Ok. I promised another chapter a LONG time ago, but after that promise, I thought it was done. However, that promise still entered my mind and I did have one version of this written up, but it was written so fast, I felt that it was just crap. Many versions have come and gone from this, mostly began to write them and then my computer would shut down and I'd loose the muse.

But here's an epilogue for you! Hope you like it

Years later…..

Pushing through the crowded walkway of the street market, a tall, dark haired man made his way to his destination. He checked his watch again, feeling bad that he was roughly 10 minutes late, but he knew he would be forgiven. When he reached the end of the market, a small blond haired girl ran into him, nearly knocking him on the ground. He picked her up every single day from daycare so her parents could have a few hours alone when they returned home from work. Her mother worked as an English teacher and her father worked as a school principal at their old high school. The daycare was run outside of a small old building that was on the other end of a market in downtown Brooklyn. Unfortunately for him, there was only one way to get to it; and he always forgot how long it took to get through the crowd.


"Hey, tiger. Sorry I'm late."

"Do we still have time to see the elephants? Daddy said we were going there after daycare."

The man shook his head with a smile, knowing full well his son had never said anything. But like the typical grandparent, he loved to spoil his grandchild.

"Yes, we have plenty of time to go see the elephants, and any other animals you want to see."


The man looked up and saw his granddaughter's teacher come forward; short, redheaded woman with pale skin and deep green eyes, with a baby bump that became more noticeable every day. Flesh colored hearing aids could be seen from both her ears.

"Sorry about being late. How was she today?" He asked with his hands.

" It's ok. I enjoy having her. And you should know she has quite the artistic talent."

"Not sure what side she gets it from." He replied with a smile. "See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow, Robert." She smiled, pleased to be able to not use her hearing aids. While they were helpful with most of the parents, she preferred to sign.

"Come on, Jaynie. Let's go see the elephants." He said, picking her up and setting her on his shoulders. As they left the room, Jaynie pointed to a picture hanging on the wall.

"Mrs. Fratalli hanged that today. He's scary, but she told us he was a nice man and was her bestest friend."

Robert stared at the portrait for a few minutes, studying it, before turning back to Valerie to give her a smile. There were no words, but he hoped he conveyed his opinion of the portrait to her. Apparently she caught the silent comment, because a smile fell across her face and she nodded an unspoken, "you're welcome", as Jaynie whined that they were missing the elephants, prompting him to head out the door.

I borrowed from the book a little with this. I remember Lindy and Kyle and a connection to Jane Eyre so I thought it was appropriate to name her Jaynie. And because of Lindy's love of books I remember from the actual book, I thought her being an English teacher was pretty sound, as well as having Kyle become a principal. Let's face it, I didn't know what else he'd do; certainly NOT journalism. And I severely apologize for not having a description of Valerie until now. Man, I suck big time for that. Please forgive me.

Love to all of you guys!