This is my first Beastly story and possibly my first story that I will make in Chapters.


That explained his personality to a "T". Vanity. A trait he had once passed down to his son. A trait he used every single day of the year. He was the head person at the local news station in New York City. If he was proud of one thing, other than himself, was the success of having a popular good looking son.

But that all changed when in a split second, his son was the most atrocious thing he could ever lay eyes on. He was not sure how it happened, but he was very doubtful it was because of some witch at Kyle's school. Even thinking it had to have been some sort of genetic malfunction that occurs on that woman he calls his mother's side of the family.

But all that was in the past. Kyle was back to "normal" and off somewhere with some girl, whom he claims to love. Zola and that, somehow, not blind anymore tutor decided to live in that apartment he bought across town for Kyle, with the intention that Kyle would not have to face any scrutiny at school. On top of that, Zola's children were going to be living there as well. Didn't matter, he had a new house keeper who was much better than that whiney woman anyway. She couldn't even do her job right.

But all this was about to change on the day he met his new intern, who apparently could work magic with anything thrown her way. As soon as she came through the elevator doors, Robert Kingsley just about had a heart attack. In walked a gothic blond with tattoos and high open toed heels with spikes on the straps.

"Hello. I'm Kendra, your new intern." She smiled sweetly. It took everything in Robert's power not to run to the bathroom to throw up.

"Hello, Ms. Hilferty. So you're interested in Journalism."

"To a certain extent." She replied, giving him a look that sent chills down his spine.

"Well, you can start by getting my coffee. I like it…"
"Black, so you don't have any calories to put on an ounce of weight."

"Yes." He confirmed, very suspicious. As soon as she left, he got on the phone for someone to do a background check on his new intern. When he ended the call, he jumped in his seat at the sudden appearance of Kendra.

"Here's your coffee."

"Thank you." Without thinking, he asked, "How…How exactly did you receive this internship? I had specific expectations…"

"And I don't really fit in with them? Careful now, only fools mess with witches."

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