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"Sissy! How are you?" Said a cheerful voice. Robert noticed the hint of artificial sweetness that just made him want to vomit.

"What are you doing here?"

"Why I came to see you of course. We are sisters. I'm family. So what else would I be doing here? I've missed you so much." She said, walking into Valerie's apartment uninvited.

"I never said you could come in."

"It's…quite a little place you've got… here." Val's sister commented on, though you could tell she was not real enthused.

"I like it."

"Oh come now Valerie, you can't truly mean that."

"Yes, I truly do. Now cut the bullshit Jocelyn and tell me the real reason to why after all these years, you decide to pay me a visit."

"Because I missed you."
"Oh please. You could've contacted me anytime, via phone or email."

"Well, I realized just how much I missed you the other day so I thought I'd stop by and see…my sister."

"Go ahead. Say it. Or are you like mom and dad? Still trying to pretend I'm an insolent member of the family who makes up lies, even though the proof was there in the many medical exams I took?"

Jocelyn began to speak but Valerie interrupted her. "I grew up with you Joce, I know your tricks; so stop the acting and tell me or I'm going to throw you out."

"Well, Mommy and Daddy have agreed to let you come back home and be written back into the will."

"Under what terms?"

"No terms."

"Jocelyn!" Valerie warned.

"Ok. You get back together with Warren and sign an agreement that he never did the things you said. He's even consented to letting you have a housekeeper that does the cooking and cleaning."

"Forget it!" This time Robert thought he'd make his presence known.

"Everything ok Valerie?" He could see the disgust in Jocelyn's facial expression but ignored it.

"We can get you fixed. Hearing aid transplants. You'll be able to hear again." Jocelyn attempted to whisper. "You'll be back in your old life with your old friends; away from people…like him."

"You wanna know something, Joce? Warren beating me was the best thing that ever happened to me. It opened my eyes to everything Slick told me about you guys. Things I just knew couldn't be true. And if by going deaf is what comes of this? Then so be it!

"So you're saying you'd rather live among the poor and disgusting than come back to easy life?" Her eyes were aimed at Robert.

"He's got more beauty than you'll ever understand. He's even more beautiful than you!" Valerie shouted. And with that Jocelyn huffed and slammed the door behind her. Valerie turned around to look at Robert.

"Sorry about that."

"Nah. It's alright. Listen, Val. There's something I need to tell you; something I feel you should know."

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