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The next morning was the same. Kris woke up, just barely choked down some breakfast, showered, dressed, and then headed to the barn so she could sit inside Wildfire's stall and mope. Only this time a horse was already in that stall…Wildfire was in the stall.

"WILDFIRE!" She screamed on top of her lungs. Happy tears instantly filled her eyes as she hugged him tightly burring her face into his neck. "You're back! She cheered. "You're back!" "MOM, DAD! MATT! JUNIOR, DANI, JILLIAN" Kris screamed.

Everyone came running to the stalls. Jean and Pablo were the only ones not shocked by it.

"Surprised?" Jean asked.

"Yes!" Kris cried. "How…where?"

"You were right." Jean said as the others rushed to Wildfire and pet him. "It was Laura, she was still angry over what happen with Junior and wanted you to pay so she took Wildfire."

"What's going to happen to her now?" Kris asked not once taking her eyes off Wildfire. If this was a dream she never wanted to wake up.

"Well her father is a part of Congress so that played in big part in what happen."

"She didn't get off free did she?" Kris asked fear clear in her voice.

"No, no, actually um…they are sending her to Camp Lagrange." Pablo said.

Kris started to laugh. "They are going to eat her alive."

Everyone joined in.

Their laughter calmed down and Kris smiled at Wildfire and kissed his neck. "Was he hurt at all?"

"We took him to the vet first thing. He's fine, his leg wasn't hurt at all. He's going to be just fine." Jean answered.

"He could use a bath though."

"On it!" Kris said quickly.

She rushed out of the stall to get everything ready. Everyone smiled. Kris was back, and so was Wildfire. Now things were back to normal.

A little later Matt went over to Kris just as she finished with Wildfire.

"I don't think I've ever seen you happier than you are right now." Matt said.

Kris just smiled bigger. "Everything is fine, Wildfire is ready to race at the end of the week."

"Kris, he might need a few weeks to recover." Matt told her.

Kris shook her head. "Aren't you the one who told me I knew him better than anyone else in this world?"

"Yes but…"

"Then just trust me on this one. Wildfire is ready to race. He's been telling me that for months."

Matt just sighed and nodded. "All right, let's test him on the track. If he does well enough we will keep him entered. If not we are going to pull him out."

"Deal! Matt thank you! I promise you won't regret it!" Kris actually squealed.

Kris had Wildfire tacked up in record time and they were on the track ready to go. Of course they did great and so Pablo, Matt, and Kris, trained and practiced with Wildfire the rest of the week. Kris was ready for this race. She was going to win this one.

Race day came and Kris wasn't nervous at all. She was pumped. She couldn't wait for it to start. Even Wildfire was excited. She knew from experience she was up against some great riders but that didn't scare her. She was pumped and ready to go.

The race stared and Wildfire ran like...well like a Wildfire. The sound of the others cheering only made him run faster. In the end Kris and Wildfire won the race and Kris was the happiest she had been in... Her entire life. Together her and Wildfire were the perfect team. Just like her and Matt.

In that moment Kris was happy to be home. She was happy Matt found her and took her home. She was so happy everything turned out the way it was supposed to.

At home Kris was with Wildfire at his stall. She hadn't left his side much since being found. Matt walked over and smiled as Kris giggled with Wildfire sniffing at her neck. She smiled so widely Matt wondered if it hurt her cheeks. "Matt he's back."

"Of course he is. I told you he'd fight to get back to you. He loves you. Distance won't ever chance that."

Kris smiled with tears in her eyes. "Matt, what happens if one day you and I decide to leave RainTree? I can't take Wildfire with me, and I'd never be able to choose between the two of you nor would I want to lose one to keep the other."

"We will cross that bridge when and if it comes. I have no plans to leave RainTree at all."

"I wouldn't worry too much about that." Jean and Pablo said walking over to them.

"What do you mean?" Kris asked.

"Kris, Jean and I have been talking. We are very proud of the way you handled Wildfire's kidnapping. Yes, you shut down, and you became more vulnerable but you never once broke the laws for that we are both super proud of you. It's for that reason we would like to give you this."

Pablo handed her a sheet of paper. Kris read it confused but then her eyes filled with tears. She threw her arms around them both and cried happily into their arms. "Thank you! Thank you Thank you!"

"What is it?" Matt asked.

"Wildfire," Kris choked out looking up from Jean and Pablo. "They're signing all rights to Wildfire over to me. He's legally mine!"


"You knew?"

"Of course!"

Kris giggled through her tears and hugged him tightly. "Thank you!"

Matt chuckled. "You're welcome, Angel. Don't worry, if we ever decide to leave Wildfire comes with us."

Kris laughed. She was so happy she couldn't stop the tears from flowing. Everything was perfect. She owned Wildfire, Jean and Pablo were in her life as more than just guardians, Junior had found love again, She and Matt were just as strong as ever before, but most importantly she was back where she truly belonged…she was home.

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