," he growled. "Oh come on Captain Bones," I pleaded as I looked up from my sweeping. "Alright," Captain Bones hollered sitting up,"I have a story worth for the hearin'. Pull up a chair Jenny." I was about sit down when my mother walked by. "Jen," she said, "You may listen, but continue working." "Yes ma'am," I said and continued with my sweeping. She disappeared into the kitchen. "Alrighty then," Captain Bones said, "Let's get started." He stalked over to the fireplace with his rum in hand. "Eight years back the seven seas were plagued with pirates and still is. But none as notorious Captain Flint. He would attack any ship and grab any loot he got his hands on. Every ship he stroked, he recorded in his logs. In every direction ol' Flint went there would be blood. Gold and blood was his trademarks. But, in 1750 he drew up a map to island in Spanish Main that only he knew of and set a course in that direction. When The Walrus, Flint's ship, reached that there island he led six men to bury the loot. And once the deed was done, to make sure not one of those six scoundrels stole his trove he killed every last one of them. He then sailed The Walrus and the rest of crew away with the intent of returning to dig it up. But old Flinty died in 1754 before he could return," he finished. The inn was silent. "But what happened to the map?" I broke the silence. "No one knows," Captain Bones answered. "Well I'm sure glad you shared your story, Billy," Duncan said. I took a nearby chair and jumped on top of it. "If I found that map I would go and find the treasure," I announced wielding my broom like a cutlass, "No more sweeping and having to serve you fellas your supper." They laughed purely enjoying my excitement. "Will you now Jen?" asked Duncan. "Aye sir," I said pointing my cutlass (broom). The boarders were all becoming part of my fantasy when my mother walked in. "Jenny Hawkins," she shouted, "Get back to work!" I jumped down from my chair and continued sweeping. "Gentlemen," my mother addressed the men, "I don't appreciate you distracting my daughter from her work. We're trying to run a business here." I continued to sweep. "Ah but Ms. Hawkins we're just having a little fun," Duncan said. "And there's nothing wrong with that," she said, "But I will not accept the fact that you filling her head with ridiculous stories." She marched her way other to me. "Jen," she said taking my broom from me, "Go upstairs and finish your chores." I didn't budge. "Now," she ordered. I quickly obliged.