Wally looked down at his best friend and felt anger seize him. "Now,"

Silence filled the room and the Joker looked down at the puddle of blood with a bored expression. He turned to Bruce and quirked a smile. "At least I've saved you some money in the future." His smile grew. "Not that money's ever been a problem for you, but think of it as no more brat troubles." Bruce fought against his captors as hard as he could, shouting around the tie in his mouth. The clown cackled and snapped his fist into Bruce's face.

He was about to go for a second shot when an achingly familiar laugh filled the room. Red painted lips split into a full teeth smile. "Boy Wonder," A dark shadow dropped from the air and grew from the darkness. "And Batman," His voice dropped several octaves in a poor impersonation of the Dark Knight.

The Joker ran over to Batman and leapt into his arms, supporting himself by wrapping his arms around Batman's neck and using his core body strength. Batman quickly pushed him off. "What do you want, Joker?"

The Joker smiled like he knew a secret. "I have a surprise for you." He whispered.

The Joker whipped around and pulled a gun from his breast pocket. Before anyone could react the Joker smiled and fired a shot at Bruce; the bullet nailed him near his heart and the henchman dropped Bruce, who didn't react in the slightest.

"Bruce," Superman's voice croaked out and he tried to move but the Kryptonite was killing him.

"Treason!" The Joker exclaimed in glee as he placed his gun back in his pocket. The Joker gave a glance towards Batman that could be considered swooning were it not for the person and its recipient. All the heroes were in shock at what had just transpired. "You see," He pulled out a dark purple velvet bag. Batman began to reach into his utility belt. "Now don't interrupt." The or else hung in the air. "See, Batsy, we've taken care of the king." He pulled out a black king's chess piece and threw it in the air and shot it before replacing the gun. He picked up the shards from the ground with an air of grace and pride. "No more king." He threw the pieces towards Bruce's body.

"Then we have the queen, the most powerful piece," He raised a queen's piece and held it high. "And Suppies is done for soon enough." He rolled the piece towards Superman.

He dug in the bag as he walked around Batman. "Dickie, the bishop, strategic flexible movements," he cast a glance towards the boy. He nodded at his henchmen and instantly Dick was dropped on the ground next to Bruce. "Cock boy is taken out." He chucked the piece over his shoulder.

He moved away from Batman and walked around to each of the Young Justice team. "Pawn," He dropped a pawn piece in front of Aqualad. "Pawn," Artemis. "Pawn," Miss Martian. "Pawn," Superboy. "Pawn," Kid Flash.

He strode back over to Batman and dug out the knight piece. "Now work with me for a minute here." He grabbed at Batman's hand and forced the horse piece in his hand. "This is you." He pulled out the final rook piece. "And this is the Bird boy…" His voice trailed off and he blinked, looking around. "Where is he, by the way?"

"Hiding." Batman grunted out. A batarang flew at the Joker's feet and Robin's laugh filled the room.

The Joker picked up the batarang and held the rook in his other hand, examining both. In one swift motion he lopped off the head of the castle piece. "Watch out, Birdie." His voice was grim and serious.

He faced Batman again and picked his teeth with the batarang before flinging it away towards Dick and Bruce's bodies. "They're all out of the way, Batsy; all that's way is you and the bird."

"What do you want, Joker?" Batman ground out.

"Nothing." He smiled softly, sweetly. "Chaos, the beauty of destruction." His smile grew into his usual cracked smile. "I want to watch the world burn and hear laughter rise with the screams of millions." Each of the team members shivered at how demented he sounded. The Joker straightened up and turned round. "But that will happen later. Right now I'm bored and just want to be entertained and after what I've done tonight I believe I'll still be entertained even after you throw me into my own cozy, cold cell. Seeing people run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out what to do with the Gothem Royalty out of commission."

"I miss my bird." The Joker recollected. He walked over to Dick. "Have the boy's met?" He examined Dick and squeezed his face in his hands. "Well, it's too late now." He dropped Dick's head and paid no mind as it slammed on the cold, blood soaked ground. He walked over and wiped the blood on his glove onto Aqualad's face. The Atlantian growled and the Joker didn't hesitate to sucker punch him in the gut. Aqualad crumpled but was still restrained as he began coughing to regain his breath.

"I watched a movie recently, pirated of course, I'm so evil aren't I?" He smiled and patted himself on the back. "And in the movie the villain revealed his plan and allowed the hero to figure out a solution, and I wondered 'why did that stupid man do that? He's basically handing over the victory!' So, you ask me what my plan is…" He leaned into Batman's ear. "It's a secret."

Harley trotted over next to the Joker and handed him a small box as she hung off of the Joker. "I'll give you a hint, it'll put a smile on your face." He opened the box and pulled out a simple black remote with a big red button. "Simple and effective, I got it from old cartoons." He showed it off. "Smile, Batman."

He raised his finger to press the button when suddenly it flew out of his hand and soared above anyone's reach. "What?!" The Joker exclaimed.

Each of the guards holding the Young Justice members were shot with a bright bolt giving each teen ample time to fight out of their captors. Kid Flash grabbed the piece of Kyrptonite attached to the Superheroes and sped to where he knew a led container in the Wayne mansion was before heading back to see each member having retrieved their weapons. The Joker snarled and headed over towards Batman in rage. As he swung his fist Batman easily grabbed it and smiled. The Joker stared in shock. "You're smiling?!"

Batman changed forms right in front of the Joker's eyes and changed into Zatanna. She was still smiling. "Liar!" The Joker accused. "Where's my Batman?" His eyes shot to where Robin was supposed to be. He watched in shock as Rocket leapt down and held out an assortment of Robin's weapons.

Aqualad whipped out two chains of water and wrapped them around Harley and the Joker, effectively trapping them.

Kid Flash ran over towards Dick and Bruce. "Hey, come on" He nudged Dick and tried to wake him up. Miss Martian was kneeling besides Superman and Superboy checking up on them. Wally turned to try and wake up Bruce. "Bruce? Hey, Mr. Wayne, you need to wake up. We need your help."

Bruce didn't even shift. Kid Flash turned to Rocket who had the henchmen trapped in an energy sphere. "Rocket, take them to Commissioner Gordon outside then you and Aqualad sweep the rest of the yard to get the remaining ones." The two teens nodded. Artemis shot a net arrow at the villain duo and effectively captured them allowing Aqualad to go off as Kid Flash said.

"Miss Martian, call the league and have them teleport Superman and Superboy to the base and taken to the emergency center. Artemis, call the League and have them send someone to take those two into custody." He never let his eyes leave Dick or Bruce." Artemis nodded and began to comm. J'onn.

"Zatanna, can you do anything for them?"

Zatanna rushed to him and began to look the Wayne's over. "I-I don't know. Mr. Wayne can only last so much longer before he bleeds out to death." Her hands radiated light purple as they hovered them over Bruce's wounds as she whispered healing incantations.

"What about D-Richard?" Kid Flash stared at his best friend, refusing to give up.

Zatanna's hands dropped and she looked down in disappointment and regret. "There's nothing I can do for either of them."

Kid Flash's face went black and he set his hand on Zatanna's shoulder as he stood up. "Watch them." He commanded.

He stormed over to the Joker and Harley, pushing past Artemis. He grabbed the Joker by his lapel and growled out. "They better survive."

The Joker just stared blank face at his threat. "I hope they die, personally. I'll send flowers. But," He grinned. "I know a new secret. 2 + 2 = 4" Kid Flash felt his blood run cold. "And you're not the only one with an ace up your sleeve." The Joker pulled out a knife and slashed through the netting. He delivered a swift kick to Kid Flash and Artemis and helped Harley out of the netting.

He cupped his hands together and Harley stepped on it before the Joker launched her into the air to grab the remote. She landed gracefully on the other side of the teens. "Say cheese!" Harley laughed before slamming down on the button. A thick green gas began to seep out of the remote and coat the room.

"Let's put a smile on that face!" The Joker sneered. Harley jumped back over next to the Joker. Each of the heroes fought the urge to laugh. The Joker appeared through the smoke and grabbed Kid Flash by his cheeks and got right in his face. "There's something about the Bat clan and the Waynes; there's something between them and I intend to figure it out." He released Kid Flash and grabbed Harley's hand, yanking her towards their escape, a shrill laughter following them out.

Dred dropped in Kid Flash's stomach but he didn't think too much of it at the time. He had to find Alfred. He could hardly contain his laughter and noticed Miss M and the Supers were gone but Artemis and Zatanna had tears in their eyes and were struggling to breath. Kid Flash tried to speed through the house but the incessant laughing kept causing him to falter. He searched every room and door before he found all of the butlers tied together in a small closet.

Kid Flash untied them and tried to tell them to escape but the laughter was too much. He pointed a shaky finger towards the exit and they understood him, thankfully. Alfred was holding his bleeding head and Kid Flash felt anger boil under his skin.

Alfred looked at Wally and instantly understood what was going on. The older man, despite his injuries, raced to grab the antidote, commanding Wally to open all the windows as he did.

Suddenly, Wally felt a needle pinch his kin and his hissed before he began coughing for sweet air. He grabbed Alfred and dashed into the main room where Artemis was struggling. Alfred didn't hesitate to administer the antidote to the two girls.

When the laughter died down Alfred knelt beside the two boys he raised and began to look them over, tears in his eyes.

"I've called the Justice League, sir. They're sending someone over." Zatanna tried to sooth.

Alfred took out his handkerchief and began to wipe the blood away from each of their faces. "I've done this enough times, miss. I know these two better than anyone." He stroked their blood matted hair out of their faces. "I don't know if they'll have enough time." His voice caught in his throat and there was a strangled sob that made each teen's heart ache.

Wally knelt next to Alfred and grabbed the elder man's hand. "You and I both know they'll make it through this. They've made it through worse." Alfred squeezed his hand and gave a weak smile. "To be young…" A tear fell from Alfred's eye and Wally fought with his own; hoping desperately that Alfred was wrong just this one time.

Just once, please.

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