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"Thank you." A young brunette paid the taxi driver that helped him to take out his things before he left. He sighed as he watched the yellow taxi took off and turned to look at his home. A grand, Victorian mansion stood still even after all those years and he let a smile curve on his face.

"Nii-san!" a happy call of his name made his smile turned into a grin and Kaname took his approaching sister into his arms when she practically jumped on him. She managed to not let them fall as he struggled to remain stable.

"Oops, sorry!" the brunette girl quickly pulled away but her hands stayed on his waist. Kaname smiled down at her and kissed her on her forehead.

"It's fine, Yuuki." Kaname nodded his head and Yuuki grinned wide before kissing him on his cheeks.

"I'm glad you're home, Nii-sama. Come on, let's get your things inside!" Yuuki said cheerily as she bent down to take his luggage. Kaname managed to grab his bag pack before she did and the brunette girl scowled at him.

"Hey, let me!"

"No, Yuuki, I'm still capable."

Somehow that broke the thin line between awkwardness and happiness. Yuuki stared at her older brother, her brown eyes blinked slowly when Kaname let his drop slightly to the ground. She tried not to imagine the existence of the crutches that he used, tried to imagine him to be the same like how he was before he left for the war. But then, it crossed her mind that Kaname Kuran would not work in such a way.

He was strong in his own way, no matter what.

Then the girl let out a small chuckle and shook her head at her own foolishness.

"Of course you are, Nii-san… Of course you are."

The fire crackling in the fireplace warmed the study room as Kaname sat down on a couch, flipping relaxly through a book that he didn't manage to finish before he left. His glasses slipped down to the bridge of his nose for the nth time and he gently pushed them back up with his middle and pointer fingers. The night could not be any better as the stereo he switched on, played his favourite song.

When he flipped his book to the next page, he heard a faint knock on his door. Kaname absent mindedly gave his permission for the person to enter and when he faintly smelled the perfume his little sister loves to wear, he slowly closed his book.

There, Yuuki stood in front of him, in a short and plain but elegant black dress. He raised an eyebrow at her sudden image change and his sister laughed.

"It has been a week, Nii-san! Let's go out tonight, I got us two tickets for a Ballet Performance!" she exclaimed, almost too happily and Kaname suppressed a sigh from escaping.


"Come on, Nii-san! Please? I even got us the front seats!"

Kaname chuckled slightly and closed his eyes.

"At what time the performance is starting?" he inquired as he took off his glasses and placed it down. Yuuki brightened up almost instantly and Kaname wished not to let the happiness dim from her eyes. The brunette girl flopped down beside him on the leather couch and snuggled by his side.

"In two more hours. I assumed it's good if we can reach there thirty minutes earlier, the ride will take about another thirty minutes." She smiled and Kaname shook his head at the idea.

"You should have told me earlier so that I can get ready."

"But I couldn't find it in myself to disturb you! You looked really peaceful just now!" Kaname chuckled at the excuse, his hand pulling his crutch close to him before he tried to stand up.

"That is hardly an excuse, Yuuki…"

The girl just grinned at him and he decided to start getting ready instead. With one leg absent, Kaname carefully walked out the study room to enter his own.

Kaname succeeded his grabbing his own black suit without calling for help. He somehow despised it when the maids and the butler looked at him with pity in their eyes; something that he was unfamiliar with. His life was good before he left for the war – his parents died when he was twelve and at such a young age, he was amazed on how he managed to deal with all his family's businesses and took care of his younger sibling at the same time – and to return back with a condition where a blunt person would label as 'crippled', it changed something between him and others.

They started to care for him and that made him feel smothered as he never liked attention. He lives to make sure his sister got the best for her life and that his workers managed to live normally – not starving from hunger or jobless state, never –. Last two years, when their country got into a war with their neighbouring country, Kaname somehow felt that he needed to do some soul-searching.

He volunteered and entered the battlefield. It was nothing like how he imagined. It was worse than that. There were friends he made and more than half he knew, were unable to return back home. They died and Kaname prayed for their souls. He wanted to go back, he wanted to meet his sister again and live his old life again.

So he did.

But with a price.

When an explosion took place in his camp, he managed to survive. And when he opened his eyes, a nurse looked at him with sympathy written all over her face but something like relief was also there. She told him he was unconscious for almost a week and that the war had come to its end.

Then he realized he had lost a leg – his left leg – and that he was free to go home again, but no longer as a normal person. But still, it was something worth to be grateful for.

Kaname sighed as he slicked his hair back with his hand, it grows long quite fast, Kaname mused. He put on a false, wooden leg that his sister managed to get for him in a week time and tried to stabilize himself again. Looking in the mirror, Kaname realized that this would be the first time he was going out to the city after his homecoming.

Sighing again, the brunette took his black trench coat and his walking stick and quietly made his way out from his room to get to his sister again.

"This is more than what I expected." Kaname blinked his eyes as he watched people enter the hall and took their seats. Yuuki, beside him, chuckled as she linked their arms together.

"The performance is something worth watching, Nii-san. The ballerinas and ballerino are very talented." Yuuki grinned and Kaname frowned slightly.


"Yes, but don't you worry, he is a very beautiful man." His sister whispered in his ear and Kaname made a motion of flicking his fingers against her forehead. She whined at his treatment and Kaname laughed in return.

When the audience finally settled down and the lights dimmed, Kaname watched as two ladies in pink ballerina's outfits started their play. His eyes were blank as he stared at them throughout their performance while Yuuki hummed along with the music. He considered that the show was okay and as Yuuki had stated, 'worth watching' but he couldn't find it in his heart to comment more than that.

That was until a man made his appearance. A gentle music followed his emergence and a stool was placed not too far from him. He wore black loose pants and a white singlet. His body was feminine and yet, muscular if one looked very closely. Silver hair reached the nape of his neck but was pulled into a small ponytail. Pale white skin glowed in the lights on the stage and Kaname found himself entranced.

His arms reached above his head, tugging his singlet up to reveal a tantalizing strip of flesh and bare feet anchored him on the stool top. Swinging his hips slowly with the music, the dancer sank down, running his hands through his hair and then down pass his neck, skimming over his chest before letting them drop to the counter top as he crouched, still moving his hips and tossing his head with the music.

He was humming the music – as if it was a song – as he slowly rose again, swinging his hips and letting his hands wander seductively over his body.

Kaname didn't know how such a man could make his heart beat so quick and hard all of sudden. And he couldn't take his eyes off the figure until he was finished with his performance.

Once the curtains were finally closed, Kaname abruptly turned to look at his sister only to see Yuuki grinning at him. He managed to stop himself from scowling at her because judging by her looks, it was already predictable that she expected this to happen.

"So you like him?" Yuuki teased him, a finger poking his rib. Kaname inwardly groaned but was unable to stop the foolish, happy smile from appearing on his face.

"He's beautiful." At that, Yuuki's grin widened, "Do you know him?"

"His name is Zero, he's an acquaintance." Kaname raised his eyebrow when she pointed out the backstage.

"But I believe you can learn to know him more."

Kaname took more than a minute to think about the idea. Then he looked down at his lap and his excitement fell.

Zero looked beautiful when he danced. He looked beautiful when he raised his leg and when he twirled. He looked like a ballerina doll, the one with a pretty face and is perfect everywhere. And Kaname was not perfect, he was not even close. He only has a leg and it was futile to even dare to think how perfect they could be if Kaname were to ever try to court him.

Yuuki seemed to sense his insecurity as she gently held his hand.

"It's okay, Nii-san… You're fine, you're perfect."

Kaname closed his eyes and a weak chuckle escaped his lips.

"For you, I am."

"For others too, you are." Yuuki scowled at him but her eyes were filled with affection and tenderness that it almost hurt Kaname to rebut her words.

Kaname, however, did not seek the ballerino at all that night.

Kaname wasn't sure whether it was fate or an accident when he saw the ballerino again. This time, he was at town, enjoying his breakfast alone. Yuuki had to go back to college since it was a weekday and Kaname was left all alone. He was taking a sip on his Earl Grey tea when the door to the café opened and the silver haired man entered. However, he was not alone.

A tall brunette stood by his side, their shoulders touching casually and he was saying something that brought a smile to the dancer's face. Kaname watched with slightly wide eyes at his appearance; simple white jeans that nicely hugged his legs and hips, together with a brown trench coat that covered his shirt and a white scarf wrapped around his neck. His face looked a lot more real when Kaname saw him closely and the most fascinating thing about him was his eyes.

They were shades of lilac; something rare, something unique, yet something beautiful.

Shaking his head to make the haze he got from seeing the dancer disappear, he quickly looked down to his book and tried to ignore the couple.

He remembered Yuuki called him 'Zero' and that was confirmed when one of the waiters called his name. It seemed that he was a usual customer of this café. He tried to ignore them as Zero chuckled at something the brunette said and how close they seem to be. Or maybe because the ache that he felt caused him to tilt his head up to look at them clearly. He didn't want to miss Zero's expression when he laughed or smiled because it hurt.

Unfortunately, when he raised his head, his eyes met directly with the lilac gaze.

Zero stared at him for a second or two, before his attention was stolen by the brunette. Kaname remained dazed in his seat, spellbound by the way Zero had looked at him. He frowned slightly when the taller man whispered something to him before he pressed a light kiss on the dancer's cheek and left. Zero's face turned blank followed by the sound of the door being closed.

A second later, another small smile appeared on his lips and Kaname looked down again.

It looked like a one sided love. But Kaname wasn't sure which side was unrequited.

It later became a habit.

Kaname managed to get the address of Zero's house and he managed to attend every performance that he did. He was a brilliant student from an overseas college but his hobby took over his ambition. From a student with a degree in music, he got out from his path as a skillful musician to a dancer.

Kaname thought that Zero would make a good pianist. He had been playing the instrument since he was five years old and his family was involved in the music industry as well. Maybe it was because of the accident that took away his parents and his twin that made him sick of the lifestyle. They were on their way to their father's special performance when their car got involved in a collision with another car and Zero got thrown out in the action. It was because of that, he survived while his family had not.

The brunette was silent as he went through the biography of a man he found fascinating. He gently ran his fingertips on a picture of a younger Zero and was about to smell it – would the picture smell as enthralling as Zero was? – as well when someone knocked on the door of his study.

He quietly exhaled his breath and looked at the door.


Yuuki peeked in and he smiled slightly when the brunette girl grinned at him. She skipped into the room before leaning down to press a kiss on his cheek.

"Did you miss me?" she winked at him and he chuckled slowly.

"Yes, Yuuki. How's college?"

Yuuki brightened up almost like a bulb before she started to tell him about her day. However, throughout the day, she didn't see the document and picture Kaname kept hidden under his folded arms.

Kaname stood on the side walk, waiting for his driver to come as he watched the other audiences took off. He would love to drive by his own but he wasn't sure if he memorized the roads in the city that well. The weather was unforgiving too. It was night but the sky was dark with black clouds, warning them that heavy rain was going to fall.

Blinking his eyes, Kaname checked his watch again before he realized that Zero's performance actually ended an hour earlier than his expected schedule. The taxis were also hard to get at this time. With a sigh, Kaname leaned slightly against the wall, his fingers tapping the head of his walking stick as he continued to survey his surroundings.

It was then he saw a familiar silver haired man exiting the building from the backdoor. He was covered in a light brown trench coat, no hat covering his silver tresses but a white scarf wrapped around his neck. He looked like he was in rush but Kaname was surprised when he suddenly stopped in his track.

The man hunched over a little before he put a hand on the wall close to him. He slid down slightly and leaned down to touch his knee. Without wasting time, Kaname walked as fast as he could towards him.

His action caused the dancer to jolt in surprise. Giving a small smile, Kaname looked down to greet him. He was a head shorter than him, Kaname mused while staring at the bright lilac orbs.

"Hello, you need help?" Kaname inquired and Zero frowned looking at him.

"No. Go away, stranger." he said grumpily and Kaname couldn't help but smile. He reached out and put his hand on Zero's knee. Zero gasped when his hand went lower and Kaname's eyes narrowed. He carefully kneeled down in front of the dancer before touching his leg again, this time with a firmer grip.

"You strained your ankle." He stated with a matter-of-fact voice. He could almost feel Zero rolling his eyes at him. "Yeah, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, I kind of figured it out by the pain. Who are you anyway?"

Kaname chuckled at the obvious revulsion directed at him. He shook his head slightly and touched the dancer's boots. He was wearing quite a high pair of high heeled boots for men, like an aristocrat, Kaname inwardly smiled.

"My name is Kaname."


"Zero Kiryuu. I watched your performance just now. You were marvelous. As always." He said as he pulled off Zero's boot to take a closer look at the injury. Zero hit him on his shoulder but he made no notice of the action.

"What are you doing? Let go of me!"

"I'm inspecting your injury… It doesn't look bad but you have to treat it quickly to avoid taking up more days to heal completely." Kaname looked up at him and was slightly surprised when he saw Zero looking down at him; large lilac eyes seemed to be in disbelief.

Silence hung between them for a while before Zero faked a cough and awkwardly looked away.

"I was in rush to meet my lover."

Kaname saw black for a second before he blinked his eyes again and realized that he was still breathing.

"But I guess I'm already late. Damn." The silver haired dancer murmured. Kaname blinked again, unconsciously touched the knee to the wooden leg that supported his body.

"I'll bring you there." He quietly volunteered as he stood up. Zero looked back at him, his cheeks were flushed, Kaname thought perhaps the cold weather was starting to get to him. Worries ate his insides as he leaned down slightly so that their heights were at the same level.

"Are you okay?" he asked with a softer voice and Zero nodded slightly.

Smiling at the response, he turned to present his back at the shorter man and rested his walking stick next to the wall for the moment before he kneeled down. Zero scrunched his eyes at the action as he just realized the existence of the walking stick.

"Um, hey-"

"If you don't get on my back, I'll carry you bride style." Kaname cut him off to avoid the sudden awkwardness Zero caused. He knew he wouldn't be able to carry the dancer like that, but his ego held him too high sometimes.

Zero rolled his eyes at the brunette before he slowly touched his shoulders.

"You are sure?" he inquired quietly and received a soft chuckle instead. When Zero positioned himself against the man's back, he didn't expect a pair of strong arms to wrap around both of his legs – one on each – only to stabilize him more. Stifling a yelp from escaping, Zero bit his lips.

Kaname gritted his teeth, his hand swiftly grabbed his walking stick back before he took a deep breath. He realized that Zero had wrapped his arms around his neck with quite a tight hold but he wouldn't complain. He was lucky enough to have the ballerino touching him.

"You're okay?" Zero asked him again and Kaname nodded before he straightened himself, with grace that a Kuran must have, and turned his head slightly over his shoulder to see the other man.

"You're light, Kiryuu-kun."

He saw that flush again on the dancer's cheeks and smiled at the beautiful view. Slowly he started to walk while Zero gave him the direction.

It was fortunate that the journey didn't even take more than fifteen minutes and to Kaname's surprise, Zero actually led them back to his apartment. He gently lowered down the other man and Zero hissed when his injured ankle touched the ground again.

Kaname wanted to reach out and help him and Zero pulled away, as if he knew that Kaname would. Feeling his heart clenched painfully at the reaction, Kaname masked his expression with the same cool and emotionless face he was taught to have.

"Umm, okay… Thank you for your help. I'll… see you around?" Zero said, almost uncomfortably awkward and Kaname, being a gentleman that he is, just smiled. He wanted to not make the other man feel worse when he obviously didn't want the brunette to enter his home.


With that, Zero gave his first smile at him, waved slightly and went inside his apartment building.

What Zero didn't know, the rain had started to fall when he got inside, but the brunette only blinked his eyes; because his heart just flew away with his dancer's smile.


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